Growing up

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Chapter Twelve

I get a chance to reply to Babalo’s lousy text. “You can go put two fingers in your behind and slowly move them back and forth, call me when you are done” Then I press send. Babalo is getting ideas and I don’t want him to take advantage of the fact that I love him. He betrayed me, he had no right to talk about my abuse. It’s not his place. He is going to pay. I am going to hold on to his briefcase and I am going to indulge his queen. At the end I am going to win his heart.

While Mongi is still in the shower I get a chance to try to open the briefcase, I take it out and put it on the bed. The combination to open the brief case must be numbers so I try his cell number. Nope, it doesn’t open. I follow with his birthday, Mongi’s birthday, her parents’ birthdays and date of death. Still no luck. This is causing me a headache. Maybe the combination might be the day he lost everything! The combination might be the day he was chased away, which will be the constant reminder of who and what he became. Everything he is, is because of that day! It is because he was left to die for fighting for me! I slowly press in the combination. The first number makes a sound that shows that the number is correct! I breath out, feeling relieved! Then the second number and the third number do the same. The combination is complete! All that is left is to open the damn briefcase. I sit on the bed and put it on my lap. Just as I was I am about to open it, my door handle turns and I then remember that the door is not even locked.

“I’ll come to your room just now, love” the person at the door says... talking to another girl in the corridor. It’s Mongikazi! She is talking to Nandi or Chuma. I get a chance to hide the briefcase while Mongi is still talking to someone in the corridor. Now that I have opened it I am scared to see what’s inside! The thing about seeing something you shouldn’t see is that once you see it there is no going back. There is no such thing as ‘un-see’. I take a pillow and put it between the wall and my back, take Mongi’s lap top and continue with the series. I try to keep my mind busy.

Then I get a text from Babalo: “Hahaha funny! I am glad you still have your sense of humour, Princess.” I read the text and throw my phone on the bed. I can’t even concentrate on what I am watching. When Mongikazi enters, she says: “You haven’t seen Nandipha and the others since you came back.”

“I have only been back for a few hours. I am still going to see them.”

“Don’t worry, Nandi is not here. She is only coming back at 8pm.”

“Where is she? Who where you talking to?”

“She is out with her mystery man. I was talking to Amanda. Which episode are you watching?”

Then she takes off the towel and puts on a body lotion - she puts her right leg on the bed and her left leg on the floor to balance. Then she bends over to put lotion on her right leg up to her thick firm thigh. She takes a long time doing so, and when she changes her right leg I swear she does a mini-twerking. I can’t help but stare. I can’t blink. I’m not sure if I want to! She has a nice behind: it’s thick, well-shaped, tight and milky. Her skin is clear and she has no silver strips or cellulite. I forget I was asked a question, I forget I was watching a movie! My eyes are glued on Mongi, on her ass to be precisely. You know there is something about something you have tasted before. When it’s right in your face you just want to taste it over and over again! Just taste! Suddenly I am brought back to reality when she snaps her fingers right between my eyes and says: “Hello, what’s wrong? Are you checking me out? I asked you are question.”

I clear my throat and try to swallow. “What? What? What did you ask?”

“Ha-ha, never mind; your mind seems to be somewhere else. I wonder where it is!”

“Whatever, what are you doing in my face naked?”

“I was going to ask you to help put lotion on my back but you seem uncomfortable, so forget it.”

“You used to do it by yourself, you never asked me to. And why would I be uncomfortable?”

“I am getting fatter these days so it’s hard to do my own back. You saying you are comfortable? Look at your eyes, love! I wasn’t born yesterday, you have been staring at my ass and your eyes are shouting ’nice ass Mongi’ You don’t have to hide it, it’s written all over your face. Admit it - what happened was not a mistake. I didn’t take advantage of you, we both wanted it and we still do. I wonder if you’d say the same about Babalo.”

Walking to her closet, she puts on her panties and a matching bra. Her talking about my Balo turns off every fibre of my being. She doesn’t get to bad mouth my king, whatever is going on is none of her business.

“You know nothing about Balo and he didn’t use me, so just save it!”

“Why do you get emotional and defensive if you don’t feel used? He sleeps with you but still wants me back. He puts me as his profile picture. All I want is to open your eyes.”

“Fuck you, Mongikazi.”

“Any time, my love.”

I stand up, get out of the room and slam the door on my way out. I need to take a walk just to clear my head. This is the longest day of my life. I wish I had just stayed in hospital for a few more days. Dying is really an easy way out because you feel absolutely nothing. When I go down the stairs I remember that I forgot my student card and my phone. I go back to my room, put on a top, and take my student card, phone and ear phones. When Mongikazi asks where I am going, I give her a dirty look. She apologises for being an idiot, but I don’t respond. I go straight to the door, but she runs to block the door.

“Get out of my fucken way, Mongikazi!” I say.

“Are you mad? That’s good. Maybe you will open your thick head!” she replies calmly.

“I don’t have time for your bullshit. Get out of my way NOW.”

“Or what?”

“Or so help me God. I will rip you apart.”

“Somebody has been watching The Originals. I am impressed!”

“Fuck you.” I push her out of my way, but she is heavy and tough like those rugby guys. She holds my hands together with her right hand. Then she uses her other hand to lock the door! I try to free myself, but I can’t. She is hurting my wrists.

“Let me go, you fucken bitch. I swear to God I will beat the living hell out of you! What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

“You are hurting and angry, Aviwe, I need you to breath and stop being so childish. You are 18. It’s time to learn that you can’t get everything you want. We all learn the hard way but it doesn’t have to be that hard. I need you to breathe Vee, just breathe.”

I stand and listen; all I can do is cry. I am so hurt and angry that Babalo is in love with someone else. I’ve waited for him all these years only to find out that there is no hope for us as a couple. I cry so hard, Mongi lets go of my hands and hugs me tight. She’d be a good friend, but now she is gay and into me. I love her as a friend, a friend I wouldn’t mind to sleep with. We go to her bed. I spend the night in her arms.

I wake up in the morning still dressed. I check the time on Mongi’s phone. It’s 10:13. Shit! I get off the bed and go to my side of the room. I check my phone. I have 7 missed calls from Balo, 5 missed calls from Mrs Mali and 2 missed calls from Nandi. Who must I call back first? I check my WhatsApp: I have lots of texts from Balo. At first he asks me to please pick up the phone. Then he goes from being gentle to being aggressive. He commands me to pick up the damn phone or he will crush my head. He says he is in P.E and he is catching a flight at 11:30. “God, you better be at the airport before 11:15 otherwise things will get ugly, my love, that I promise you. Be here with the briefcase.” That’s the last text he sent me.

Babalo is a waste of time! I ignore him, call Milady then I call Nandi. I tell her I am busy and that I will talk to her later. I then take the briefcase, put it on the bed, sigh and try to collect enough strength to be strong even after seeing whatever is in side. I then take a deep breath. I open the silver briefcase and as I look down I realize that I was right. A stack of cash fills half of the briefcase. There is also a gun and cocaine inside. Still looking at this cash and wishing it’s all just a dream, I hear: “What have you done? Aviwe, what have you done?” I quickly close the briefcase, turn around and look at Mongikazi who is standing behind me.

“Pretend you didn’t see anything,” I say, embarrassed.

“What have you done? Babalo doesn’t want anyone to open that briefcase. How did you even open it because I’m sure as hell he didn’t give you the combination.”

“He didn’t have to give me the combination. I told you, you don’t know Babalo like I do.”

“You idiot, this is not a competition, this is not about who knows Babalo better. This is about you invading his privacy and putting yourself in danger. Don’t you think Babalo had a pretty good reason for not giving any of us the combination?”

“So you want to tell me you knew about this briefcase and you never attempted to open it?”

“I am not an idiot, if I am told not to open something because it dangerous, I don’t.”

“Look, I just opened the briefcase and I am still alive! So what danger are you talking about?”

My phone rings. It’s Balo.

“What?” I say.

“Where are you? It is 10:30. I have to be gone by 11:30. I need the briefcase Aviwe, this is no game!”

“Come and get it. Oh, and just out of curiosity, who are you going to kill and where are you going to deliver the drugs?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Stop playing dumb. I cracked the code and opened the briefcase”.

“What? What the fuck did you do Aviwe? Damn you Aviwe, damn you!” he screams.

“Did you really think I was going to give up? You clearly don’t know me!”

“Oh shit oh shit....”

Then I hear a sound like a phone is being thrown down or something but the call is still on.

“Babalo, are you there? BALO? Balo?” I yell, but he doesn’t respond. I look at Mongikazi.

“What wrong?” she asks with a concerned face.

“I am not sure, he is still on the line, but he is not responding. Now I hear police sirens.” I say and put the phone on speaker so that Mongikazi can hear.

“It sounds like traffic cops or something,” she says.

“Oh, my God!”

From Balo’s side I hear someone who I suppose is a cop, asking for Balo’s drivers licence and the papers of where the car was hired from. Then they command him to step out of the car. They search Balo and find a gun as they search the car. There is a dog that keeps barking. “Sir, we have searched everywhere, the car is clean,” says one of the cops.

“No, the is something here, I am pretty sure of that. As long as the dog is still barking we are not going anywhere ’till we find what this dog smells,” replies the other cop. “See, I told you there is something here. Whatever it is, it’s here under the driver’s seat,” he adds. “Sir, there’s nothing under this seat,” says the first cop. “Maybe it’s not under the seat but inside the seat.” After a few minutes the second cop exclaims: “See? I told you, look at this? Cuff him and take everything that could be evidence. Here is his phone, someone is on line and probably heard everything. For sure it’s one of his gang.” Then the line is dead.

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