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Chapter 22

A song lyric by a famous rock star way back in the day said it best. Hurt so good I don’t

understand. Pone was pinned on the sofa bed in luscious lip lock and straddled by a tattooed

Gothic beauty. His nipples were caressed then pinched with just the right pressure to give a

pleasure sensation. The fore play technique gave a whole new meaning to pleasure and pain

and really had an effect on his friend down below. Every pinch was like an expand button

building pressure until his volcano erupted it’s lava of ecstasy for both participants.

The only problem was Queen drawing blood from Pone’s lips putting an exclamation

point on the night. Pone sat on the edge of the sofa bed examining the blood from his lip.

“What’s wrong, baby? Not satisfied?” asked Queen.

Pone didn’t dabble in sexual encounters often, and he was not a womanizer. He could

count on one hand how many times he’d been with a woman. Queen was not the only

woman. He had a few more one night stand. Queen was the one who took his virginity,

was she the one, could he make a life with a Goth. His heart raced when she was around

her, and his friend down below liked her a lot to get excited with-out his help. Pone was confused

because his friend down below got excited about other women as well; the ones in his circle,

but he would never have actual sex with them because it would really complicate things. Queen

was for now the only one he could have pleasure with and not feel guilty except for not seeing

her for two years. Pone shook his head and came back to reality, with his lifestyle who was

he kidding. Too many damn enemies, but then again a lot gangsters had wives, girlfriends,

mistresses and so on, but he was no longer a gangster, he was a self-proclaimed troubleshooter.

Queen was eccentric, she had an eerie Vampirella look about her, but a little rough around

the edges and she was into him. She could have had someone else to satisfy her needs and deep

down inside he hope in time she would find that some one and not him.

“Everything okay, babe?” She asked.

“Since when did you become a vampire?”

She looked away embarrassed. “Sorry, some-times I get carried away.”

“Other men, huh?”

“I ain’t a nun if that’s what you’re asking. But I’ll cut back on the blood lust next

time.” Queen sat up in bed. “There will be a next time, right?”

Pone didn’t answer.

“You motherfucker!”

Pone took a rabbit punch to the back of the head.

“What the hell!” said Pone. “Not if it’s going to be an abusive relationship.”

“Sorry, lost my temper.”

“Told you my life’s complicated.”

“So we’re right for each other?”

“We are unique people,”

Queen smiled. “Okay then … let me throw this at you. We don’t have to be seen in public;

I’m okay with being discreet. You know on the down low.”

“What, are we teenagers? Pone snorted. “I’ll think about it.”

“Do that, “ Queen hopped off the bed. “Right now I need to go to the bathroom and … “

“What you do in there is your business, okay?”

Queen giggled. “Sure you don’t want any details?”

“Way to kill the mood,”

“You are such a prude,”

“It’s call class.”

Queen rolled her eyes and left to handle her business. Pone relaxed on the sofa bed putting all the

women in his life in perspective. He eliminated Jade quickly, after all she was a college senior, but had

a mad crush on him. Every time she saw him when she got the chance she gave him a sucker punch

kiss. He told her how inappropriate it was, and she would always be a baby sister to him. Jade was

discreet around Birdie, but he was sure Birdie picked up the vibes from her younger sister. Pone hated

hearing the two argue because it always ended with Jade telling Birdie she was not her mother. Pone s

shook off Jade to concentrate on grown women.

Birdie, there were times they almost crossed that line, but Wisdom drew the line. He told Pone to

only think of Birdie as a sister. Don’t mess that up. Pone couldn’t help but wonder why Birdie hasn’t

fully committed herself to Antonio. Antonio was a good man, and he was head over heels in love with

Birdie. She always deflected the sound of wedding bells and Pone wondered if if was because of him.

Maybe if he committed himself to Queen, then maybe Birdie would jump the broom with Antonio and

start a family of her own, the clock was ticking and father time was creeping up on them. Then there

was Red; gorgeous, leggy, a goddess dating an elf. He did not grow up with Red

like he did with Birdie and Jade, but the first time they saw each other, something felt natural between

them. If he became serious with Queen then would that push Red deep into the pit-fall arms of her

little district attorney? District Attorney, . . .

“Oh shit!” said Pone. He quickly got dressed. Queen wasn’t back yet meaning she must be blowing

up the toilet. He looked around and saw a scratch pad on her desk. Pone left his number and an apology

and hoped she’d understand.

It was night and Pone was on the highway. He couldn’t shake Queen out of his head. He knew she’d

be pissed he didn’t stick around to say goo-bye, but he had to hit the road. He also realize it wouldn’t

work out and not because she was a Goth, but he thought about the first time they met in an exotic

dancing club. She wasn’t a pole dancer and she didn’t dance on the stage. Pone spotted Queen high up

in the rafters doing stunts on an over sized ring. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and not because of her

beauty, but he always admire athletes and not only was she athletic, she was a good performer. When

her act was finally over and they lowered the ring, Queen had noticed Pone eye-balling her through out

her performance. When she got on the floor she put on a robe and made a bee line to his table. She

asked him to bye her a drink and he did, The two of them talk long enough to feel comfortable to have

a one night stand and that was last time Pone saw Queen until today.

That trip down memory lane gave Pone an itch he had to scratch. The itch took him to a place of his

youth and also where he met Queen. Pone went where men like him go and face their worse fears,

some call it a gangsters Kryptonite; Broads and booze were the weakness of most men and though

Pone was not much of a drinker or womanizer, he didn’t cash in his being a man card yet. Lucille

cruised down Freedom Drive; destination the House of Chantel. You wouldn’t classify it as a bar and

Pone had no desire to go to a bar not that he would run into another Queen, he smiled thinking about

her. She did the job relieving him of any stress his body had. Yeah, it felt good being wrapped in a

woman’s arm; rolling around on top of one another made Pone feel like a new man. He planned on

making sure he would never have that long of a drought again. He had heard sex was a good stress

reliever, Pone usually handled stress hitting the speed and heavy bag or sometimes lifting his solo-flex

weights to get rid of it, but

sex took care of it this time, and he didn’t mind it one bit. He still had doubts about him and Queen and

he remembered Wisdom of all people telling him the best way for most men to find out if they are a

one woman man was to go to a rump shaking club and the House of Chantel was Pone’s favorite.

Pone spent little time in such establishments because putting money of women asses wasn’t

his thing, but when he did, he made the most of it. He met a woman and too him not just any woman

her name was Cassie, but her stage name was Cadillac. He met her before he met Queen in such a

place, but he did not have sex with her, but instead they rather fuck each others brain. Cadillac dance

and talked at the same time, she was putting herself through college and paid her tuition by shaking

her ass. She was five-eight voluptuous, raven hair beauty. Father black and mother Latino. Pone

sat at a table in a far corner which was a force of habit for men in his line of work. Never sit

with your back to the door. Pone was nursing a beer from the bar. He thought about his

memorable encounter while surveying the house of tease. Women still dance on a stage with

men throwing money at them and another tradition of women dancing on men at their table

giving them a face full of the goods front and back. He saw some men being taken to private

areas of the club for the so called VIP treatment. Twenty dollars a song. Pone laughed thinking,

some had better count their money. Pone had a few offers, but turned them away.

After a few minutes, Pone realized that he was not being himself and not because he

thought of Queen: he also realized maybe he was not into her after all; that he was a spur

of the moment man. He turned the bottle up to finish his drink. When he finally straightened

up, there she stood; thick shapely body, bootylicious, revealing melons and ruby full lips, and

raven hair in a bun leaning on his table dressed in heels and a sleeveless blue dress.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” said Cassie.

Pone smiled and cursed himself. She remembered him. “Sorry. I don’t want a dance.” Pone

got up to leave.

“Sit your ass down and don’t insult me.”

Pone nodded and sat. Cassie joined him.

“Listen, Cadillac … “

“I gave you my real name for a reason. Use it.”

Pone recognized something different about Cassie. Not only was she not half dressed

like the other dancers, but her attire made her look more business like.

“Cassie, I just dropped by to clear my head. I have some-where else I need to be.”

Cassie smiled and batted her eye-lashes. “Let me guess; you came here to see if this is you

and after a few minutes you realized this ain’t you.”

“You majored in psychology?”

“Business, but had a few classes and your body language … you’re not the only man to

come in here to test the water. You about to get married?”

“Sworn to fun loyal to none.”

“Liar,” She said in her soft-spoken voice. “You ain’t in love, and I feel sorry for the woman

that was your bed warmer.”

“Yeah, well I’m getting too old to come to a place like this,”

“But yet here you are,” She snorted. “Age gets us all. I don’t shake my ass anymore. I

told you I had goals.”

“That’s right … what’s going on with you?”

“Graduated grad school, got a loan from the bank and bought out the old owner.”

Pone raised an eye-brow. “You own … I thought you wanted to get away from all

of this?”

“Who better to run a place than a person who live the experience. I’ve seen how the

girls are treated and I can do more good by encouraging them to use this as a stepping

stone and maybe do what I did.”

“I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks dad.”

“You know what I mean,”

“Since I’m management, you get a free membership.”

“Cassie, I told you … “


“Well, bravo and nice seeing you. I better get going.” Pone stood to leave.

“Take out your cell,” said Cassie.

Pone didn’t know why, but did as he was told. He watched Cassie take out her cell and

did that thing he saw on a commercial where a cell touched another cell exchanging numbers.

Cassie did the same to his.

“Now you have my number. Don’t be a stranger.”

Pone nodded and left.

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