To Hell with the Harp!

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When an apprentice demon lets the fires of Hell go out ... well, all hell breaks loose in a race across continents and time to put it right again before ... well, Hell freezes over! Imagine what would happen if Hell went out. Heaven's central heating would collapse and the Ambrosia wouldn't so much flow as solidify. But with Satan away on holiday there's little hope of getting the fires relit until Prometheus is released from his bondage to bring his original gift of fire to save the universe. However, on account of having his liver continually eaten by a vulture and reconstituted for eternity for having displeased Zeus, Prometheus is understandably a bit liverish and, relishing his freedom exercises it a bit too liberally to the risk of both Heaven and Hello. So, under the unlikely alliance of Zelzebub, the demon who let the fires go out in Satan's absence, and Galadriel, a tone-deaf angel, the quest is on to put things right before the Universe is put on hold for a New Beginning. Soon, an unlikely team of mortals, demi-gods and Evangelistic nut jobs are pitted against each other and a thoroughly disgruntled - and currently jobless - Satan, in a seemingly hopeless task of restitution before the world blows up.

Humor / Other
Malcolm Twigg
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Down at the tender end of the Palaeozoic, when the World was still in nappies and the Creator hardly grown out of his building blocks, He suddenly discovered sex. Vomiting forth the gods in His pubescent excitement, He tried it ... once - and then took early retirement for the rest of eternity to contemplate what would have been his navel if he’d had one. Sex, He found, was an over-rated pastime, although if He’d had the foresight to invent someone with whom to share the experience first it might have been a different story ... but then, nobody’s perfect and he might not have had such hairy hands.

Leaving a single pillar of rock holding it all together, he abandoned the gods to their own devices. They, not knowing what to make of it all, invented Man, lit the blue touch paper, and foolishly hung around to see what happened next.

In the later Holocene, when the world had made the worst of an indifferent, jerry-built job, it all began to fall apart …

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