Growing up

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Chapter Twenty Five

“Life is crazy, you know. It’s insane how unpredictable the future is. Who would have known that today I would be sitting next to someone called my daughter and praying for her dear life? I don’t believe what is written on that paper but hey, DNA test never lie: you really are my daughter. Look at you; look at your skin tone, your sharp nose and your personality. I guess something told me you are special and that’s why I did not pull the trigger. When I looked at you, you reminded me of when I was your age. You so confident, so stubborn, you would do anything to protect the people you love. That’s exactly your father. Now that I have found you I will protect you with my life. I know I don’t deserve anything from you; I put you in this bed, but I need you, I beg you to do one thing for me. Just breathe ok? I need you to keep that heart beating Aviwe. I need you to live; I need you to open your eyes. Even if it’s just one minute so I can tell you how sorry I am; how I wish I could turn back the days and undo everything. Oh God I cannot believe that I almost killed my own daughter.I wonder if you will ever forgive me for this.I wonder who your mother is.I wonder where she is,I wonder how come she never told me about you.I wonder how your life has been without a father.I wish I had known you sooner. Maybe I would have changed my ways. So many things would have been different. So I lost my only sibling and found you; if it’s not fate then what is it?“I hear this person saying these words from a distance. My eyes are closed and my heart is beating slowly. Then someone holds my hand and say: “You are going to be fine kid.” I notice that this someone is the same person who was saying this long speech; the voice sounds familiar but I am too tired to open my eyes.“How is she?” he asks.“She is recovering, she will wake up soon,” a female voice responds.”Good job everyone!”

“Thank you Sir, but you are the one who saved her life.”

“It was the least I could do; this is all my fault.”You should be proud Sir, you saved your daughter’s life and it’s never too late to change your ways.”

“Is God that forgiving?””Most definitely. God is always the answer. You have a daughter now. Things are supposed to be different.”

“I know.”

I wonder who this person that saved my life is and how did he save my life. I wonder how long I have been here; the last thing I remember I was bleeding to death; my skin was torn and I could see my own bones. I lost so much blood. I should not be alive. I try to open my eyes trying to see my life saver.”Doctor, doctor she is awake!” the same male voice shouts.

“Really?” the doctor replies and I hear footsteps coming my way.

“She is trying to open her eyes.” When I finally open my eyes I see Don sitting beside me and the white doctor.

“Hey,” Don says holding m y hand.”How are you feeling?” the doctor asks.

“Thirsty,” I swallow.

“I will get you something to drink.”Don comes back with a glass of water; he helps me to sit up and drink. The doctor does some check-ups and she says I am recovering. Then she winks at me and leave the room.”How are you feeling now?” Don asks putting the glass on the small table beside my bed. “Tired.” ”You are going to be alright,” he assures me. I keep quiet.”I will check on you later. What do you want for lunch?””Nothing. Thank you”.”Ok then. Before I forget, your grandfather sent you these.” He points at the beautiful flowers on the table. Then he takes the card and gives it to me. He leaves and closes the door.I open the card and read: “I wish you a speedy recovery my granddaughter. I am sorry we started on the wrong foot but you are family now; we will do everything in our power to protect you.Grandpa couldn’t be there as I have family business to attend. I wish I was there when you wake up but I know the best doctors are taking care of you.LoveGrandpa”I roll my eyes and put the card under my pillow. Where on earth do they get that I am their family?

After A couple of days I feel much better. My “babysitter” Anna, is really taking care of me day and night. She talks all the time. She would do anything for money. She comes in with breakfast. “Wake up girl; it’s a beautiful day,” she says with her fake English accent.

“Morning Anna.””How are you my, dear baby?””I am not your baby!””I was told to babysit you love!””Where is Don?””You mean your father?” I swear these people are hallucinating. I roll my eyes and take my food. “He had business to attend to but I think he is coming back today. Why?” she sits on the edge of my bed.”I am just asking. What are you doing here?””I am taking care of you!””No, I mean this place.” She raises her eyebrows and the glitter on her face fade. “Long story.””I have all day and night, and I need some fresh air.” She looks at me and laughs. That’s the Anna I know. “Do you know where you are! Where on earth can you get fresh air in this place?””Outside!” She laughs even louder, tears roll down her cheeks. “Oh God sorry. I just cannot help it. You are so funny or you really don’t know where you are.” A door opens and Don enters. Anna jumps from my bed and stand up straight. She looks down like a soldier.”Morning, did you girls have a good time?””Yes sir,” Anna replies.”Did you take good care of her?””Yes Sir.””Thank you Ann, but I am back now; she won’t need a babysitter anymore.””Yes sir!”

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