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I hope to spring a unique and different type of hero who is not perfect, but human enough to make mistakes and be understood for trying to make up for them in his own unique way.

Humor / Adventure
Wilson Jackson
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The Great Meteor Meteor as the science nerds call it changed everything. Though it missed the

Earth by ten football fields, the effect was ever lasting. The effect wasn’t anything devastating or

catastrophic. There was no zombie apocalypse, all the electricity was still intact, and alien races didn’t

inhabit the Earth. What did happen when the great meteor missed the Earth was a big flash of light

leaving everyone immobilized. Instead of earthquakes and other natural disasters, a rip in the time

fabric caused a time change and a culture shock that even the science nerds had a hard time trying to

explain. Half of the population got bored with all the scientific chitchat, so the politicians asked

the science nerds so simplify things.

Therefore, with the group feeling insulted, they just said that time stood still, which wasn’t a bad

thing, but wasn’t a good thing either. The bright light from the meteor made time stand still. Nobody

knew how long; seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and years were hard to calculate, but time

came to a stop. To make people feel better, the science nerds called it a rebirth and better things were

to come or so they wanted the world to believe.

Some people believed that the bright light lasted for a second, minute, or an hour. What really

happened according to the science nerds was that everyone was put in suspended animation. Several

years actually passed. After the assumption, a minor panic, well a big panic swept around the globe

because if that were the case, then they should have aged. A lot of people who were not science nerds

used this advantage to voice their own opinion, and that brought in religion. Enter the religious minds

to put in their two cents. The great meteor came to aid God in cleansing the Earth. Instead of a great

flood or the promise of fire the next time, only a flash of light was sent to give the world a new start.

All the religious leaders played their part in convincing their flocks that there was no need for death to

cleanse the planet of sinners, but just a purification and some people were happy with that assumption since no one really wants to die and those that do are well, crazy. Naturally, most people didn’t

understand what it meant to be frozen in time. That’s when the science nerds took their case to the

politicians. Science versus Religion was taken to capital hill. The politicians gave the science nerds the

stage again, but told them to explain to the world with out disrespecting the religious leaders. The

science nerds said the great meteor would bring a major change to the world. The first thing they had

to explain was what light does to the mind. When light enters the mind, it freezes you. Because it’s so

intense, you lose your train of thought and therefore you are paralyzed until your eyes can adjust, like a

flash from a camera. Some people bought into it because after all nobody wants to grow old except

maybe children.

2080 was now the year, the Great Meteor arrived in 2050, computers were reprogrammed, and for

some life went on as usual, except for the culture shock. Presidents, kings and queens, or what title

other leaders in their country held still had their place to give people a sense of stability, but all agreed

to have a council to make world decisions. The capital cities of each country would still be intact, but

each would have a head of the council representative. Another change that took place were some cities,

such as New York became New New York, New Chicago, and a few other cities joined the new phase

since things were now different. By now around the world prohibition gangsters were in full effect.

Another significant change is in the auto industry, cars from the 50′s to the present were being

manufactured with up to date technology under the hood. Furthermore as a result of the gang activity,

the police were more like mediators because of the thirties style of gang activity. When there were

shootouts, all citizens along with the police headed for safety until the violence was over. There were

more hits than a baseball game and none were more violent than Retro City (Charlotte, NC).

Retro City was a name change from a popular up and coming city in the south. They didn’t want the

New added, so they changed it altogether, and it was run by a crime family called the Brigand Band. J.

Paul Brigand and his family were in control of the bigger part of Retro, which was the North and

South, and despite having influence in the East and West part of the city, he gave those parts to the

Prohibitions and the Hip-Hoppers. The Hip-Hoppers represented the present with their up to date cars,

music, attire and were lead by a man called G. They were rivals to the Prohibitions. An Irish-Italian

family lead the Probonos, and the head honcho was known as Macone. Both answered to Brigand

until he died and now they answer to his children. Retro City was a city within a city, but still abide

by the rules of the great council like the other cities in the United States. But once again, the Great

Meteor changed everything.

Welcome to Gangland.

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