Growing up

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Chapter Twenty Four

“I figured formal introduction is needed here. My name is Don. Nandipha shot my twin brother. I am going to kill everyone that was involved in my twin’s death. That is you, your best friend, Nandipha and Babalo. Those cops are lucky because Nandipha did not catch their faces. Here is one thing you have to know about me, little sweet thing, I don’t play hide and seek. I kill when needed, like now I am going to shoot your little brains out if you don’t call your friend. I am too old for teenager’s games. Too bad your game costed my brother’s life. Now you all going to pay for that,” he says calmly with his hands behind his back. He comes closer, takes out his gun and puts it on my forehead. “I am going to count from 5 to 1, I need you to take that phone from Nandipha’s hand and call your friend, or I decorate this place with your brains .... 5,4,3,2”“One, shoot,” I look him in the eyes thinking he is going to pull the trigger but he doesn’t. He puts his gun away, shakes his head and laughs a little. All his puppets around him look shocked but are too scared to say a word. This man is the boss. I am not sure what I am doing but I know I will not give Mongikazi to him. I’d rather die. All of a sudden I hear a hard closed fist hitting my stomach, I bend over and get on my knees and I cry from the pain.“I like you kid, your loyalty is rare to find these days. If only we have met under different circumstances,” he turns around and face his puppets. “Inject her, Nandipha knows where this Mongikazi stays. Let’s go grab her like a cup of coffee,” he says. When the guy comes to me with an injection I try to get up, still in pain. I shout: “I have changed my mind!” He turns around and looks at me. I look at Nandipha, she sighs. “Huh?” says Don coming closer.“I will call Mongi,” I lean on the car.“I knew you would come around, I think I have a business for you.”“What’s in it for me if I call Mongi?””You will get to live under my watch.”“Fair, now give me the damn phone.”Nandipha gives me my phone, I dial Mongi’s number and it rings and rings without being picked up. I tell Don and his crew to move back I need some space and that they are making me nervous.

“Mongi knows me like the back of her hand, she will pick it up in my voice that something is wrong; I need to relax a bit, but I cannot do that with you crowding me,” I reason.“Make it quick. No mistakes.” They all move away from me and I try Mongi again. This time she picks up on the first ring. “Hey, sorry I was in the shower. What’s up? Where are you?”“Are you alone?”“Yes.”“Listen to me carefully, ok?”“Ok.”“RUN! Now, don’t look back. It was a trap, I need you to run, run Mongi.....”Don hears that I am screwing him over; he quickly takes my phone and throws it on the floor. It breaks into pieces. I stand still. He kicks me and I fall down immediately. Then he kicks me while I am down; calling me names. When he sees that I am not crying he grabs me by my neck and hits my head against the car. I close my eyes and think about all the events of the past. If this Don guy thinks he is going to punish me by hitting me, he must think again. Growing up I was my father’s punching bag. Kicks, punches and everything in between were my daily meal. I am a master of escaping physical pain. It’s simple; I just close my eyes and focus on something less sad in my mind. Right now I focus on the fact that I have bought Mongikazi time to run away from this life. If I die today it will be a peaceful death; I have saved a person I love. I will never break my unwritten rules.“What are you?” I hear Don asking. He must be surprised that a girl of my age is beaten to death but is not making a sound. They take me to the car and injects me with something and that’s the last thing I remember.I wake up in a strange place. It has tall walls, it’s small, it stinks and looks like a prison cell. I look around, there is only one window and it’s up there close to the roof. I get up and go to the door. I look around and realise there are other cells around and they are all full of young dirty kids. I think this is an old prison. A main door is opened. Don gets in with two of his guys. He is dressed all in white. He is calm and collected. I feel I have just signed my death certificate but I’d rather die than giving him the satisfaction. They come to my cell and Don opens it. “Take her to room 7,” he says and walks away. The guys hold me by my arms. I tell them I will walk by myself. Don turns around, looks at me and keeps a straight face. I look at him and my blood boils. I am not a coward, I never was but there is something charming yet scary about this Don. I wonder why he did not pull the trigger the other day. Oh wait, what day is it? How many days have I been drugged? We go downstairs in a much creepier place! It’s a basement, it’s empty and huge. When we get there, Don looks at me and put his hands behind his back. He looks around the basement and slowly walks towards me. The guys let go of my arms and step back.He moves away from me. “Fun time is over little girl. I don’t have time for teenage game so we will make this short. I did not kill you 3 days back not because I could not, I did not kill you because I need to see you begging for your life. You took away the only sibling I had and now I am going to take away one thing that you can never have again, your life. But that’s negotiable. You tell me everyone that was involved in the scene, police, your friends and everyone and, like I said, you will live under my watch. You look smart, I hope you are,” he says softly, walking around the room with his hands in his pocket this time.”“What does living under your watch mean?”“You’ll live by my rules, under my protection.”“How can I trust you that you’ll not kill me after I give you the names?”“You don’t. “I roll my eyes. “So do we have a deal? Can I bring you a pen and paper so that you will start writing the names of everyone involved?” he adds.“No, thank you. But you can take a gun and shoot me. Just one favour: please cremate my body.”He smiles, “Is it loyalty or stupidity? Or both?” I keep quiet. “I will say this again, I like you. Loyal people like you are rare to find. Too bad you got my brother killed so now it’s your turn. Now, strip.” he commands looking deep in my eyes. I swear his eyes just turned red. If this guy is not a werewolf only he knows. I suddenly feel a need to pee.“See I was raped repeatedly when I was 14. There is no way I’ll go on that road again; at least not when I am still breathing.”“I said strip.”“Not happening.”“I am so many things but I am not a rapist. I cannot touch a kid that way. Now take off your clothes I will not say it again,” he says and storms out of the basement. As much as I feel like I am going to die I cannot stand the torture of being killed with my eyes open. The door opens and a tall, skinny girl enters and walks towards me. She is in red stilettos, white bum short and red crop top. Her long hair is tied into a messy bun. She looks really young but matured. She has “killing machine” written all over her face. Her eyes are dark and deep. “Hello you must be the dumb and stubborn one.” I look at her and bite my lower lip.“Why do you still have your clothes on? No. Shut up, don’t answer that.” She then takes a knife from her pocket and tears my vest into two halves.“Now take your shorts off before I do the same to it. Look, I might be 16 but I don’t play games. I finish my task with no hesitation. I never fail. Now take off your shorts.” I look at her again and see a killer, I realise there is no way out of this. I look around and see the two guys watching and Don standing at the door smoking his cigar. I slowly take off my chino shorts. The girl looks at me and frowns. “Do I have to tell you to take off your bra and panties? Dr Don told you to trip you idiot.”She shouts and I do as instructed. I then stand there naked. She looks me and smiles a little. I realize I have seen this smile before. I can be horrible with names but I am damn good with faces. This is the same girl I saw in that footage; the same one that broke Nandipha out. Yes, this is Miss P. I can be wrong but I have to take my chances.“Stop starring; it’s creepy,” she says.“Miss P?”She looks surprised and says: “Who told you my name?”“Mongikazi, your big sister.” She almost faints when hearing her sister’s name and I smile to myself. I might live after all or at least Mongi is going to live. They might have turned Patheka into a killing machine but he cannot allow her to kill her only sister. Blood is thicker than water. She bites her lower lip. “Where is she?”“Let me go and I will take you to her. They are also going to kill her! She never stopped looking and praying for you. You have to help her.”“Do we have a problem there Miss P?” Don shouts.“Just a minute Sir,” Miss P shouts back and lower her voice to talk to me. “I asked a question, where is she?” Before I can respond Don comes to us and asks Miss P what seems to be the problem. “I said give me a minute, Don, is that too much to ask?” Don open his eyes wide. He must be shocked at the tone she just used. He touches her cheek and says: “What’s wrong sweetheart?”“She knows my sister; we have to find my sister! You promised you’d take me to my sister.”“Your sister doesn’t want to find you; why would you want to find her?”Miss P looks at me “Tell him what you told me, tell him,” she shouts, I keep quiet. She slaps me on my left cheek and punches me on the nose. I bleed, uncontrollably. Then she walks away and bangs the door behind her. “Now you are ruining my family?”“You took her away from her family. How is she your family?”“You’re trying to be clever, playing with her emotions. Smart move; wrong time and wrong place. Guys, you know what to do,” he says to his two dogs. They tie my hands up to the roof. My little hope is all gone again. They put a carpet underneath my feet. Don comes back with a chain. I feel my heart beating a little faster than before. Being beaten by chain is on another level. He gives me lashes on my back, bum, thighs and legs. My skin tears apart. I cannot help but scream on the top of my voice. There is blood everywhere but mostly on the carpet. “Time for deals is over, beg for your life before I end it,” he says as he hits me harder and harder. I cry out loud but I don’t beg for my life. I watch my flesh falling off from my bones. A door opens, I can hardly see, my eyes are teary. Judging from this person’s voice. He is very old and a male. I remember Balo talking about Don’s father. This must be him, I hear him saying:“Son you are doing a good job here but where is the second girl?”“She is on the run but I will find her!” I blink repeatedly to get the tears out of my eyes so I can see. I open my eyes and see this dark tall old man coming close to me. He touches my swollen and tore skin and stops when he notices my greenish birthmark on the cheek of my bum. He then looks at my sweaty face and looks at Don. “Who is she?” the old man asks.“She is the girl who got your son killed. Let me finish this. I have so many things to do father.” When he is about to hit me on my face with the chain, the old man holds his hand. “What do you think you are doing?” Don asks confused and angry.“Have you seen this?” the old man points at my birthmark.Don’s eyes are big when he notices my birthmark and slowly touches it with his left hand. “What the..? Father?”“Son.”“Is this what I think it is?”“Like hell it is.”“What’s going on? Who are you?” Don lifts my chin and commands me to open my eyes. I do as I am told and slowly open my eyes. I feel weak because I am losing so much blood. “Don, look at her and look at you. No one needs a rocket scientist to...” his gather shouts, but Don stops him. “Stop father, just stop. I am trying to think here. Okay?” Don lets go of my chin. He throws down the chain and pulls down his pants a little. This is odd! He has the exact same greenish birthmark on the exact same place as mine. He calls his guys, telling them to take me to the doctors room. The old man screams that if I dare bleed and die he is going to cut their balls and send it to their loved ones.That’s the last thing I remember. I wake up in white warm small room. I try to get up and then I notice that my body is heavy. I push the light blanket to the side and lift my head up. I look at my body; my memory comes back when I notice that my whole body is bandaged. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the power of the mind! My skin under this bandage is tore and the thought of that alone makes me feel all the pain I felt when I was tied to the roof and beaten up. I am still alive. Why did not they finish me? Where am I? This is no hospital. This place is empty and strange. I wonder how long I have been here. I wonder where Mongi is. I wonder if I will ever get out of this place alive. Maybe torturing their victims to a point where they give up is the way of punishing them. Tearing my skin off my bones was just for their amusement. I wonder how they live with themselves. I wonder how they sleep at night. I wonder how I got in this mess.I wonder why I did not listen to Mongi. Milady once said I see the good in people and that will take me far in life. I guess by far she meant this place. The only reason I went to “rescue” Nandi is because I saw good in her, I hoped she still had a bit of humanity in her. Seeing the good in people got me here.I close my eyes trying to calm myself down and ignore the heartache. I try so hard to focus on the good things that have happened in my life but I fail. All I can think of is the emotional, sexual and physical abuse I have encountered. I feel I was never meant to be happy. Maybe it’s time to accept that.Still wondering around my mind a door opens. Don enters looking all sad.“Your name is Aviwe right?” he asks. I keep quiet.“I know I deserve that.” I give him a blank stare. “I see you are awake, you’ll be fine in no time. I have the best doctors taking care of you. We have to talk. I need you to talk to me. I cannot do this alone.”“What can we possible talk about?”“May I sit?” he sits on my bed. “Where did you get the green spot on your bum.”“It’s a birth mark; where do people get birthmarks from?”“I have it too.”“I saw it.”“Only members of my family have that green birthmark.”“Oh,” I say not paying much attention.“It is from my greatest grandfather. It has been passed on from him to my generation. That green spot is one thing that makes my family different. It is a family mark. Only my family has it and I mean only my family,” he pauses and smiles a bit.

“My grandfather was a player; he had children all over South Africa. Because of his reputation women tricked him but they all failed. All my grandfather’s children have the exact green mark you have, that’s including my father. My father passed the mark to me and my late brother.” “Why are you telling me this?”“Aren’t you listening to me?”“Listening doesn’t mean I understand”“We are related kid. I don’t know how but that mark is my family’s mark.” I laugh so hard I forget I am hurt. My body burns like it’s going to tear apart. I cry painfully, the pain is unbearable. “Viwe, Viwe what’s wrong?” he calls my name panicking. “Doctor, somebody get a doctor!” he shouts as he runs out of my room. He comes back with 2 girls wearing lab coats. One girl is an Indian pushing a stretcher. The other girl is white; carrying a stack of papers. Don and the Indian girl put me on a stretcher and take me to a room full of machines. They lift me to another bed. I am starting to have hard time to breathe; I lift my head and see the bandage turning red. I am bleeding. Everyone in this room looks panicking. I bleed even more. They can’t stop the bleeding.Don leaves and comes back with some papers in his hands. He fumes with anger as he shouts at everyone asking what the hell they did wrong. The doctors take off the bandage, only to find out the stitches are torn. Especially those on my thighs and legs; I can see my own bone. There is no way out of this; with so much blood loss I am sure going to die. They have to stitch me again and that will take time. Time is one thing I don’t have. Don asks why they are keeping me awake. Why they haven’t drugged me? When he speaks everyone gets busy.“Start praying she doesn’t die in your hands, because if that happens I am going to kill each and every one of you,” he says with his calm but scary and commanding voice. The white doctor asks: “Who is she?““She is my daughter, damn it!”

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