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Remembering the Love Laws

By Darnell Reid All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance


The story tells of a grandmother who gets a job with the police. She spends some of her time with her grandchildren. She helps out solving crimes. She goes out with one of the detectives. Then she breaks it off. She is a writer of short stories. So she goes back to her writing after she quit solving crimes with the detective. Her name is Dawn Davis. She has a daughter and a son-in-law. They all live in one house.

Chapter 1

It was a big box on the steps of her doorway. She went to the big box. It labels said Dawn Davis. It was for me. I was wondering how am I going to get the box in the door.

Then the ideal of opening the box and just take the containers in the house. I open the big box and it was a lot of toys for children under the age of 10. I pick them up and carry them inside my house. I was looking at the toys and I remember when I order them. I have five grandchildren and I wanted them to have some toys to play with.

There were some rag dolls, an army gear set, and other toys. I spend my time putting them in a space in my bedroom for my grandchildren to get when they get home. I live with my grandchildren and their parents. My daughter name is Lori Grace and my son-in-law name is Michael Grace. Their children names are Daphne, Leanne, Michelle, and Sherry.

Their son name is Maurice. They are celebrating their eleven anniversaries. I move in with them five years ago. I was considering disable from the state. I wanted to be disable because I couldn’t focus on life anymore.

Sometimes I would tune out because it was so hard for me to coup with my life. So, I became depress and was diagnosis with bipolar. I also have other problems but I’ll talk about them later in the book. I was happy when they came home. The children came in my room and they saw the toys.

I told them that they are for them. They started opening the toys. Then they were call downstairs for dinner. I told them to put the toys down and go eat. I went to eat too.

I took my dinner in my room. After I ate I put the toys up. The children stay downstairs and watch a movie with their parents. They have movie night. I was putting up the two toys iPad for the two older children away in the bin that I keep the toys in.

We love to put apps on the iPad. They always play for hours on the iPad. It was getting late and I would watch television on my new little television. I plan on getting a bigger television one I get used to living in the house. I was sleeping in a twin bed because it was only me.

I plan on getting a bigger bed too. I was watching Law and Order and decide to work on a story. I’m a writer. It a hard life but I’m sticking to it. My grandchildren always watch me as I type on my laptop.

I use a laptop because I like to take it with me when I go out. We took a trip to Atlanta City. All of us. I, my daughter, her husband and their 5 children. We went with her husband sister.

She drove us down there. I could drive but I lost my license when my twin sister use my license to drive her car. She was driving above the speed limit and got a ticket. Then she got another ticker. I didn’t know about it until the ticket to pay for it expired.

I went to renew my license and they told me that I must go to court for two unpaid tickets. I didn’t have the money to pay for it and I didn’t want to go to jail for not paying my tickets, so I told the truth. They told me that since I didn’t do it I won’t go to jail but I still must pay for the tickets. I was upset and feel that my sister had to pay for the tickets so I didn’t pay for them. I still owe the tickets.

I plan on paying for them to get my license back so I can drive again. That was eight years ago. We were at the beach. We got in the water to cool off. It was a hot day.

It was a heatwave. The temperature was about 98 degrees. We all had on our bathing suits. My daughter brought them before we went. She had just gotten paid and we didn’t miss out of going to the store on the way there.

We stay at the beach for about 6 hours. We went in and out of the water all day. When it came time for us to go home we decides to get some ice cream from one of the shop there. It was about 8:00 pm when we left. We had a two-hour ride home and everyone else was leaving too.

That summer was the most fun I had all my life. Let me not say that I had other good times in my life. One of them were on my fourteen birthdays. I spend all that day getting ready for my birthday and my mother said that she didn’t have any money for me. My twin sister lives with my father.

My mother and father were divorce and they split us twins up. She told us that she was having a birthday party at my father house but I didn’t go. My brother he came home with some money and gave me money for to go to the movie on my fourteen birthdays. My girlfriends they all went with me to see the movie Sparkle. We had a lot of fun.

I want to tell my brother how happy I was but I didn’t tell him. He was a good boy but he fells in the wrong crowd. He sold drugs that when I was young now I just remember all the money we had. I was watching television with my grandchildren and they watch all the young kids’ stories. I try to keep up with them but they go through a show in no time at all.

They be at the end of the season when I just learn that they are going to a school. They watch them repeatedly. I learn the words to the song when they come on. Some of the shows that they watch is Horrid Henry, Yardarm, and another children story.

I wait until they go to bed to watch television when they are here. When they not here I watch television. We have the station YouTube, Vida, Net flick and regular stations. I have an antenna that gets other channels too. Today I was coming home from the supermarket and there were this old man sitting listening to his radio.

I am old but I know that he was listening to old music. The children try not to listen to his music. He tries to sit in the area where there is outdoor tables and chairs. It is where they have all their concert for the project. I live in the project.

It has three high rise building and about 200 row houses. I live in the row houses with my family. The man name who listen to the old-school music is name Kelly. Although the children don’t sit around him and listen to his music they all know him. He is a nice man.

He lives in the high-rise building that is for the old people. I don’t visit him but he does have ladies who visit him.

At the supermarket, it is very crowded. They have a lot of people who work there but it still is crowded. Sometimes you must wait in the line for about an hour before you get waited on. They have those self-service lines but I don’t like them because the machine can get stuck and then you should wait until the manger comes and fix it. I guess that I’m old school about shopping.

I can only buy enough food that I can carry. My daughter goes shopping for the house. She buys all kinds of meats and fast food that you can cook right away. I love when my daughter cooks she could have been a chef but she decides to become a hair stylist. Lori works in a shop and does hair at people houses.

She spends hours in the shop. Sometimes she works until 11:00pm doing hairs. People like the way she does they hair and they come back to get their hair done again. She has a clientele of about three hundred clients. That is a lot for one person.

At the shop, she gets help with the other workers. My oldest granddaughter Daphne is now in the sixth grades. She goes to the middle charter school. It is name Silver Cove Charter School. She and her friends goes to school together.

They pick each other up at each other house. When Eloise, her friend comes over in the morning she always asks what for breakfast. Sometimes she eats with Daphne. They go to school together and it only about one block from the project. Eloise also live in the project.

They has two classes together and they do their homework together. One Saturday they went to the movie to see this movie name Raindrops on my Roof. It was movie about two teenage girls’ hardships. They both laugh at the movie when they got out of the theater.

“You know it’s funny how they got in trouble with their parents,” says Eloise.

“Yeah, I know how it feel. I seem to sometimes get in trouble with my parents too,” says Daphne.

“I wish I were them since at the end everything is happy again.”

“Yeah, but they will remember that boy who bother them all their life.”

“I guess it only a movie. In real life things just don’t happen that way.”

They both laugh and goes to their home. Daphne tells her parents about the movie. They told them that it’s great that she like the movie but she knows what can happen to teenagers now. She tells them yes she does. They ask Daphne if she wants to watch movie night with them.

She told them that she does. They had horror night it was Saw II. The little kids were scare but with their parents they feel safe. Well like I said I was in the supermarket waiting in life and this girl with pink hair walk in the store. She was with a couple of her friends and she look like a hot mess. She meant well but who wants their hair pink. I may be old school and stuff like that but back in the days it was still disgraceful to walk down the street with a colorful hair style. Now-of-days people walk down the street looking like anything. I once walk down the street with holes in my shirt. I had on a shirt underneath but I thought that people will see that it was a style that I was trying to portray.

My daughter told me I look a mess. I walk out the supermarket with my bags. I had to sit down on the bench on my way home because the bags were making me tired. I sat down in the area in the project where there is table they call it the pavilion. I saw Kelly again.

He was sitting in the pavilion listening to his radio. When the first and third comes out the old people is always sitting in the pavilion drinking sodas or beers. The Poppy store that everyone in the project goes to sell all kinds of beers. They make sure that they don’t sell it to any minors though. I finally get in the house and put up my little grocers.

Then I go to my room. Inside my room I use my cell phone to call Rent-A-Center. I order a bed and it was a queen size bed. My daughter was upset because they sent me the wrong bed. It was supposed to be a bed with a drawer underneath.

They sent the drawer but the bed was built not to put the drawer in it. I was left with a drawer and nowhere to put it. My daughter told me do I want to send the bed back and get another bed or the right order. I told her since Michael had already put the bed together I’ll keep the bed. She told me okay.

I wanted to keep the bed because it was big enough for me and my grandchildren to lay down on it. They used to lay down on my twin bed but they had to take turns because it wasn’t big enough for all of us. I use to sit at my desk and just let them lay on the twin bed. Now since I got my queen size bed we all can lay down on it together. I still write while I’ll on the bed. I can lay on one size of the bed while the children are on the other size of the bed.

Daphne she doesn’t always lay on the bed with us. She goes in her mother and father room to watch television. I took about six months to pay off my bed and then I went to Aaron to order a 40′ inch television. I put the television on my drawer and we don’t have to watch the little television that we were watching. Daphne now comes in the room and sometimes watches the television with us.

Leanne she is the next oldest she like to watch the animated show. She is growing up to be a great teenager. She watches the show and the little children has to watch what she watches. She sometimes let them watch kiddie shows. When the two goes to school the three little children watches their kiddies shows.

I happen to watch the news one day and on it was a little boy got shot. It was on a street right around the project. They said that the parents didn’t go to the hospital with the child. They cry because the child died but they stay in their house. Their house was one of the new houses that was being built in the area.

Some of the neighbors said that they didn’t want the boy. They just wanted to live in the house by themselves. They would have parties and pay the boy no mind. Sometimes he would sit on the steps playing by himself. So the neighbors weren’t shock when they didn’t go to the hospital to claim the body.

Then the news went to the weather. It was going to be a nice day today. I got my computer out and started writing on some of my stories. During my life in the project I got to meet a couple of people. They live in the project too. One lady is name Tina. She lives with her family. There is a couple with three children. The three children are a boy and two girls. Tina lover is a woman. Her name is Jessica. No one really knows that they are lover unless you get to know them. They sometimes sell dinners to other neighbors. They make turkey wings, fried chickens, and hamburgers. The sides are mashes potatoes, corns, string beans and they make potatoes salads and macaroni salad. They cost $5.00 a plate. I and my daughter brought a dinner for each of us and it tastes alright. My daughter loves to cook so we don’t buy them often. One day they were sitting on their steps enjoy the outside weather. Later that night someone throw a rock in their window. They had to call the police before something happen to the children. Some of the women in the project said that they throw the rock because they didn’t like that they are two women living together and taking care of three children. Sometimes at night there is a lot of arguing going on in the project. Tina sometimes get in the arguments.

The three children names are Emma, Susan and Saul. Emma is the same age as Leanne. Sometimes when Leanne and Emma goes to school they tease Emma and tells her that she has two mother. Her mother name is Mrs. Zoe. Tina is like the father type. Tina takes them to school and I see them on their way to school. She also picks them up. Everyone usually get together when they pick up the children.

There is another house that sells beer and liquid. They always have loud music when they had a selling party. They sell into the wee hours of the morning. They usually start after the children go in the house but sometimes the children be outside. They see the men and women get drunk and fall all over the backyard. They have two barbeque grills and there is a table with seat attack to it in the yard. There is a lot of plastic chairs in the yard too. Everyone know the man who live in the house and sell the liquid. His name is Walter Fries. Everyone one calls him Walt. No one tells the authority that he sells liquid because they go there to buy it. It’s cheaper than getting it from the liquid store. He doesn’t have any children living with him and we wonder how he got the house. It a corner house and there should at least be four bedrooms in the house. He like to flirt with the ladies who comes to his house although he doesn’t really get with any of them. They like the attention that he gives them. And they think that they are so cute. I live across from him and watches them through my window.

Around the corner is three houses that sells cigarettes. They buy carton of cigarettes and sell them to the neighbors. There is a lot of people that smokes cigarettes in the project. They went up to $10.50 a pack. Most people used to buy them by singles. Which they call loosies. Now you get them cheaper from the houses. One old lady who name is Ms. Laettner stop selling them because they became a hazel for her. She was tired of opening her door at all hours of the day.

Then there was Ms. Saylor and Ms. Rahm who also sells loosies. They sometimes sit on their steps and hold a pack while people comes up to them and ask to buy a loosies. The children watch them smokes cigarettes on the street and in their houses, too. Michael smoke cigarettes too. His children see him smokes cigarettes all day. He said that one day he will quit. It just a matter of time.

One day the cops were looking for a boy who lives in the project. They were sitting around the corner of my house. They saw me coming out of my house and still sat there. Then the boy, who name is Tim Smyth was coming around the corner walking. He saw the cops and starts running the cops got out of their cars and chasing him. They pull out their gun and told him to stop or they will shoot. He stops and put his hands up. The first cop that got to him put him in hands cops. He yells to one of his boys that he was with to call his mother. Tell her that he is being lock up. They told him that they got his love. They put him in the car and drove away.

The other boys who name is Emmanuel and Bobby went straight to Tim’s house. Their told his mother what happen. His mother went to the police station to find out what happen. I went to the bus stop and thought about is he going to get out of jail. I didn’t know what happen yet but I was going to find out later. The bus was coming. I got on the bus and went to the Free Library.

At the library there were no computers open. So I got a ticket and waited for a computer. While I was waiting I started going through some books. I got some books on writing and some books on fiction. I love to read fiction stories. I know that they are not real but they let me go to another place that I enjoy being in. It was my time to get a computer.

I started on my book. I had the files on a flash drive. I wrote about how I was doing a murder story. It was a story about a man who lost his wife because his best friend wanted her for his own. They ran off together and he plans on finding them and murdering them. I was like on the fifth chapters. It was getting good when the time on the computer was about to end. I don’t like that I have to get off the computer at a certain time but I do like the quietness of the library. I save my work and log off the computer. I got my things together and check out a few books. Then I left.

I was going outside and there was a food truck giving free food to the homeless and the hungry. I remember when I was homeless. I would go to this church to eat dinner. It was sometimes the only meal that I ate all that day. I had just had my daughter and my husband has lost his job. He was going on social security and we still had to pay the rent. I didn’t want to go on welfare so I stay off it for as long as I could remember. Then I was tired of going to the church for food. So I apply for welfare. It was called welfare then and now it calls Snap.

My daughter was just born and the people came in my hospital room asking me did I want to apply for welfare. I say yes and I got welfare the next week. My husband didn’t want to me to be on welfare but we had to eat. I would go to the store when I got my food stamps and buy steaks and potatoes. I would buy shrimps my husband told me that I would have any food left by the end of the month. I told him that I didn’t care because I was hungry. At the end of the month there wasn’t no food and we had to go to the church again. But we didn’t have to go every day.

I decide to get in the line that the truck was feeding and get me some food. It was soup and they were giving out loaf of bread too. I didn’t get the bread I just got the soup. It remembers me of my days with my husband. I miss him a lot. I went to catch the bus home. I told myself that I didn’t have to eat once I get home but I always love my daughter cooking and there were some stir fries on the stove. I got me a plate. I took it up to my room. I ate and put the empty plate on my little desk top table. It was a small table. I have two in my room. The other holds my cheap printer. When I first got the printer I was shock to believe that it would last. It lasted me for two years but now it’s broke and I need a new printer.

I use to print out things that has to do with learning how to write a good story. Now I have to read the article off the computer. I plan on getting another printer soon. I have gone through about four or five computer in my writing life. Then I remember this story I wrote about my first love. He would always tell that love rule over hate. It is something that is known to almost anyone who has ever been in love. Sometimes I would believe him but now it doesn’t matter because I not with him anymore. I fell out of love with him once I graduate from high school. I went to college but I didn’t get a degree or graduate. Some of my friends from college has degrees and professional career. All I got is being a writer. Somehow I don’t even think that I would ever be a famous writer. I sure people know that I’m out there but that is not enough for me.

My grandchildren they always watch me write. They tell me that I write a lot. I tell them that I love to write. They look at my self-publish books and say that it’s great for me to do it. I want a traditional publishing but being a self-publish is a great thing too.

So I turn on the television and watches Net flick. I pick a movie and then I laid down on my bed and watches the movie. They say that you need to write every day to become a good writer. I tells myself that I needs a break but I know that will just start me to get distracted from my writing.

My daughter was on her way from work and she call me on the phone. We always call each other even if we are in the same house. Well she asks me did I want her to get me something from the store. I told her yes. She got me some chicken from Popeye Restaurant. I told her not to forget the jalapeno peppers. She told me okay. I know that she was just about fifteen minutes away from the house but if she misses the bus by buying the food it will take about half an hour to get here.

I was reading the book I got from the library it was name A Common Life. The writer of the book is name Jan Karon. Her books are on the #1 New York Times Bestseller. I hope to one day be on the #1 New York Times Bestseller. I know it’s a great honor to be on that list. I guess that they will never pick anyone who has been self-publish. So my hopes of being a #1 New York Times Bestseller is not in the near future. And I’m not getting any younger. My granddaughter Leanne brought up the food. I told her thank you and she ask me for some of my soda. I usually give my grandchildren some of my soda and food. It a habit that I got.

My grandchildren came in my room to watch television. They had a television but they mess up the WII and now the television doesn’t work without an antenna. My daughter hasn’t brought an antenna yet. So the television isn’t working. They watch television on the computer in their mother and father’s room. They don’t want to keep the room clean so their mother banned them from the room. They sit under their mother telling her about the stories that they watch on television and she gives in to let them watches television again.

Then they mess up the room again and they have to clean it. Their father always gets on them about keeping their house clean. They clean it every day after school and especially on the weekend. In the summertime they stay in the house until the house is clean. I watch them clean up and they do a good job when they clean up. I sometime let them clean up my room but I usually clean up my room.

On the week days I usually pickup my grandchildren. The three older girls go to school and this year the boy is going to school. He will be going to get set and going to the charter school with his oldest sister. They have a get set in her school. The youngest girl, Sherry she is staying home all by herself. She use to stay home with her brother, Maurice but he is in school now. I know that she misses him playing and watching television in my room in the morning on school days. I and Sherry watches television now on school days.

I’m about to go to sleep and I got all the children out of my room and in their room to go to bed. I got the television to myself. I’m glad that they had the smart television where you pick your own shows to watch when you want. So I can now relax and watch my shows. I sometimes during the day put on my shows when the children go and sit in their room. Or when they had family night downstairs with their parents. That’s about the normal day in my life but I going to tell you about the other things that happen in my life. I have seen things in my life that no one can imagine. Too many times these things have happen to me but I manager to somehow pick myself up and go on with life. I remember when I was in love and my boyfriend told me that no matter what people say or do in front of you just don’t let it get you down. You have to be strong and pull out of the worst possible moments in your life and strike out with something good about yourself. So I remember that. He told me this when we were put out of his mother house because she just wanted him to be with his wife. She knows that he had to do his thing but she didn’t want him cheating on his wife. He did with me.

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