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Broken Dreams

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Kerry had just spent the last two hours arguing with her stepmother.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

Kerry had just spent the last two hours arguing with her stepmother. Now she stood with her hands shoved angrily into the pockets of her very expensive jeans, which she had bought a few days before from her favourite clothing store’s sale, frowning sulkily as she prepared to make her stand.

“I am not a child and I’m certainly not yours! You are absolutely nothing to me but a heartless, scheming cow who wormed her way into my father’s affections. You broke up my parent’s marriage and I hate you!” she screamed, her face turning red as her whole body shook with anger.

Stamping her foot and not waiting for an answer, she turned quickly racing upstairs to her bedroom, where she proceeded to slam the door in a defiant outburst of rage. When things went wrong she always resorted to playing her music and today was no exception. She found that the louder she played the music, the more relaxed she became. It did not really matter what she played as long as it was super-loud. She then slumped down on her bed staring miserably at her Blackberry. What now? She had been so excited when a group of the popular kids had stopped to talk to her as she was just about to go to her next class – something that had never happened before. She was used to being ignored or overlooked when it came to socialising and chatting with this particular group of girls and this made her feel suddenly very special.

“You’re the Ballerina aren’t you?” One of the girls had asked, looking her up and down - a slight smile on her beautifully shaped mouth. “Have you ever thought of trying another type of dancing or aren’t you interested?” she asked drawling slightly.

“Like what?” She said as she twisted the straps of her school bag tightly round and round her suddenly shaking hands.

At that the other girls had laughed loudly until frowning slightly at them, their leader had signalled the group to be quiet with an impatient flick of her wrist. She had then turned back to Kerry. “Well, like club dancing. We are all going to Bump 24; it’s a new club that’s opening up in Durban on Friday night.”

“Oh, by the way I’m Lee and you are …?”

“I’m Kerry” she had faltered and then breathless with excitement she added

“I would love to go with you guys thanks so much!” After taking down their numbers she watched them saunter giggling down the corridor.

On cloud nine, she turned and hurried off to her next class, all the time reliving the encounter. The rest of the day had passed in a dream and a feeling of anticipation – that is until she arrived home and tried her best to get her stepmother to agree to her plans for Friday night’s fun!

After that it had all gone downhill. She thought back over the argument in despair. She hated fighting, but these days - ever since her father had married ‘that woman’ it seemed as if it was all that she ever did. She sighed again; she hadn’t meant to tell the silly old bag, anything (as she privately thought of her stepmother) - it was just that she had been so excited about the invite and the feeling of being recognised by the most popular group of girls at school, that it had just kind of come bursting out of her.

Picking up one of her small scatter cushions she buried her face and started to cry softly as she wondered when her dad would be home. Maybe, she said to herself - maybe I can convince Dad to let me go!

Just then her phone began to ring and jumping up quickly, she turned the music down, perching on a stool near the dressing table. She snatched it up as she answered after the first ring, clearing her throat “Hello”

Over the line came her mother’s carefree voice “Hi darling how are you?” Then, hardly pausing for her daughter’s response, she rushed on “Look darling, I’m in a bit of a hurry but I wanted to catch up with you. How is it going with your father and his new wife? What’s her name again?”

Kerry groaned. The last thing she felt like was talking to her mother about her stepmother.

“Rose Mom - it’s Rose and I - I really don’t feel like talking about her”

“Why not darling? What has she done now?” her mother’s voice suddenly sounded irritated and a little upset.

“Well, I was invited to go clubbing with some of the popular girls” - she could hear mother’s indrawn breath, but ignoring it she hurried on, “So anyway I said ‘yes’ ”

“You what!” her mother exploded.

“I said yes. I don’t see why I can’t go! They are lovely girls and they come from good homes. After all I am sixteen and it’s not as if I would do anything stupid. I will be very careful. I am tired of being the class nerd just because I never go anywhere or do anything.” Here she stopped, partly because she was out of breath and partly because she had started crying again.

“Don’t cry Kerry please - just take a deep breath and tell me everything”

And so she did, starting at the very beginning, she began.

“I bumped into a group of girls outside my Biology class and they invited me to go dancing with them at this new club that’s just opened up.”

Her mother’s voice interrupted her “When?”

“This Friday and they are really nice girls. Oh moms please, please say yes” - she didn’t know what she was going to say to Lee if her mother said ‘no’ to her request. She felt sure that she would never be able to face them again. Back to ‘nerd-ville’ for sure!

“Well darling I, I really don’t know … and what do you know about these girls?” her mother’s voice was soft, hesitant and suddenly very anxious.

Swiping angrily at her still streaming eyes Kerry replied “Both of Lee’s parents are on the board of directors for the school and Jenny Ford’s father is the chief of police; I am not too sure what the other girls’ parents do, but I’m sure they also have respectable jobs. I could find out for you if you want. It won’t be a problem. I don’t think so anyway.”

Her mother cleared her throat then said “And your father and Rose, what do they think?”

Sighing heavily Kerry twisted a strand of hair back behind her ear, then muttering slightly she replied “Dad isn’t home yet and Rose thinks that I’m too young to be going out with my friends to any club”

Taking another deep breath she continued “Oh please mom, please say yes. All that we will be doing is dancing because they don’t allow any alcohol to be served to minors and I promise that we will stay inside the whole time.”

Laughing slightly her mother said “Oh well I suppose you have to grow up sometime or other. I’ll speak to your father about it but in the meantime I want both Lee and Jenny’s phone numbers.”

Kerry smiled and suddenly she was laughing “Oh thank you, thank you mom, you won’t regret it I promise you.”

After saying a hurried good bye, she flopped down full length on her bed, her hands behind her head and a satisfied smile on her full lips.

She was wondering whether she should invite Dave who was in her grade, but not in her class. Just the thought of him made her grow weak with anticipation. He had paid her several compliments at the last school disco and they had almost kissed behind the girl’s toilets but then at the last minute she had got scared and had pulled away leaving him standing embarrassed and slowly turning a bright shade of red. She had expected him to ignore her after that, but he hadn’t and now they were more than friends, chatting together when opportunity allowed. Well, she thought. There’s no harm in trying. Whoever doesn’t try, certainly does not win! And Dave certainly was a catch with his dark hair and blue eyes.

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