The Dream Wedding

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Ever dream of the perfect wedding? WRITING CHALLENGE! “Pretend every word is GOLD! Now write like a miser. Can you do it? Can you write a complete short story with a beginning, middle and end using no more than 400 words?” Take the challenge, post your story, and add a link to the "Writing & Editing" group at :

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The Whole Story - All 399 words

I many reasons not to attend the wedding, but none were enough to overcome my sense of obligation.

I knew the bride both in the social and biblical sense. We had once been secret lovers. It was an intense affair which burned so hot that it consumed itself within a week.

Affairs built on lust and desires were like that. Once lust was satisfied, and desire fulfilled, there is nothing left for tomorrow. Then the tomorrows stopped happening.

Back in college, I had been a drinking buddy of the groom. I thought history required my attendance.

I adjusted my tie and walked into the church.

As luck and poor planning would have it – I was too early by 30 minutes.

Sitting in the pew, I killed time and fought to stay awake. I did long division in my head.

I drifted mid-way between slumber and wakefulness. It was a place where lucid dreams happened. Dreams which I could control.

I dreamed about the wedding which had not yet happened.

Dreaming in the twilight zone is fun. I could freeze the clock and walk about like an invisible time ghost. Now and then I would stop and look into the eyes of the players and listen to their thoughts. You can do that kind of stuff in dreams if you want.

I let time slip forward and would hit pause, then rewind to catch a missing word or thought. I would examine expressions and glances for deeper meaning.

Playing with time was fun.

“Do you take [fill in the blank] as your lawfully wedded wife?”

Click! I listened to the thoughts of my old friend.

“Her old dad is super rich and deathly ill. When he dies, I got it made!”

My old buddy was a gold digger.

I floated above the assembled guests.

Hey! This is my dream, and I’ll fly if I want to.

Next, I stood next to myself and listened to my thoughts.

“Why am I here? They only invited me for a wedding gift, and I didn’t have the guts to decline.”

I merged with my doppelganger as I shook myself awake.

Looking at my watch, I still had a couple of minutes before the wedding started.

I stood up and quietly walked to the back of the church and was stopped by an usher.

“Are you leaving?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” I said walking toward my car.

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