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Chapter 25

A few casualties so what happened quite often when a drive-by took place as long as the intended

target had lead poison. After all, they were unexpected; getting lunch, after seeing a movie, a family

walking back to the car after shopping. It doesn’t matter if the bullet was meant for you. Everybody is

game when the bullet is in flight. In gangland, it didn’t matter as long as they got their message across.

Gang violence was a bitch especially to those who became victims.

Pone was on his computer. He didn’t care for lap-tops. He sat at his computer desk with the keyboard

on it’s pull out drawer and the mouse on a pad, he had received it from Newkadia comics for ordering a

comic book online.

Retro City dot Org. was the site for crimes committed long ago. It had archives of criminal element

from years ago despite the Great Meteor changing the time structure. The accurate time periods were

put together by the science nerds. Pone logged into the 2050 archives gang shoot-outs. He would have

asked Red, but he still had to regain her trust of not going off like she did the last time with

Crowe. No more leaking faucets. That was sloppy on her part, but she is only human.

Pone tapped into the listing of victims; Retro City paid tribute to the innocence of those who

lost their lives to drive by shootings. The list was long and in alphabetical order. Pone used his

gambler instinct; he typed the name Crowe into the rectangle search engine. A lot of Crowes

were on the screen spelled with and with-out the letter E. Fortunately, surviving relatives of the

deceased were also mentioned along with pictures. A lot of Harvey’s were also mentioned.

Thank God for photos; Pone saw a young Harvey Crowe and under the picture were names of

his deceased family along with a nickname of the dive by crime and the participants. In the

middle of the article were younger versions of Macone and G. Wisdom had spoken about

Black Halloween. A bloody gunfight took place that day between the Hip-Hoppers and

Prohibition. A lot of casualties from both sides and innocence also suffered in the bloodbath.

Old man Brigand stepped in after the carnage and had a meeting with Macone and G. The

two men knew that Brigand had resources, government resources and knew better than to

defy him after what happened to the Webb family. He gave them a simple options; leave, cease

to exist or pick a territory. Both men had strong roots in the city and didn’t want to uproot

their families. They both took the Hobson’s choice. Pone logged off his computer. He didn’t

drink beer or Irish cream except on holidays or most recently at the gentlemen club, but

he needed a drink. A strong drink.

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