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Thick as Thieves

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They say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die. Finnick Hollins might be finding that out the hard way. If you would have asked me when I was five years old if I thought that, three days before my twenty-fifth birthday, I would be standing in a stranger's house with a Glock 7 being shoved into the left side of my temple, I would probably have said no, assuming my five-year-old mind could comprehend such a question. Ask me that same question one decade later and I probably would have given it fifty-fifty odds. Ten lousy years and everything changed. The man with the gun can see I'm thinking a little too intensely at the moment and pushes the compressor a wee-bit harder into the side of my ol' brain cave. “Give me the code,” he keeps saying to me. “Give me the goddamn code.” The corpse lying face down on the floor in front of me has a small trickle of blood worming its way south from the sizable hole where the back of the man's skull was just minutes before, and into the confluence of the warm and sticky crimson river slowly inching its way towards my feet. And here I am with new shoes on. The man with the gun sees the blood flowing near and takes two steps back, the Glock circling around my head and now being pointed at the base of my spine. He tells me to give him the code again..

Humor / Action
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“It’s all about playing the man, not playing the game.”

-Master Con Man Simon Lovell

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