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Poop 2

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poop:so spoon why the moment of weakness i had great hopes for you lets see if youre still the man i hoped you were haha, poop! john:[mocking cahrlie] taste it [john licks it a little and turns away in disgust, then looks back at the piece of poop and pops it in his mouth] I would not recommend it.

Humor / Other
Peter Schultz
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Finger Licking Good


Part 1/Chapter 1

..-----------Finger licking good-------------

[inside a small bathroom with 1 stall and 1 urinal, the lights are

tinted blueish and flickering]

[mark whalberg[MW] is in the corner knocked out, he wakes up and a tv

turns on and a talking poop speaks in a high pitched voice].....

Poop:so mr whalberg youre finally awake, thats good now we can get down

to bussiness.

[mw wakes up and looks around]

MW: where am i? is this a [puts his hand up and in a toilet] a

bathroom? thats sick, who put me here?

Poop:it was me Mr.whalberg me, poop jordan, do you remember a week ago

you were approached by SHP productions to make the life story of the

new kids on the block?

Mw: yeah i turned them.....

poop:[angrily] down Mr.whalberg, you turned them down that makes me

angry, VERY ANGRY. Mark have you ever seen an angry piece of poop? have


MW:no I havent, and i dont think i want to.

poop:No you dont now heres what were going to do, [Mark hears a loud

moan coming form behind the wall]

Poop:the toilet behind you is empty, ignore the sound for now lets talk

about the room, its connected to a tank with 2 tons of poop if you dont

fill the toilet up with 5 pounds of poop in 1 hour the room will fill

with poop and you will DIE BY THE POOP, MY POOP.[evil laugh]

MW:so all i have to do is poop alot? thats not fair i havent eaten

anything all day.

Poop:POOP ISNT FAIR!!besides if it was that easy it wouldnt be any fun,

no you also have been pumped full of exlax so youre poop becomes all

watery and it will take more to weigh down the toilet, oh and you cant

flush either [a high pitched laugh]

MW:but what do i eat i dont have anything in my stomach?

poop:well i can solve that problem all you have to do is fight off the beast Fatamanda, you can have access to all her mac and cheese and all

you have for weapons is this new born baby, a rhino horn, and a finger!

its up to you know how to use them.

[a door opens and MW sees a beast of a woman sweaty from head to toe

chowing down on chicken wings and cheese she notices fresh meat and

sniffs the air]

poop:better hurry mark shes caught your scent

MW:ok think [hits himself in the haed] if she thinks im a rhino she

might be as curious [puts the rhino horn on, Fatamanda notices the horn

and looks intrigued not hungy]

MW:now what i only have a finger and a baby left what could i do with a

finger[sniffs it] eew why did i do that? [licks it] WHY DID I DO THAT??

[notices Fatamanda looking at the baby and licking her lips and gets an


MW:you want a meal you beast? here you go! [slides the baby across the

floor to Fatamanda she picks it up and starts chewing on it] shes

distracted now what do i do with the finger?

[flashback to talking to a worker at walmart]

worker:so i fingered her but so shed get off me

MW:why again?

worker:for self defense!

[flash to present]

MW:[looks at finger] shes distracted with the baby carcus ill put the

finger in her ass now [sneaks behind Fatamanda and finds her butthole]

here goes nothing [rams the finger in her ass]

[the beast rises from the floor turns twoards MW and raises her arms as

if to strike him down but falls asleep and starts falling in his

direction, realizing if she falls on him hed either die or drown in

poop in 1 hour he rolls out of the way just in time]

MW:thank josh im ok

[the poop comes back on]

poop:very good you navagated that trap very well, now turn around and

see what you have to eat Mr.Whalberg.

[MW turns around and sees a wall of mac and cheese]

MW:oh josh! i have to eat all this to poop?

[MW starts eating then fade to 55 minutes later]

MW: oh god im no where near what i need

[the tv comes back on and the talking poop begins]

poop:times up Mr.whalberg and you havent filled youre toilet, the room

will fill with poop shortly, good bye Mr.whalberg

MW:i can still poop, please gine me some more time, please?

Poop:poop? you havent seen poop yet!

[flaps open on the walls and poop floods the room drowning mark in


[fade out/fade in a door opens and the river of poop floods out of the

room a lone figure stands knee deep in poop bends down scoops up a

handfull of poop and tastes it, looks at the camera for a close up, its

jordan knight, he looks into the camera]

Jordan Knight:MMMMMMMMM tastes funk, a funky bunch of poop! Now its

your turn danny wood, hope you like banannas. [jordan does an evil high

pitched laugh]

end part 1

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