Growing up

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Chapter Twenty Two

The door opens. “Show is over boys,” says the man in a black suit, entering the room. The cops exit quietly.

“I am sorry about my colleagues’ behaviour. They are just confused how all this happened right under their noses. Can I get you something to drink? Tea, coffee or water?” he asks with his hands in his pockets.”“Water please” Mongi asks. He looks at the glass window and snaps his fingers. “Water please,” he says. In a minute a lady comes with a glass of water. “This is detective Dindo. We will be working together to find your friend. I need you to tell me everything you know about her. Oh, and before we start, please state your names and your relationships with the escaped prisoner.”“I am Aviwe, Nandi is my flatmate and my friend.”“Mongikazi Nkosana, Nandi is my friend, class mate and flatmate.”“I believe you have nothing to do with her escape and I also believe you can help us find her. I need you to tell me everything you know about her.”“Like?” I ask.“I said everything and anything.”“Nandi is a nice person; we met at the beginning of the year and started to be friends since we were neighbours. There is nothing much I know about her. I just know she has a family she loves dearly.” Mongi says softly.“Oh wait, this is the same girl of a silver briefcase who got arrested about a week ago?”

Mongi and I nod.“Damn it,” he says; looking panicking and then he points at the glass. “I want to see every security camera of the last two hours; nobody comes in or out. Let’s shut this station down. Damn it, we should have known, she is part of the most powerful drug dealing group in Khayelitsha and she killed the boss. They surely want her. That list did not help much,” he says slamming the door behind him.

I can see Mongikazi on that silence prayer tip. For the first time in a long time I feel like I am ten steps behind; I did not see this coming. I honestly thought it was over. Balo was right; it is only the beginning. Now I wish I had taken Nandi’s offer. I cannot even tell Milady because I would be putting her in danger. After a long time Mr Dindo comes back and takes us to a security room. Apparently the cameras caught a lady cop and male cop talking to the security guard. Then went into Nandipha’s cell and took Nandipha to the cop’s van outside. It all happened 56 minutes ago, which means they are still around Port Elizabeth. They can’t be that far.

The cameras did not catch their faces because they were wearing police caps. The security guard they talked to says that they said they were sent to transfer Nandi to another prison because she is pregnant. They had all the necessary signed documents, doctor’s papers and detective in chief’s written and signed permission to transfer the prisoner. They drove off with Nandipha. When they drove out of the gate they smiled at the securities at the gate and signed out. Then the lady cop looked at the camera. “Oh, go back!” says Mongikazi. “Pause, yes pause right there,” she adds instructing the computer guy. “HOLY CRAP!” She says with her eyes and mouth wide open.

“You know her?” detective Dindo asks. Mongi blinks continuously. “Um, no detective,” the detective looks at her displeased. “Mongikazi.”“Sir.” “Start talking.” “Huh?” “Who is she.” He raises his voice. “I don’t know sir.”“I was not born yesterday, why would you tell us to pause if you don’t know her?”“I am sorry. I thought it was Maggie Q,” I look at Mongi, it’s so obvious that she is lying. What on earth would Maggie Q do here? Maggie is an actress!“And who is that.” The detective asks.“An actress.” “I’m sorry Sir, I was just shocked to see an actress here in action, but it’s not her.”The detective looks at her and shakes his head again and then he leaves and comes back with a white guy. He tells Mongikazi to go to the interrogation room. I am told I can wait for my friend outside the interrogation room. She goes inside with the white guy. I go stand at the glass so I can see and hear everything inside.

I think this white guy is a professional manipulator. He asks Mongikazi about the girl in the car; he twists the questions and tries so hard to manipulate Mongikazi and to change her answer, but Mongi sticks to the same answer. She keeps says she thought it was Maggie Q, I can see she is lying but she fools everyone and is now starting to believe her own lies.

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