That Horrible Child

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Re-discover your own inner child as you go on an intimate journey through the memories of one little girl as she tries to comprehend the complexities of an adult world. Hilarious short stories. Even the most horrible child has innocent intentions. Re-discover your own inner child as you go on an intimate journey through the memories of one little girl as she tries to comprehend the complexities of an adult world. Kylie’s innocence was often seen as questionable, until she explained the logic behind her decisions. She would often put the adults around her in hilariously frustrating and embarrassing situations, with a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why she had done so. A collection of short stories, written as a memoir, capturing the purity of one child’s mind, as she discovers the world around her. From blocked drains and make-up horrors, to gate-crashed schools and kidnapped seniors. One child managed it all – and had a perfectly valid reason every time.

Humor / Children
Kylie Abecca
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To be honest, it has never been a secret that I was a horrible child. My mother was often confronted with questions regarding my ‘disabilities’ and many people tried to self-diagnose me with behavioural disorders.

I was loud, had no social filter and was constantly looking for the next opportunity to have fun or save the day. I’d like to think that has changed, but who knows.

I have always had an active imagination and to this day I tend to think differently to most people.

These collections of Short Stories are all true accounts from my childhood, some dating back to my earliest memories.

These stories have been told and retold by my entire family and they have given us many laughs. I hope they do the same for you. The stories shared in this book are all written from my own point of view of events as I remember them.

I could spend decades adding to this book and still not have it completed, so I have kept it to my favourites. If you enjoy the stories in this book and would like to read more, you can find them on my website:

I also invite you to share your own stories of memories from your own childhood or stories of your children. I welcome any feedback and would love to hear from you. Feel free to e-mail me at:

Everyone was a horrible child at some point in their lives, just not many of us are willing to admit to it.

The stories in this book are light hearted and fairly harmless, however any one of them could have turned badly very quickly.

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