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Chapter 28

“Motha fuck!” Roland put the cell in his pocket and punched a hole through the

decayed plaster.

“Hey! Don’t put this shit on me. You fucked up twice,” said Krasko.

“Where’s yo big man now?”

Krasko shrugged. “I called and he didn’t answer … probably got the long good-bye

… like your cousins.”

Before Krasko could swallow. Roland was across the room gripping him by the

throat. Krasko almost gagged inhaling the breath of death.

“Watch yo mouth sucka … “ A long icy stare followed the hip-hopper dialogue. “You


Roland threw Krasko on the sofa. Krasko waved a surrender and nod.

Remember what you said,” choked Krasko. Snorting out Roland’s breath.

“What you talkin’ about?”

“Split the money and haul ass. See I spoke a language we both understand.”

“That ain’t enough money.”

“You count it?”

“Don’t have to,”

“Look, I didn’t pay my man a dime, don’t know if he’s alive or what. I know you didn’t

pay your cousins since the money came after they died. Plenty of loot to split between us.”

Roland had no intention of paying his cousin’s a dime. In fact he hated his family. They

always put him down; saying he wasn’t shit, even called him a shit-ass and the only time

they respected him was because he enlisted in the army. He had to put on a uniform sporting

the stars and stripes on the shoulder before they could respect him. So fuck them. Little Bucky

had looked up to him once he got into the Hip-Hoppers click and wanted to follow his foot-steps.

It was easy to convince him and his make fast and easy money buddies to do his bidding. He

knew they had a slim chance to pull it off, but hell some-times we all get lucky once in a while,

but not Bucky and his friends. Then there was poor crack head Wanda. She had respect for him

before he went into the military. They were close because they were similar than any other family

member; not really good in school, destined to have humbling minimum wage jobs, paycheck

to paycheck living and never being able to get over the hump of leading a productive satisfying

life. She caught him in the act of doing some blow and wanted to give it a try, she told him she

liked the fact it took her out of the real world in which it did, but Wanda became too dependent

on it and Roland took advantage of her weakness especially when he found out she was

involved with the wannabe gangster Arnold Pratt. They both failed going up against Pone and ended

up dead.

Roland ’s glare was poikilothermic. “You don’t get it, we in the same boat. We murdered the

children of our former bosses. They probably don’t know we out of the joint. Either way, our

memberships been revoked. We are considered snitches because we got out early which means

we’re literally dead. This is all I’m good at, and I plan to be set for life.”

Krasko shook his head. “How do you plan to do that?”

“We gonna dust Pone’s ass.”

“You loose on the brains? I ain’t ready for no marble city,” said Krasko

“I done told you about talkin’ that probono shit to me.”

“Okay, marble city is the cemetery and loose brains means your ass is crazy!”

Roland pointed his finger. “Call me crazy again and I’ll kill ya. Pone don’t know what

we look like and he driving that big red ass truck makes him visible.”

“Got a lot of red trucks,” remarked Krasko.

“What I’m sayin’ is I can convince the man to pay us a million apiece for puttin’ Pone

to rest. I got to let him know we ain’t coming half-assed no more.” Roland noticed a

twinkle in Krasko’s eye. “See, you seeing what I’m talkin’ about.”

Krasko licked his lips. “A million bucks.”

“Yeah, man.” Roland snorted. “We can’t do this half-stepping if the man agrees to

do this,”

Krasko rubbed his chin. “That’s good and all and good luck, but just give me a small

portion and you keep the rest and drop me off at the nearest bus station.”

Roland flashed a yuck mouth smile. “We in this together motha fucka. I’m gonna

make us both rich, and you gonna thank me for it. So you just sit back, shut the fuck up

while I call the man, understand?”

Roland got out the cell.

“No problem Roe, I’ll wait in the kitchen.” Krasko gritted his teeth. He knew he couldn’t

take Roland in a fair fight. That breath would give him a big advantage and the guy was crazy

to think he could take out Pone. They were supposed to have a big pay day after blowing up the

kids and get the hell out of town, but instead were forced to stick around basically put a hit on a

former professional hit man and all three times turned out to be amateur night which ended bad for the

amateurs as far as Krasko knew. He and Roland had a hard enough time following the kids around and

got the break they needed to plant the bomb because of the crowded movie theater parking lot and all

the patrons were busy watching their movies till they let out. Krasko thought that would be the end of it

and then sit back for the big pay day. Now Roland wanted to be a millionaire and he believe he could

be one by offing Pone. He’d have better luck getting that million by reviving that game show who

wants to be a millionaire. What made matters worse he was involving him again. Being around Roland

made Krasko feel as if he and Roland were conjoined twins and he could imagine that could not be a

good feeling for those unfortunate twins not being able to separate and live separate lives. Krasko

leaned on the kitchen counter out of Roland’s view.

There was a big bag full of loot in the middle of the living room. Enough to split between the

two of them. All he wanted was a small portion. Krasko came from a poverty stricken family. A drunk

out of work father and a mother with barely a high school education working below minimum wage

jobs. His father died a drunk and his mother soon after from depression and heart failure. She gave her

son the only advice she could and that was to finish high school and go into the military. She knew her

son was no scholar, but the military could only help him to a better life than what they had given him.

Krasko had his on ambition and he knew he wasn’t college bound, but he did pay attention to the local

gangsters that would sometimes come through his neighborhood and he liked what he saw so he used

the military to gain access as the Prohibitions bomb man. He felt since he came from nothing that

he didn’t need but a small portion of the money, in fact any amount would be more than he had when he

was a kid going to bed hungry and what food they did have his drunken father devoured and to stay

another day, night, minute, or even a second in a house that was no better than the house he grew up in

… well at least it wasn’t smelly and decayed like this dump. His childhood house was a shack, but

certainly not a dump like this ancestry. Krasko just wanted enough to be comfortable and White could

have the rest, but no, dragon breath wanted to be a millionaire and putt them both in more danger trying

to convince the man they could kill Pone for more money.

Krasko pounded the counter. He’d had enough of living in a barn of a house not fit for an animal,

eating greasy smelly seafood every night in a place that made Sleepy Hollow look like a vacation

paradise. It was definitely time to separate. Krasko saw the butcher knife on the edge of the sink and

grabbed it.

Roland was deep into his conversation with the man. He didn’t hear Krasko approaching

him from behind holding the knife above his head like that silhouette shadow in the movie

Psycho. He was too occupied trying to convince the man that they could kill Pone but needed to be

paid well for doing it. Before Roland could utter another word.------ THUNK!

The phone fell to the mildew floor and Roland sunk slowly behind it in shock. He made

no sound despite the knife plunging deep into his back. Teeth gritted and a vice grip on the knife

handle along with bulging angry eyes gave Krasko the strength to end their alliance. A deep exhale

and he released his grip on the knife.

“How you like that you dumb fuck?” said Krasko observing the planted knife in Roland’s spine.

“Should have split the damn money, but no you wanted to bite off more than you could

chew. Well, now the money’s mine.”

Krasko sniffed and frowned. Jesus … the guy smelled worse dead than he did when he

was alive. Something must have crawled inside the bastard and died a long time ago. Krasko

knew that Roland kept the keys to the truck on him. Krasko searched the body and found the

keys in the front right side pocket. He then grabbed the money bag about to walk out of the

door when he heard a voice calling out Roland’s name. He stomped the cell cutting off the

connection, then he hit the road.

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