The Prophecy of Three

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Where are they? The thought has plagued me all day and still runs through my head as I pace up and down the corridor. My class is going on without me barely three feet away but I can’t bring myself to care, not even when I spy Dudon nervously staring at me through the glass pane of the door. Instead, I just fleetingly hope that he’s not worried enough to investigate what’s going on our here.

“Ugh!” I bang my head lightly against the wall in frustration, trying to bury the feelings of hurt and frustration that arise every time I think of Selena and Melayna. I don’t even know why I feel this way; I’ve never felt this negative before in my life!

I turn towards the school doors and make a quick decision, grabbing my bag and sprinting out into the open air without looking back. The pounding of my feet against the pavement combined with the sweat dripping down my back is intoxicating and even through the ache in my muscles the euphoria builds deep within my core.

A laugh escapes my mouth and is stolen by the wind as I turn back to see if I’m being pursued. I can’t see anyone but as I turn back to the front I run into a body. Slender arms reach out to catch me and I turn around, flushed, to look at two young ladies looking at me.

I give them a quick once over and my mouth drops open as I take in the sight. They both appear to be super models with flawless faces and beautiful builds. They stand a good couple inches at least above me, and their smiles are the ones that toothpaste adverts are made of.

One has hair as black as night and the other is a golden blonde like the sand on the beach, and yet they both seem to embody perfection. Almost like god came along and bottled up perfection in the form of two supermodels, one with olive skin and the other porcelain.

“Hello, child.” The raven haired, porcelain skinned woman speaks and as she smiles at me with kindness I feel a glow within my soul. At least until I look into her eyes. Her eyes seem to break some spell that I was under and as I stare into them I take an unconscious step back. They are like no eyes I have never seen before – fading from a black so endless it could swallow me whole to a white so pure it could blind me and – most unnervingly – no pupil.

“Do not fear, girl.” I turn to look at the blonde girl, but her eyes are the same just in reverse – starting with the pure white and fading to pure black.

“W-who are you?” I stumble backwards until a wall hits my back. Wait, there wasn’t a wall here before, was there? As they approach my eyes widen in terror and I try to call for help, hoping that maybe Dudon followed me here. He was supposed be hanging out with me, right? Maybe he would’ve followed me if I left? Oh god. I close my eyes tight and wish I could start the day again, not resenting Selena or Melayna and instead being happy to hang out with Dudon and meet someone new.

“Do you truly not recognize us?” The tone of utter confusion coaxes me out of my fear and I look up wearily, eyeing the two women with suspicion as I shake my head slowly. The raven-haired lady turns and walks away in frustration while the blonde stays to talk to me, talking to me as if I am barely a child.

“I am Angela, and this is my sister Reifa. Surely you have at least heard of us?” She peers at me so imploringly that I almost want to say yes just to see her smile. But I shake my head instead, cringing as her face falls in despair.

“Oh child, have they really been so negligent?” The pity in her voice confuses me but not as much as Reifa’s strong arms as they encircle my waist and pull me to her. I awkwardly pat her back, unsure what’s happening.

“Oh child, they must not know that you are the child of the prophecy!” She says as she releases me, but remains close, her eyes filling with tears.

“Prophecy? What are you talking about? Who must not know?” I stare at them in confusion, feeling foreign agitation building up within my veins and nervous energy collating in a finger tapping lightly against my thigh. “Will someone please tell me what’s going on?” I hadn’t realised I raised my voice until then and I seem to shrink back and take my voice with me.

“Child, do you want to come with us?” Reifa’s voice soothes me, especially as Angela peers into my eyes, coaxing me to come with them.

“Go with you where?”

“Child, you are not human.” The comment stuns me into silence and they talk over me, barely noticing my new status as a mute. “Your sisters have elected not to tell you and are, as we speak, training to use their powers.”

“Sisters…? I don’t have any sisters?” I ask in confusion.

Reifa’s voice is cold and cruel, but still wraps around me with warmth as she takes my hand in hers. “Your sisters, Melayna and Selena.”

“No.” The whisper tears from my throat with agony as my soul seems to crumble. Not Selena and Melayna, they wouldn’t dare.

“Oh, honey. But they did. See?” Reifa waves her hand in the air and Angela grimaces besides her, gripping her arm tightly. My attention is drawn away from the contact and to the picture now floating before me. I gasp and my eyes start to blur as I see images of Selena and Melayna with Malachi and Faegan, all laughing as Melayna lifts something from a few feet away.

“Child, come with us. We will teach you, and treat you as our equal.” Angela grabs my face lightly as the image disappears and she looks at me pleadingly, as if begging me to give her a chance. “Come with us.”

It barely takes me a moment before my mind is made up. This is what I need. This is what I’ll do. For me.

“When do we leave?”

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