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Chapter 24

The pieces of the puzzle inside Pone’s brain were beginning to fall into place. Like any puzzle,

there’s always a piece that acts the fool. Unfortunately, two exasperating pieces were Prohibition

and Hip-Hopper. Pone arrived at the scene of the crime. Club Ecstasy was a rump shaking club on

North Graham and Statesville Avenue. The club was famous for black women with big ass booty.

Pone was glad to see the lieutenants showing solidarity reluctant or not they were standing

together like he asked them to. It was a long eventful night for Pone; he went from having sex with

Queen, took a trip down memory lane which he ran into the ambitious Cassie and then an excursion

with Red that would had probably ended with unexpected pleasure thanks to her cell putting a halt

to that. Yeah, his version of Charlie’s Angels. In one night he went from lead me not into temptation

to deliver us from evil, a la the Prohibitions and the Hip-Hoppers.

Pone parked and got out of Lucille then scanned the area. A few body bags handled by the

coroner, police weaved the yellow tape like a spider web around the crime scene. Pone stood with

Brown and Rudenbaugh, but before he could utter a word, RPD captain Lee E. Bolden intervened.

Bald on top, graying grass on the side, broad shoulders, barrel chest, soft, and round in the

middle all supported by stubby legs,. He wore a gray suit, white shirt, black tie, and loafers.

“Well, well, well, … the gangs all here,” said Bolden with hands on hips. “You know I

don’t mind you Hoppers and Probes taking each other out … In fact, I’m all for it, but that

few casualties so what shit is where I draw the line.”

Pone observe the crime scene thanks to the body bags and assumed the victims were innocents

caught in the cross-fire. He saw the perks, one hopper, and one Prohibition in hand cuffs that were

involved in the gun-play. He also realized that Red got the call from Bolden. He was a bent, but don’t

break kind of cop. He didn’t mince words when it came to the gangster world.

“You know the drill, some of your boys … “ Bolden motioned toward the two in custody. “Gonna

have to come down to the station for questioning,”

“You’ll have my full cooperation,” said Rudenbaugh.

“They need to man up to what they did,” said Brown.

Pone snorted. “You seem to have everything under control Captain. Mind giving us

a moment?”

“Sure, but you two,” Bolden pointed to Brown and Rudenbaugh. “Don’t forget I need to

see you down at the station.”

Both men gave sarcastic nods.

“Flat foots … can’t stand them,” said Rudenbaugh.

“Yo boys wanted to see some Red beans and rice, huh?” Gloated Brown.

“See, that’s the difference between us and you rug heads, see, we don’t shoot when you

come over to check out out goods.” remarked Rudenbaugh.

“So the shooting started over the wrong eye eye-balling some ass?” asked Pone.

“Some of my boys said it was mainly about the kids,” said Rudenbaugh.

Brown nodded. “You better solve this shit quick,”

“You two keep tighter leashes on your dogs.” said Pone.

“This won’t happen again,” said Brown.

“What he said,” remarked Rudenbaugh.

“Speaking of ending this thing, if I can avoid any more interference … “ Pone gave both men

a look.

“You mean?” asked Brown.

“Yeah, but this time it wasn’t from your neck of the woods.” said Pone.

“What the fuck are you talking about, Pone?” asked Rudenbaugh.

Pone waved him off. “I took care of it and in case you’re keeping score Brown is still

one up on you.”

“Why do I feel like the step-child here?”said Rudenbaugh.

“Like I said, I took care of it. But while I got you both here I need a favor.”

“Shoot,” said Brown.

“Tell your bosses to expect a call from Red to set up a meeting with me.”

Brown nodded.”G is getting pretty restless.”

“Same here, Mister M. don’t like sitting on his hands,” said Rudenbaugh.

“That’s why I need to meet with them to put them at ease,” said Pone.

Rudenbaugh nodded. “I’ll alert Mister M.,”

“G will look forward to hearing from you.”

Both lieutenants headed for Bolden who instead of going to the station waited around

for some reason.

“Brown,” Pone motioned to Brown. “Need to holler at you.”

Brown strode back over to Pone. “What’s going on?”

“Ella working tomorrow?”

“She ain’t yo type,”

“This is serious,”

Brown shrugged. “Think so,”

“Tell her I’ll be dropping by, need to ask something about Roland.”

“I won’t be there to chaperon.”

“I know how to treat women.”

Brown gave Pone a fist bump and headed back to Bolden.

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