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Grocery Dating

By Marie King All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance

Summer Sign up

Dear Journal,

It is finally summer I didn't think it would get here so fast. I made a deal with my mother that come Summer I would sign up to this online dating site. It was either that or she was going to tell the church to pray for me and I don't need her church knowing my business. So what if I am single? So what if I haven't been on a date in four years and i am only twenty three years old I don't see a problem with it, I just haven't found Mr.Right if there even is such a thing. My mother of all people told me to try online dating my own flesh and blood and someone older than me telling me I did to try online dating...What is wrong with the world? What kind of society do we live in were our own mothers tell us to try online dating! You think she would be against it. But when mothers hit a certain age their minds turn and get wired over night and all they want in this damn world is grand-babies thats all she talks about. For Christmas She wrote on her Christmas list Grand baby proverbially a girl and at church she told me she prayed to God asking if I can be the next virgin Mary so she can have a grand baby and just so you know Journal, I am not a virgin but my family doesn't need to know that moving on.... Anyways, I will let you know when I sign up I keep looking at the sites main page thinking of the pros and cons and also thinking what would my username be. Why do I need a username thats weird, Can it be my own name? Should I lie and say my name is James Bond? How funny would that be. Would people be dumb enough to believe it? Who knows.
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