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“Inquisitive; curious about the affairs of others; prying.”

“I just don’t get it.”
I stopped my chewing for a moment, glancing across the table at the ginger man questionably. It was my nineteenth birthday today. Yay me. Apparently, my partner David wanted to treat me to seafood, knowing I could live off of shellfish every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy with that decision. The place was a little too flashy for my taste, but their large portions of crab made up for their snobby host and stale waiters. Honestly, I was just glad David didn’t make me change into something stiff and ugly in order to match the atmosphere.
I usually wouldn’t waste my breath, especially with precious crab in my mouth, but the lopsided smile he was sharing with me brought out my curiosity. His brow rose slightly in amusement.
“You love shellfish, but hate anything else that comes out of the Ocean. Haven’t you ever had a fish you’ve liked?”
I swallowed.
He stared at me, brow still raised, and amusement still present.
“But don’t you Fish?”
It was my turn to raise a brow.
“No, why would I?”
He blinked as if surprised. Really, he should remember my lazy personality more often. I’m not the sports-y type. He only continued to stare.
“Quiorra, you live on a sailboat, and you’ve never Fished off of it?”
I gave a fake gasp, mocking his tone.
“David, you live in a house, but never cook in it?”
I inwardly smirked after seeing his raised brow twitch, face turned deadpan. It was a touchy subject, one I loved to tease him about whenever the opportunity arose.
“I can cook.”
I pointed at him.
“Pouring hot water into a cup of instant noodles, doesn’t count. That would be like saying instant coffee, is coffee.”
He paused, and I took the chance to finish the rest of my crab. After a moment of not thinking of anything else he could claim he cooks himself, David narrowed his eyes at me.
“You’re one to talk. I’ve seen your kitchen, it’s never even been used.”
“Did you ever stop to think that maybe I just keep it clean?”
“I would if I didn’t know you. But in actuality, I do. And I know you wouldn’t waste the effort.”
I sipped my water, narrowing my eyes at my partner.
“I didn’t realize you paid so much attention.”
He leaned back in his chair, giving a rare loud laugh.
“Well, I knew your birthday, didn’t I?”
“That’s different, you somehow managed to find my file. Because of that, you know a lot of stuff I wouldn’t share.”
He raised a brow curiously, which made me weary. I wasn’t the sharing type, but I had the feeling he was about to ask me something and I was going to cave in and give an answer.
“Like who your parents are?”
I could feel my face scrunch up at the mention of them, and I stayed silent for a moment. But as I thought, sharing things with David was becoming an easy task over time, and that fact worried me as I frowned.
“Exactly. If you weren’t such a snoop, you wouldn’t know the truth that those loaded, self-centered human beings are really my parents.”
The Novak Family was one known for their money, and so I didn’t use my last name often because of it. Though I admit it does come in handy sometimes. I watched the curiosity continue to grow in his eyes, but I didn’t look away. I’m used to the look, as a detective he wore it often.
“Snooping is my job. I’m rather good at it, hence us having this conversation.”
I rolled my eyes but reflected his growing smile.
“You’re just nosy.”
He chuckled.
“But really, what happened? Why do you hate your folks so much?”
My frown returned, and my gaze shifted.
“I don’t necessarily hate them...I guess I’m just disappointed.”
He blinked.
I shrugged my shoulders, ignoring the waiter’s bad timing to come and refill my water. When he left I decided to open my mouth. Not sure why, considering I don’t tell anyone these kinds of things, but then again I’ve never been close enough to other people to open up before now. It didn’t help that David especially was easy to talk to for some reason.
“Look, when I was growing up, I lived like any other rich kid. In a huge house, surrounded by anything I wanted, with servants that came just as fast as they went. I barely saw my parents, and growing up that didn’t bother me so much.”
I paused to think, but David was an impatient person.
“What changed then?”
I sighed, or maybe it came out more like a grunt.
“Last year, when I turned eighteen, they kicked me out of the house, said something about living my own life -which really meant, you’re not our problem anymore- canceled my allowance, and never spoke to me again. So yeah, I was disappointed that they never noticed me, like any other kid deprived of attention. Is that what you wanted to hear?”
The tone in my voice changed into a fake one at the end of my rant, but as expected, he continued to probe.
I sighed, wishing I had some gum to chew.
“Okay, so really, my parents were jerks who didn’t even bother to wish me a happy birthday, just like every year. I was used to that part, I was okay with that. It was the ‘We don’t care if we ever see you again after this’ part that I was really disappointed in. They didn’t even care when the police called and said I was being put on probation-”
“Wait, wait, wait, you knew about that?”
I paused, then went on as if that was all I knew.
“At any rate, I don’t hate my parents for not caring like they should, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get back at them for taking away my money.”
I watched as his face changed from something between sympathy and curiosity to sudden uneasiness and disbelief. I smirked, watching the gears turning in his head. After all, David was a smart man.
“You didn’t.”
“Really David, where did you think my boat came from?”
He placed his elbow on the table, hand running down his face.
“I can’t believe you.”
I went to speak, but he must have sensed I was about to say something really sarcastic because he beat me to the punch.
“On second thought, I completely believe it. You hacked into their bank account and then covered your tracks.”
I couldn’t help but let my smirk grow a bit as I looked to the side.
His eye twitched as he looked at me with that I can’t handle you right now look.
“Ah, your reputation precedes you!”
I laughed loudly as he started to rub his temple. This was one of the reasons I liked to talk about things with David. His reactions were always on point.
“Seriously Girly, you’re lucky it’s your birthday, and that this is a private conversation between friends, cause otherwise, I’d have to report that.”
I rolled my eyes at his playful, yet defeated smile.
“Seriously Dude, you couldn’t prove it anyway.”
His face turned into that deadpan, annoyed look. I always felt a wave of victory whenever I saw it, now included. He sighed.
“Quiorra, that’s not really the point.”
“Don’t worry David, I’m not going to do it again.”
He nodded approvingly, with a hint of relief in his voice.
I gave him a side smirk
“I mean, I don’t need two boats.”
He narrowed his eyes at me.
“You know what I meant, Girly.”
I pouted. As if he was going to keep me from hacking in my spare time. I can’t wait for a job at the Station so happens to need me, I’ll die of boredom before I’m twenty.
“No promises.”
“You’re impossible.”
“And Isn’t that great?”
I laughed at his deadpan face. He only shook his head.
“I’m just going to have to pay more attention, aren’t I? Otherwise, I’ll be out of a job!”
“Well, if you ever get kicked out of the Station, I can get you a boat.”
I laughed at my own joke, but also at his twitching expression. It’s rare for me to be able to get both of his ginger eyebrows to twitch at the same time!
“That’s not even funny.”
“It’s a little bit funny, yeah.”
He sighed and I just continued to laugh. Not long after that, we left the restaurant with a similar atmosphere. He dropped me off at the marina, where I said hi to the drunk sailors that were still partying at the bar next door, and then back home. Eventually, I fell asleep, happy and content with the day’s events. It was a different take on my usual birthday plans, but I was perfectly okay with that, and even hoped that it would happen again next year.

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