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What do you get when you mix an arrogant superstar, a cocky teenage heartthrob and an ordinary high school? Alexis Taylor is one of the biggest superstars Hollywood has seen till date. She's got it all, the talent,the looks and the fame which she wouldn't give up for the world. But when she's given an opportunity to star opposite Hollywood's Heartthrob Cole Walker in a project where the both of them have to go undercover in a regular high school, she can't possibly say no. After all she's spent most of her life playing the mean cheerleader or the nerdy new girl who falls in love with the most popular and athletic boy who every girl wants. Now finally given a chance to see all those stereotypes in real life,it's something she just can't miss. But she's in for a real surprise. In Greendale High School the cheerleaders aren't even close to being mean, there is not a nerd in sight and the popular boy can't flirt at all and is no where close to being athletic. After all it's easy to pose as someone else but it's almost impossible to be candid.

Humor / Romance
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Take One

“I love you Kiara.” Aaron said taking me into his arms.

Oh bite me.

“I love you too Aaron.” I say,“I want to stay here in your arms forever."

Oh shit this dude is suffocating me. Can’t breathe- need air-


I immediately pull away from him and take a deep breath of air but that backfires big time when instead all I get is a lungful of my stupid co-star’s suffocating cologne that makes me start to choke.

“Amazing isn’t it?” Patrick Daten says,“Its my new line of men’s cologne called The Patrick.”

I’m still too busy choking on The Patrick to actually give him a response which would probably consist of kicking Patrick in his tiny little Patrick but thankfully for him my assistant, Danny, quickly hands me my robe pulling me a safe distance from him.

“Get me away from this moron before I end up killing him.” I mutter to her and she quickly nods and leads me to my chair near the director.

“That was a great scene guys!” Our director Jason Radnor starts. He’s probably a pro at this now, making cliché high school movies that is. He’s made at least fourteen of them and for some reason he never gets tired of making the exact same thing over and over again.

It’s always the same story: the player/bad boy/other stereotypical hot boy falls in love the quiet girl much to chagrin of the perfect and bitchy cheerleader.

Nowadays probably the biggest twist in the tale was the fact that the boy was a vampire or a werewolf or some other supernatural creature while the mean girl was a witch or something, who secretly had warts which she covered up with magic. Eventually the fragile human main character came to know the truth about the witch the next natural step would obviously make the witch resort to killing the puny human girl.

Yeah, zero to hundred pretty quick.

That plan never worked out well considering the fact that the dashing hero always came to the rescue of the fragile human girl, killing the evil warty witch.

Oh give me a break.

Here is a suggestion to wicked witch with the warts: Go to the dermatologist. I’ll give you her number she works wonders on my face.

I mean seriously how much worse can her warts be than those monstrous puss balls that they call zits which just randomly appear on my face?

And here is a suggestion to the sexist shit who wrote the script: You deserve to be eaten by a hundred witches and warlocks with warts on their faces.

I mean seriously does the film world completley forget the fact that men can have acne too?That and why should only the warty witches get to eat the humans? I’m sure they’d be happy to have some warlock company too.

In fact they can all sit around a fire sing campfire songs about stupid fragile girls who can’t seem to defend themselves and stereotypically perfect boys with no flaws whatsoever which I suppose you can only find in high school.

I’m in Hollywood and I can’t seem to find a single boy who actually has a personality to match with his looks. I suppose you only find the best boys in high school and nowhere else.

For anyone who looked below thirty in Hollywood has at least done one high school movie in their career. Since I was seventeen and I’d been in this industry ever since I was ten, I’d practically done nothing but high school movies.

Sure I got the occasional action film where I had to act as someone’s daughter who usually got kidnapped or some odd fantasy movie, but in the end it all came down to me being a teenager falling in love with someone in high school.

High school was described as this great place where everything happened. I mean it had to have something about it, if hundred year old immortal vampires and super-powered witches who could do whatever they wanted and go wherever they wanted, decided to stay and attend high school.

I guess trying to stay awake during classes and not letting other people sit with you in the cafeteria gave them a high like nothing else.

It all seemed stupid to be honest.

But I suppose all movies and books can’t be wrong. It’s probably what was happening in real life.

Cheerleaders were backstabbing bitches, any girl who wore huge glasses and read books was a nerd and if you’re a boy and you’re athletic you’re most definitely a heartbreaker.

“Lex.” Jason waves his hand in front of me and I break out my thoughts snapping at him,“What?”

He rolls his eyes knowing I’m dysfunctional after two am in the morning and paying attention was out of the question. The only thing I could do was somehow manage to act because of years of late night shoots and rehearsals.

“You have to do the kissing scene again.” He says,“I didn’t get enough depth the first time.”


I am not kissing that slobber factory again. Nothing. Nothing can make me do it again.

The kiss in question was the main scene of the movie where the popular boy accepts the girl in front of the entire school by kissing her in front of everybody.

The very very deep and passionate kiss (yeah because normal people love to get deep and passionate in front of a bunch of people) lasts for an entire minute with rotating cameras, heart shaped balloons and everything.

Now just kissing someone who I had no feelings for would make me unsettled, but couple that with the cheesy music playing in the background and weird pink lights and the fact that it was in front of strangers was just uncomfortable. I’d gotten used to it by now but that didn’t necessarily mean I liked it.

But adding Patrick to the equation was just making it worse.

Patrick looked amazing. His blonde hair, his blue eyes and his five and a half pack was definitely something that I added to the list on the list of PROS.

He probably had one of the biggest followings in the industry too, and who could blame them really? Patrick was extremely photogenic and with a touch of magic from the fairy godmother known as Photoshop his five and half pack became a solid six with the perfect tan to compliment it.

I’d admit when I first got signed opposite him, I was excited. Patrick wasn’t a bad actor, I’d seen a couple of his movies and I’d lie if I said that I didn’t pause and stare for longer every time a shirtless picture of him popped up.

But then I actually met Patrick.

Our first meeting consisted of him checking me out head to toe with his gaze fixed on my chest for an uncomfortable period of time. He then looked up and smirked at me and had said,“Oh yeah babe. You’re definitely on my list.”

And then he winked and walked away.

For a second I was too shocked to even figure out what had happened, but when I finally understood that the list was Patrick’s very own list of bangable chicks, I almost killed him.

It wouldn’t even be that hard; the sets were filled with all kinds of dangerous sharp objects, I could definitely make it look like an accident.

But then Leah my PR manager told me that she’d in turn kill me if she had to deal with a mess that big, I reconsidered.

So I cut my losses and decided that it was either tolerate Patrick or get sent to juvie where I’d have to wear those ugly jumpsuits which would definitely not suit my skin tone. But even now, three months after this entire debacle, I couldn’t get myself to like him.

Talking to him and telling him to stop being such an idiotic pig would be pretty pointless considering the fact that he was dumber than a doorknob. Plus he had the biggest ego when it came to girls because no one had actually ever said no to him.

It’s a universal fact that if a hot guy winks at you, it’s totally awesome; but if a guy with a little too much acne or maybe big glasses does so then it’s disgusting and demeaning.

Talk about the biggest double standard ever.

Unfortunately though I was a part of the double standard brigade as well. Patrick may have been a sexist pig who couldn’t kiss, but he was a good looking one. Moreover, it never hurt to have someone good looking a short of distance away just for observing of course!

But that was it. No kissing. No flirting and no talking. Simply admiring the art, no getting up close and personal with it.

The first time kissing him had been a nightmare enough, I don’t think I’d be able to handle the trauma of a deeper kiss.

“More depth?” I ask,“If you make me stick my tongue down his throat any further, he’ll choke.”

“Don’t worry babe I can handle a vixen.” Patrick says and then winks at me.

My mouth drops open and I turn to Jason,“Are you kidding me? You’re going to make me do this kiss scene again? With him?”

As hot as Patrick was, he was thankfully just as stupid. I’d probably call him a baboon’s butt to his face and he wouldn’t realise I was insulting him.

Thank God for that! The last thing I needed was a set of his crazy fans hating on me.

“I wasn’t feeling it.” Jason shrugs,“I need more passion. More love.”


Are you kidding me right now? The only reason I haven’t killed him yet was because of how much I was earning.

And how much I was earning was directly proportional to the new dresses and shoes I would buy or better yet get to endorse. Like the new Valentino collection, good lord I would literally kill for it (preferably kill Patrick for it) but I hardly think I’d be able to sweet talk Valentino into letting me model for the new line once my skin breaks out due to the eating all the crappy jail food.

But scarier than being put l and being forced to wear orange jumpsuits by giving up all my pretty clothes was facing my PR manager.

Now that put the fear of God into- wait God! Brilliant.

Oh God I know you’re probably busy playing candy crush on your iPad right now but it would be awesome if you help me get out of this sticky situation.

In fact it would be absolutely divine.

“Lex, I need you to-”

I nearly cry with relief as Alex steps into view. I suppose twin telepathy worked only when the other was in great danger and kissing Patrick again definitely qualified.

“Al!” I jump and hug my twin, wrapping my arms around him.

He’s clearly taken aback by my sudden surge of affection and he just stands there in shock. I don’t blame him really, usually our greetings went along the lines of me flipping him off or arguing about the fact that I was totally the Supreme Commander and the one in charge because I was two minutes and thirty one seconds older than him which naturally made him my slave.

As you would have probably guessed, Alex didn’t feel the same way. But I would win the argument almost always because Alex would just give up half way through.

“Hey sis.” Alec says patting my back awkwardly,“I missed you too?”

Although Alex wasn’t an actor, everyone loved him. It was kind of annoying really, the way all the directors, assistants, PR managers doted on him. All he had to do was bat his eyelashes and pout like a freaking puppy and the world would be at his feet.

You’d think the fact that I was the one who was actually doing all the work would actually make a difference right?

It didn’t.
Not even a little bit.

Couldn’t act my ass, he didn’t want to act. He maybe a puppy in front of them but he was Satan’s minion when we are alone.

“Oh Alex you’re just in time to watch the kissing scene again.” Jason says,“We were planning on more depth and passion.”

“Yeah Patrick likes passion.” Patrick thought out loud,“Patrick can do passion.”

Patrick needs to stop referring to himself in third person. Patrick won’t be able to do anything without his legs or his di-

“Alexis needs to give into me more.” Patrick suggests turning towards me,“Let me take the lead babe.”

“Excuse me?” My eyes narrow,“Let you take the lead? My kissing skills are far-”

“Haha.” Alex laughs nervously nudging me,“I’m sure you’re good Patrick. But please do refrain from talking about shoving your tongue down my sisters throat. Jason, is there anyway you can make the previous shot work?”

“But it’s too tentative!” Jason begins,“It’s not filled with a lot of longing-”

“Exactly. Which is why it looks so real. I mean she’s obviously shy and unsure about her feelings, isn’t she?” Alex says,“It’s her first kiss and she doesn’t know how to kiss, so she has to be hesitant.”

Jason looked at Alex thoughtfully for a second whilst I prayed to every God out there.


“You’re right Alex!” Jason exclaimed and I nearly jumped with relief, “Absolutely right!”

I knew that having Alex along was not a total waste of time.

“Now if you’ll excuse me I have to borrow my sister.” Alex says politely.

“Sure. Sure.” Jason says,“We are done for the day anyway.”

Day my ass. It was fucking two in the morning.

“Good.” Alex says,“See you.”

With that Alex grabs my hand and more or less drags me into my trailer.

“How did you know that?” I ask when I finally collapse on the couch.

“I didn’t.” Alex says,“That was a total fluke. But it’s not very hard to guess considering that it’s always the same thing.”

“You sir, are brilliant!” I say.

“Remember that when you hear what I’m about to tell you next.” Alex says.

My eyes narrow.

“I swear to God brother dear if you’ve touched a single tassel or sequin on any piece of clothing I own, I will cut you.”

Alex rolls his eyes,“Your babies are perfectly safe.”

I relax considerably,“Then what is it? ”

“There is a propositional meeting in an hour.” He says,“According to Leah, this project is big and to quote her exactly, If Alexandra even thinks of missing I will skin her and use said skin for a jacket.”

Although most of Leah’s sentences consist of vague exaggerations, she did not kid about two things. Work and fashion.

And when a sentence has both in it, you know she means business.

“It’s freaking two in the morning.” I groan, “Why are they have the meeting at two in the morning? ”

Alex looks at me weirdly, “Have you checked the watch? It’s nearly seven in the morning.”

I blink at him unsurely. I check the time on my mobile which promptly displays 6:52 am in bold.

This wasn’t the first time I’d lost track of time so epically. It was a common thing in show business to pull all nighters and then carry on during the day.

Sleep was a foreign term in this line of work and if I was lucky I’d catch around two hours of sleep sometime in the entire twenty four hours that made up a day.

But most days like this one, I’d just have to power through.

I sigh, disappointed.

“Get the car ready.” I tell Alex, “I’ll be there in a second.”

Maybe it’s the resignation in my voice or the fact that my dark circles have finally started to show through my thick layer of foundation and concealer, makes Alex pause and throw a worried look in my direction.

“We can reschedule you know?” He says nudging me slightly, “You don’t have to push yourself. ”

Even as he says it, we both know that I have no option. The film industry may be glamorous and fulfilling in many ways, but it was hard work.

“Don’t worry about me.” I say trying to act as cheerful as I can,“I’m fine. Just go get the car ready. I need to change out of these clothes because I swear to god I can still smell Patrick’s disgusting cologne on me.”

Alex nods and visibly relaxes, “Do you want me to call one of the assistants to help?”

“No” I shake my head, “I’ll be fine on my own, just go call the driver here. The last thing I want to do now is run into paparazzi. And besides, I’ve spent way too much time and energy moisturising my skin for it to end up as Leah’s newest purse.”

Alex smiles clearly buying my faux energy act and exits the trailer. That’s the worst thing about being an actor I suppose. Nobody can tell the difference between when you’re faking it and when you’re genuinely telling the truth.

It takes me around ten minutes to get everything in order. I change my shoes to something more comfortable, a pair of short shorts, a crop top and a set of four inch red soled Louboutins which felt like heaven after the ratty converse shoes I’d been forced to wear around the set because my character had no fashion sense whatsoever.

Alex had always told me how strange it was, that unlike most people I always found myself more comfortable as well as more at ease in stilettos or sky high wedges that would end up giving most people vertigo by simply looking at them.

I suppose it was strange but that’s way it was. It’s not like my feet didn’t hurt when I wore them, it’s just that I’ve never really known another way and walking in shoes that didn’t make you feel taller and prouder(which my stilettos certainly did for me) made me feel far more uncomfortable than shoe bites ever could.

Most actors or actresses are discovered on the basis of sheer talent. They work hard, they go for countless auditions and hope to god that they get that coveted role which will launch them as the next big thing.

Now the others, the ones who are far lesser in number are the ones who are born into this industry and have no way out.

All they’d known was this world.

And I was one of them.
Which is why I’d always been more comfortable with the glamour and the fame because I had never known anything else.

But the same wasn’t true when it cane to Alex.

I check the watch only to realize that I don’t have enough time to make myself coffee so I decide to just pick it up on the way as I exit the trailer.

Alex sits at the back of the Range Rover with my bodyguard Giles in front with the driver.

“Good morning Miss Taylor.” Giles greets me as I close the door of the car. Although Giles fits the role of a bodyguard perfectly with his buzz cut and WWE worthy biceps he was in reality a total softie.

“If there is anything good about this morning please do tell me.” I groan.

“Well I have your coffee.” Giles says handing me my non fat soy latte, “Danny asked me to get it for you.”

Danny was a twenty seven year old with a flair for fashion and impeccable organization skills who happened to be my assistant. I’d let him go home because he’d been with me all night during the shoot. To be honest he’s the best assistant I could ask for and I’m pretty sure that he is also the best fiance Giles could ever want too.

The both of them had met a year back when Danny started working for me and now, they were set to get married in two months.

I suppose for some people fairy tales did come true. As for me, I’d probably have to go to a high school to find my very own prince charming.

“Tell Danny he’s a life saver.” I say, “And make sure to give him an extra kiss on the cheek from my side.”

Giles grins, “Will do.”

“So what is this meeting about anyways? ” I ask changing the topic, “I didn’t think I had anything signed up lately.”

Alex shrugs, “I don’t know but Leah sure thinks it’s important as hell. She may be batshit crazy but she’s intuitive when it comes to things like this.”

“Yeah that’s true.”

We sit in silence to sometime the radio belting out the newest Katy Perry song as I sip on my coffee slowly.

“Dad may be a producer for this one.”

I jerk so violently that I end up spilling the coffee all over myself. Thankfully I’d never been a fan of having hot coffee which is why there is no permanent damage just an ugly brown stain on my top.

“Shit!” Alex says as he hands me the box of tissues.

“Why? ” I say my voice rising as I wipe the last remaining bits of coffee off my leg, “Why didn’t you tell me that this was his production?”

“You’d reject the offer straight away.”

“Well obviously.” I say, “There is nothing in this goddamn universe that’s going to make me say yes to this, Leah should know that.”

“She does and she’s still asked you to come.” Alex says, “This must be that big. So you can’t deny that you’re nor curious.”

That stops me from arguing further.

My situation with my father wasn’t something Leah was unaware of and she’d always made sure that all my projects were never linked to him in any way.

She’d always respected that one wish of mine which is why it seemed highly unlikely that she’d break it for something irrelevant.

“We are here.” Alex says peaking out of the window, “There are a few photographers outside, so just stay in the car till I go meet Leah inside so that she can send a proper escort. ”

I nod nonchalantly, “Giles please go with him.”

They both exit the car and I lean back against the seat of the car taking my phone out to indulge in my favorite hobby and best form of distraction.

Googling myself.

My Wikipedia page pops up first:

Alexandria Marcia Taylor

Height: 5′6"

Description: dark brown hair, light brown eyes.

Age: 17.

Most popularly known by her role as AveryWallace in the hit TV series TheAbstractAttractionTheory.

Significant Others: Alexander Taylor (Brother) , Robert Taylor(Father), Cole Walker-


They did not put that low life’s name next to mine.

Cole Walker.

Oh hell no.

I click on news as fast as I can because I know that if I have to stare at that damn name again I’d end up losing it.

The Happening Hollywood Report: Are Cole Walker and Alexis Taylor back together?

I suppress a groan. Anyone but him. I’d rather have a pregnancy rumour with Patrick being the baby daddy! Anything but him!

I click on the link and the website pops open to reveal a picture.

Ah brilliant just what I needed to make my day better. A big picture of me kissing Cole freaking Walker.

I scroll down as quickly as possible because just looking at the picture makes me want to puke the contents of my stomach out.

So are Hollywood’s Heartthrob and Hollywood’s Sweetheart back together?

It surely seems so!
Although there hasn’t been a public appearance of the two of them together yet there is definitely something going on.

Reports show that Alexis Taylor’s brother, Alex Taylor (17) met with Cole at some cafe.

Although this is hardly confirmation of a relationship recent reports show that there is a strong possibility that both Walker and Alexis Taylor maybe working together on a super hush hush project.

Now we all know that Alexis and Cole had a less than amicable break up where they went from best friends to absolutely avoiding each other. Different parties, seats on opposites corners in award shows we all knew it was bad.

But Alex Taylor, Alexis overprotective brother meeting up with Cole can only meet that things have started thawing out between the two.

And if they are working together we all know that its only a matter of time Alexis and Cole get together considering their absolutely unparalleled chemistry together.

So do you want them ro get together? Vote below:

87% VOTED: Yes, theyaresupercute!!! 😍😍

11% VOTED: Nope, theyarebetterapart.

2% VOTED: Idon’tcareaslongasIgetanAbstractAttractionReunionmovie.

By the time I finish reading the article I’m fuming.


I’m going to fucking kill Alex. That little piece of-

Before I can think my plan through, I find myself opening my car door ready to beat the crap out of Alex.

I step out ready to march into the studio and stab him repeatedly with the heel of my shoe when I’m swarmed by at least a dozen photographers.

Shit I totally forgot about the paparazzi and I’d sent Giles with Alex.

I turn back ready to retreat into the car but they’ve already grouped around me cutting off any chance of escape.

They were ruthlessly grabbing at me, their cameras flashing as they kept on yelling questions.

On a normal day I would have been smarter given them what they wanted for a second or two before running away but right now I was currently functioning on no sleep as well as no coffee which I’d end up dropping on myself.

Basically I was going to go hulk on their asses if I didn’t get out of here now.

"Is it true you and Cole are getting married?”

"Are you and Patrick dating?”

"Is it true you’re gay? ”

It’s now or never.


All the reporters turn around in unison to the direction I had pointed. I make a break for it at that moment shoving one of them out of my way before hurrying towards the back door.

"There is no one here!”

Oh boo hoo.
As paparazzithey should be smart enough to realize that Harry and Taylor were never ever ever getting back together, like ever.

I run ahead almost blindly my heels clapping against the pavement wondering where exactly the entrance was. I’d gone through it a few-

There it was!
It was an inconspicuous backdoor blended into the background of a small alleyway meant for celebrities who didnt want to attract attention.

Or meant for the stupid stars who weren’t thinking straight and recklessly decide to step into a pool filled with blood sucking pirahanas. Oh sorry I meant paparazzi, not that there was much of a difference anyway.

I’m about to push open the door when someone else opens it from the other side.

I crash into a wall of muscle rather ungracefully and the both of us fall down, with me on top as we hit the ground.

The person acting like a cushion beneath me is surprisingly comfortable and I’m in half a mood to just fall asleep right there when a familiar scent of pepper hits me.

No way.
Oh god no.

I look up to see that the boy who I crashed into was looking at me, his hazel eyes lined with amusement and his lips just inches away from mine.

For a second I’m so shocked that I can’t move as cameras start flashing around us signalling that the paparazzi had clearly caught up with me.

“Hey Lex.” Cole Walker says giving me the dimpled grin that he was so famous for, “We have got to stop meeting like this.”

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