BENNETT - Part 2 of the HMB Doggie Series

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Chapter 15

It takes only half a second to realize I don’t have a 200 pound sack of douchebags on my back. I guess my brain is sharper when under extreme duress. Who knew?

It takes me a little bit longer to register what I’m seeing when I finally disengage my face from the cement.

Bennett’s usually blue, kind face is a snarled mask of fury. His lips are pulled back exposing the most terrifying set of teeth I will ever see in this lifetime. When he snaps his jaws spittle flies across the pavement. His hackles are raised, making him look twice his actual size…and that’s saying something. His growls are so loud I notice a few distant porch lights flip on as people start to wonder what all the commotion is about.

Drew is laying on his side, one hand trying to keep himself upright while the other is holding his shoulder. His shoulder and fingers are crimson. He’s kicking his feet out and I think my blood hits its boiling point when one of his boots connects with Bennett’s face. Bennett doesn’t even blink. He just continues his assault.

I, on the other hand, leap to my feet and charge in like Mel Gibson, broken arm be damned.

“How dare you kick my dog!” I scream as I kick out my own foot and knock his supporting arm out from under him. “How dare you insult Kim!” I kick again, satisfied to see it connect with his groin, which has thankfully shriveled into the pinky-dick it probably is. “And how dare you put your hands on me!” My kick to his face has him flat on his back, barely moving and moaning in pain.

Bennett has stepped aside but he’s watching this interaction with focused ferocity, ready to pounce back in should I need him.

“I should fucking kill you for what you’ve done!” I hear sirens in the distance but that doesn’t stop me. I’m too focused on Drew. “You think what happened is my fault?! That just shows how fucked in the head you are! Your father almost killed me! And you get all bent out of shape because I took your cozy little future?!” I’m so lost in my rage I’m actually seeing spots. “And what?! You thought raping and killing me would somehow bring you closure?”

I charge for my purse, shaking hand grabbing for my pepper spray. I figure I could just lie to the police that I used it before my dog and I kicked the crap out of him. Since I don’t know how to punch, and since my right arm is broken, this is my next best option.

I turn around and see Bennett staring at Drew, low growls vibrating the night air. Drew looks terrified, more of the dog then me, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. His nose is broken and bleeding. His shoulder sleeve is striped to tatters, much like his skin underneath. One hand is clutching his balls.

I laugh as all the fight leaves my body.

“You’re fucking pathetic,” I say. “Bennett, lets let the police finish this. He’s not worth our time.” I kick a spray of rocks and dirt, happy to see it spew all over Drew. He coughs and sneezes like the little sissy he is.

Bennett “woofs” loudly and walks towards me.

I’m going to sit, pepper spray at the ready in case Mr. Shriveled Nuts decides to make a cameo, when movement flashes in my peripheral vision.

What just happened? I feel funny and not in a good way. I look down to Bennett howling like his tail’s on fire.

An evil grin is spreading across Drew’s face.

“Welcome home, bitch.”

A swirl of black fur explodes around me and all I hear are screams and snarls as I fall ass-flat on my back.

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