The Day I Turned Blue!

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I felt something gurgling in my stomach and I rush to the restroom to see what happened, but as I was about to approach the restroom I noticed something strange in the hallway mirror and when I looked This is about 10 years old Max and his dad who's a scientist who created a substance that once you put it in a fruit or vegetable and you eat it.It turns you into the same color of the fruit or vegetable. But Max didn't know THAT!!!

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Oh The Weirdness

Hi, my name is Max and I think my family is WEIRD! I mean my little sister Emily will always pinch me so hard and pull my hair just for nothing! And my mom she is good but she doesn’t know how to end a joke and always pinches me so hard on my cheek just like my dad, aunt, and uncle! I mean whats up with my family and PINCHES! But I guess my dad isn’t that bad.The good thing about him is he’s a SCIENTIST which I always wanted to be! And another thing is that he tells me everything about his experiments except for the one he’s working on right now, but I bet it’s harmless.

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