Growing up

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Chapter Ten

Babalo spends the night in hospital with me, and just like old days we talk about everything and anything - just nothing serious. It’s so funny how comfortable I am around him. The following day I get discharged at 10am. I have not heard from any of my res friends, their phones are on voice mail and I don’t have my room key with me so Balo suggests that we go to his hotel. He calls a cab and I almost faint AGAIN when I see the hotel he checks in to Radisson Blue. One of the most expensive hotels in South Africa. How the hell did he get so rich in 4 years? I am so excited about this night. I want to know everything from the day he was kicked out in East London to the day I met him at the boardwalk...

Radisson Blue is beautiful. We chit-chat on our way to his room. When we get to his room I tell him I need to take a shower. “I also need to take a shower but its ok. I will shower after you,” he replied. “Ok cool,” I say. He smiles back and tells me to be quick. How disappointing? If only I was not scared of disappointment I was just going to spit it out and ask him to take a shower with me. But I am way too shy for it. If the dear friend doesn’t feel the same about you then it’s the end of every little thing you had. I decide to take everything super slowly. I know sooner or later he will make a move or I will just keep giving him hints.

I leave him in the lounge, take a shower and about 20 minutes then I am done. I wrap my body with towel, go to the bedroom, put on lotion and then I open a small sports bag that Nandipha brought me.

Unbelievable! She brought me a dress while she knows damn well that I don’t wear dresses. I put the dress on, not that I have a choice. I haven’t worn a dress in 4 full years’ time and she knows that pretty well. I go to the mirror and to my surprise I love my reflection, it’s not bad at all. The dress is red and tiny, it tights me just fine. It shows my C shaped bum perfectly. Balo enters the room when I am trying to zip the dress. He has just showered, so he wrapped his lower body with a towel. The minute he lays his eyes on me he starts to laugh. How dare he kill my confidence? He is the first person that made me believe I am beautiful, how dare he take that away from me?

I give him a look, my eyes filled with tears. I can feel a lump building up in my throat. “Come now, don’t tell me you are offended,” he says, slowly making his way towards me. I don’t reply, I just stare at him. “I am not,” I reply. Then I turn around, giving him my back. I look on the mirror and see his reflection behind mine, I see him coming closer. “May I?” he asks while zipping my dress. I don’t reply, there is no need to answer, because he already did what he wanted. I don’t know why he asked, he didn’t have to. He turns me around to look at him but I look down. I am scared of eye contact. Especial when fire is right on my face.

He lifts my face, I look into his eyes. I see the future. “Hey, you are beautiful, you look gorgeous in this dress, and I was just surprised to see you in a dress, that’s all. You know the last time I checked you were a tomboy. But believe me, princess, this dress suits you even more than those chino pants you love,” he says. My lips curve and form a smile, and without even noticing tears escape my eyes while I am lost in his gaze.

He puts his left hand around my waist and his right hand around my neck. He comes closer, slowly. Our eyes lock and I can feel my heart beat. It makes noise like music drum. I stop hesitating and come closer. He greets my lips with his, my lips welcome his with warm hands and heart. I kiss back. The kiss is long and passionate. He is in control of every move, he controls the pace and rhythm of the kiss. Yes, he is in control. He is not my Prince but my King and I am his queen, I don’t follow him, I am right beside him.

After a very long time kissing he gently pushes me against the wall, puts his hands around my waist and slowly move down to my butt. He grabs the cheeks of my bum and pulls me closer to him. I put my hands around his neck and kiss him with everything in me. I can feel him against me. My nipples harden. My eyes are closed and all my senses are awake. I kiss him with passion. No rush or whatsoever. I feel him putting his hands under my mini dress. He lifts my dress and then he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He kisses me while he slowly moves to the bed. He puts me to bed and get on top of me. He unzips my dress and slowly takes it off.. He looks at me before kissing my lips and then makes his way to my neck, nipples, belly button and to my Golden spot. He then kisses my pubic bone while I am still wearing a panty, then he slowly takes my panties off. I am left barely naked when he then looks at each and every inch of my body.

Still on his knees between my legs he unwraps the towel and throws it on the floor. Well, his mission is accomplished because I get dripping wet just by looking at his 6 pack down and down to his chocolate stick. Damn my king is gifted. It makes me really horny. He can see that I am long gone, I want to be eaten right now and I want him to be my eater. But, oh boy, he takes his time. He bites his lower lip and leans over to kiss me. I love how passionate he is, he takes his precious time with me. That alone does something to my clitoris.

After ten minutes of passionate love making he changes the gear; we change from making love to fucking. He rides the devil inside me till I call on God. I speak in languages I don’t even understand.

After a long time I lay on my tummy; he lays besides me, facing up to the ceiling board, satisfaction is written all over his face. The he looks at me and smiles, his white set of teeth and dimples show and I fall in love for the thousand’s time. He comes closer and kisses my cheek, he then puts his head on my shoulder. I feel his hand tracing my body from my neck to my butt. When he starts kissing me. My phone rings. “I think you have to get that,” he says then he gets up, takes a towel and goes to the bathroom. I look at my phone screen - it was Mongikazi. I have 23 missed calls from her, 13 WhatsApp texts and 79 BBM pings. This woman is crazy! It better be damn important. I call her and she picks up on the first ring

“Where the hell are you? We are worried sick about you, Aviwe! I have been trying your phone, why weren’t you picking up? Where are you?” she yells, sounding pissed.

I am not sure if I like her tone. She is my roommate and not my mother, my whereabouts are none of her business but I am too happy to react so I decide to keep my cool

“I’m sorry. I was sleeping. I just woke up now, what’s up?” I reply.

“What’s up? Really? This is not cool, you were in hospital, when I and Nandi got to the hospital at 12:30 they said you were discharged in the morning. When we get to res and you are nowhere to be found. You finally decide to pick up your phone at 19:45 and all you have to say is for your self is “what’s up” come on now. Where are you?

“Hey, calm down now, I am somewhere safe, so don’t worry. Your phones were in voice mail, and I don’t have my key with me so I couldn’t come back, so I went somewhere else.”

“Doesn’t this somewhere have a name? You are being a bitch now Aviwe, we need to talk. Like really talk.”

The bathroom door opens Babalo calls my name; he didn’t notice that I am still on the phone. I quickly cover the speaker of the phone so Mongi won’t hear, I then whisper to Balo that I am on the phone then he apologises and puts his thumb up. But I was too late, because I hear Mongi saying:

“And who was that Aviwe? Was that Babalo? Bloody hell! So unbelievable! How do you even know the dude? You know what? Don’t answer that. Just bring your behind to res, there is a lot to talk about. Don’t worry - I won’t tell Nandipha that you ran off with my ex after you made love with me,” then she cuts the call. I can’t believe that she really said that! Balo and I have a history and nothing will ever come between us. Just because she doesn’t know our history doesn’t mean that we don’t have one.

Babalo comes back; he glances at me and says: “You don’t look happy, what’s up?

“It’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“So I shouldn’t worry?”

I nod.

He comes closer to kiss me and I kiss him back. I break the kiss, get up and go to the bathroom. Went I go into the bedroom again, I find Balo under the blanket, so I join him. I put my head on his chest, listen to his heartbeat and then I relate to the famous quote that says ’I love listening to his heartbeat because it plays my favourite song.′ This is the moment I waited for and I wish it could last forever. We talk about everything under the sun and just after seven we order room service! We eat the food and then we eat each other ’till our bodies can’t take it anymore. He totally avoids the topic of his whereabouts after being kicked out by my parents. He does not seem very comfortable to talk about it so I don’t push. I let him be. We have a whole lifetime to talk about it, so there is no rush. I have found Babalo and I will never ever lose him again. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him in my life.

Babalo does not say a word about Mongikazi, I also don’t ask. He doesn’t say he loves me or anything along those lines. But actions speak louder than words. I can see how much he cares - I just wish I could hear it with my own ears. Balo and I spend the whole night exploring each other’s body. We fall asleep in each other’s arms. I feel secure in his arms. He is all I need. Falling asleep on his chest is what I want to do for the next 60 years.

I am woken from a beautiful dream by a phone reminder to take my tablets. I look at where Babalo was sleeping and I see it’s empty, he is not here. Then I see some money and a piece of paper written: “Sorry princess, I had to go but I didn’t want to wake you up. I hope to see you soon.... here is my contact details 0711234567. My email is...”.

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