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Lust In The Crosshairs - Second Edition

By RyanValenjevick All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Scifi


Surely there had to be another way of dealing with the feelings that were haunting Seth. He’d gone dark. There was nothing running through his mind except to carry out the mission he had set out for himself. Was it worth it though? That was the question he kept asking. Over and over, he questioned himself even though he continued to set up his position. Deep inside, he knew it was wrong, but it didn’t stop him from doing it. He had to find a way out.

Setting up his rifle and patiently waiting for the shot, his thoughts were clouded with hate and despise. Seth had no one to blame but himself for the situation. While he tried to find someone or something to hold responsible, nothing came to him. The moment of truth came about. He stared down the scope of his rifle. He clicked the safety off and moved his finger to the trigger. It was now or never.

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1. Prologue
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