Growing up

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Chapter Fourteen

After saying those words, the shock on her face is indescribable. I decide to give her space; I take off my clothes, take my toiletry bag and go to the shower.

I open the water and let it pour over me. I wonder if it was a mistake to tell her. I wonder if things will ever be the same between us again. I wonder what she is thinking, but I don’t feel bad at all because I did what my guts told me to do. I hear a bathroom door opening.

“I figured we can shower together to save some time,” someone says. It is Mongikazi, she instructs me to move aside. She puts soap on her towel, washes her body and I stand aside and watch her. After she rinses the soap she does the same to me: she washes me like a new born baby. She starts from my neck down to my back then she holds up my arms and washes my armpits, down to my stomach and my inner thighs.

All I do is to follow her lead. After she is done she dries me and hands me my towel. I get out of the shower - still speechless. She follows. In the room I put on some lotion, go to my closet and take out the clothes I am going to wear to iron them. She asks me to iron her dress, so I agree. I iron it and give it back to her. She gets dressed before me and she looks blazing hot in her white mini dress and white stilettos. I put on my black chino, black sweater and my red and black vans. I am not dressed up but I look like a very hot 18 year old boy. My short hair suits me just fine.

“Vee!” Mongikazi calls out my name.


“Do you want to go out?”

“Hell yhea!”


“Why, don’t you?”

“No I don’t, I just want to stay here with you and talk ’till the sun comes out.”

I giggle a little and say: “Ncooo, what do you want talk about?”


I smile back at her. “We will talk about everything tomorrow, tonight I want to get wasted..”

“Alright then, so you know I am glad you trusted me, I promise your bared soul is safe with me.”

“It’s nice to have someone to trust and someone who deeply cares about me, the last time I had that someone was Babalo.”

“So I have heard. What is the name of your kid?”

“Vuyolwethu. It means happiness.”

“Mmmm, nice.”

Nandi throws bursts into our room without knocking. I think I am getting used to this.

“Dolls it’s 22:05 already and the cab is waiting downstairs,” she says, still standing at the door.

“We were waiting for you, let’s go!” Mongi leaves the room, Nandipha follows, and I lock the door before exiting.

We go to the cab and Chumani catches on later. She is wearing a stunning blue dress: it’s not too short it goes just above her knees. With it, she wears a white blazer and white heels which compliments the entire attire. She doesn’t need make-up, her beauty is natural. As for Queen Nandipha she does what she does best. She is wearing a tore bum short, white crop top and the timberland ankle boot. She looks stunning! She has her way with clothes and has a unique style. Today she is dressed exactly like Beyoncé. We drive off to Cubana, I ask Nandi how am I going to get in Cubana because I am not wearing stilettos or formal shoes. She tells me to worry not, and let her worry about that.

The cab drops us at McDonalds across the road from Cubana. Nandi goes to the tall fat bouncer at the door. I am curious to hear what Nandi is going to say so I pretend to be taking a call and move closer to them. I hear her saying: “Hello my love, you see right there are my friends. One of them is wearing tekkies so I need you to let us in. After this I will make you speak Greek.” then she touches his manhood and comes really close. “Do we have a deal?” she says.

”Of course we do, can you give me your number so I can call you after 3am when we close,” replies the bouncer. “Don’t worry; I’ll come to you, I can’t wait.” Then she bites her lower lip and walks away, the bouncer stares at Nandi’s fine ass as she walks towards Chumani. I catch up with them and she tells us that everything is sorted and that we can go in. When we pass the bouncer she winks at him and the bouncer spanks her ass.

Inside, a waitress takes us to a table for four and Nandi orders shot for all of us. We sit there, talk about what Nandi did to that poor bouncer and she tells us that you have to use men’s weakness to your advantage. She doesn’t get played - she is a player. Her phone rings and then she excuses herself and goes to the bathroom. After about 30 minutes she comes back. When she sits down she utters: “Guys, do you mind if my friends from Cape Town join us?”

“Not at all - especially if they are hot ladies,” Mongi replies with rejoice in her voice.

“What? What are you going to do with hot ladies?” asks Nandi.

Mongi is now tipsy and she loudly replies: “I love ladies, in fact I love one specific lady but she just doesn’t love me back.”

I jump in trying to save the day and say: “Ok bro zip it, we don’t’ want to hear your secrets when you are drunk!” she smiles at me, her eyes says it all. Vuyo would tell that she is in love with me.

“Are you guys an item? Answer! Y’all going to burn in hell!” Chumani, who has been quiet all along, bursts out saying.

“I vacate there my love so just relax your mind otherwise it’s going to be hurtful,” Mongi responds. We all die of laughter and I keep them shots coming so I can save myself from Mongi’s embarrassment.

“There they are!” Nandi murmurs when two men walk towards our table. They take two chairs from a table next to us and sit next to Nandi. They both look like lawyers or CEO’s. Now it explains why Nandi is so well-off, she hangs out with top dogs. They order two cans of brutal fruit claiming that they still have to drive to East London, so they don’t want to get drunk.

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