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Chapter 23

“You got some nerve getting me up at this hour,” said Red dressed in her Cream silk robe. She sat

at her dining table working the lap-top. “Give me the names again.”

“James Krasko and Roland White,” said Pone.

Red sipped her coffee. “What exactly are we looking for?

“All court cases dealing with criminals and their activities.”

The information appeared on the screen. “Is this what you want?” asked Red.

Pone saw the case file of both Krasko and White. “Shouldn’t the prosecutor be listed?”

“Yeah, so,”

“I don’t see a name.”

Red worked the keys.” Lap-top’s old. Give it some time,” she yawned.

“And the reason you haven’t gotten an upgrade or new one?”

“It’s sentimental. I Got it when I passed the bar.”

Pone knew that meant it was a gift from daddy dearest and he left it alone and decided to let the

little boy in him come out as he playfully started looking under the dining room table.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Looking for Maxwell.” Laughed Pone.

“Lay off him.”

“You weren’t lying when you said slept in the buff.”

Red smirked. “Like what you saw?”

Pone’s attention was back on the computer screen. “Shouldn’t take that long,”

“I take that as a yes . . .” Red studied Pone. “Are you glowing?”

“I’m a man.”

“And me don’t glow?”

“Not this man.”

Red sniff the air.

“I see a lot of dogs do what you just did,” said Pone.

“You’re my bitch,” responded Red. “Cheap perfume and cologne . . . cigarette smoke and liquor . . .

you were at a strip joint.”

Pone sniffed his jacket. “Rump shaking club to be exact,”

“What’s the difference?”

“To squash this debate before it gets started, black women have more ass than white women.”

Red frowned. “Just mean more gas in the ass.”

“Moving on,”remarked Pone.

“That’s not all is there?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You got some didn’t you?”

“Not from the club,”

“Who is she?”

“You need a new lap-top.”

Red shook her head. “Oh, Pony . . .”

Pone looked at the computer screen. “Motherfucker!”

Red gave him a look and Pone arched an eye-brow toward the screen.

Red looked and pursed he lips. “Sorry I got you into this.”

Pone wanted badly to touch Red. He looked into her icy blues and knew if he had, there would be

more than a touch going on between them.

“Poker, baby,” snorted Pone.

“Is everything a game to you?”

“I’m going to need an ace up my sleeves when I meet with the two kings.”

Red gave a dubious look. “Why do you want to meet with them?”

“After what we just saw, the stakes have gotten higher and I plan to cash in my chips.”

“You’re my guy . . . I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Red reached up to touch Pone. Her cell

went off beside her lap-top. “Hello . . . my God!” Red turned to Pone. “Shoot-out on North Graham.

Hip-Hoppers and Probonos.”

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