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These are messed up events from my fucked up life, pretty much everything I can remember. This is pretty much my life as a sixth grader, it's shitty up and full of twists and turns that I could never expect. Enjoy bitches.

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Chapter 1

Sometimes I don’t feel... normal? Is that the word? I just feel like I don’t fit in with my friends, or anyone for that matter. Some messed up shit has been happening back at my house, my sister was drinking NyQuil, it’s fucked up! She was literally high on NyQuil, and that’s not all, she’s been cutting up clothes our mom bought for her which were very expensive. Oh, and she still owes me over fifty dollars, which she had, though she chose to spend that money on Starbucks. Well... I’m not a perfect person either ok, I’ve been to the office a few times. One time it was for beating a kid up, another time was for selling stuff at school. Yeah! I went to the office for making money, for making profit off stuff I didn’t use anymore. And do you wanna know who sent me to the office? My substitute fucking teacher! And I... I might have told her I was a new kid named John and that’s why my name wasn’t on the attendance. What? I couldn’t have her knowing who I really was, because she saw me selling stuff when we had to be outside for two hours doing nothing.

Anyway, I was trying to get this kid to buy some Pokémon cards from my mobile shop (a.k.a. my backpack). Then Ms. Qi, yeah, that's her fucking name! What kind of name is that? So she came up to us and asked what I was doing, I told her I was trying to make profit, then she told me to stop! That little bitch! But I then started rambling about how I had to pay for food and my sister's braces, then I told her about my mom being in the hospital (that's for next chapter). And you wanna know what she said to me? She said she was trying to fucking help me! How? Then I told her that I was going to become a male stripper because of her, and if she saw me on the streets she wouldn't give me money. Then I stormed back inside the school. Though by the time I was inside I had to go back outside, so I just went to the library with my backpack.

But the fucked up thing was everyone knew I was in trouble, this girl Tessa told me a bunch of teachers were looking for me or some shit. So I ran into the library and hid my backpack with my sweater, then I hid myself with a book about whales. Then the worst thing happened, the lady who announces stuff called me to the office, Xio Anthony, please come to the office! Shit! I quickly cursed and screamed that my name was John, everyone was staring at me as I walked down the halls, but I didn't give a flying fuck! I made over a hundred dollars in just a week, isn't that great? I then plopped into a chair in the office, then my sub pointed out that I was in the office. There were a bunch of kids in the office, some kid named Daniel, Goodluck, Immerit, everyone. My friends kept waving at me through the window since I could see then from the office, it was comforting. One of them motioned for me to run... I actually was about to bolt but the vice principal showed up. I don't know how to spell her name, but I know her name is Ms. True, it's spelt different though.

Anyways, she took me to her private office and began telling me that I was in trouble and some other shit, I honestly wasn't listening. Then she told me to get my backpack, so I walked to the library and saw that my backpack was gone. What the fuck? Finally Ms. True stopped talking to some random teacher and asked if I had my backpack. Was she blind? Obviously I didn't have my fucking backpack! So I ran up the the third floor (that's where my class is) and asked where the fuck my backpack was. Everyone had a bunch of questions, the asked if I was suspended, they asked if I was off the hook, but I didn't answer any of their stupid questions. I continued to ask where my backpack was, it was a good thing Richard had my backpack in his locker. Then Ms. True began to ask if anyone bought my stuff, obviously I wasn't going to be an asshole and told her nobody bought anything. But obviously everyone bought my shit!

Afterwards Ms. True went to the other class (D2, I'm in D1) and began asking for the stuff they bought from me. Unfortunately I had to go back to the office, so I couldn't tell her that nobody bought anything. I sat in the office for twenty minutes, twenty minutes! How does it take you twenty minutes to ask a few kids if they bought anything from me? Once she came back she told me I had two choices; I could either get my backpack picked up by my mom, or I could get my backpack at the end of the day. Obviously I took the second choice, then I started fighting with her, saying that it would've been nice to have money like my friends, or just make profit and flex about it. Then I told her other people were doing it and she was just targeting me, she did not take that well. She kept asking who else was selling stuff and that if I told her she wouldn't be targeting me. Since I am an amazing person, and I'm very stubborn, I didn't tell her who else was selling stuff. I told her that I wasn't a snitch, and damn, Ms. True lost her shit! I honestly didn't care though, afterwards I just walked out and went back to class.

When I got back everyone was asking where my backpack was and some other shit, but I didn't hear them over me growling at the sub. She was the one who got me in that whole mess! But... I should've just listened to my Social Studies/ French/ LA teacher, Mrs. Larkin. She told me it was "illegal" to sell stuff at school and make profit from it, plus my prices were ridiculous. So I guess I kind of learned something from that experience, I'm never going to sell stuff at school ever again.

Well maybe in high school...

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