That Horrible Child

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Money Spider


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love spiders. I have no idea what got me fascinated in them, though my earliest memory to do with spiders, would have to be when I was told the magical story of the Money Spider.

I was staying at one of my mum’s friends places for the night, which was really exciting, because I had never stayed there overnight before. I was determined to be on my best behaviour, so that I would get the chance to stay there again. Once dinner was finished, I helped clear away the table and dry the dishes, before having a shower and getting myself ready for bed.

As I came out to say goodnight, I spotted a tiny brown spider making its way across the lounge-room floor. I had been told not to touch spiders, so I got my mums friend and asked her if we could put the spider outside, because I didn’t want to kill it.

She knelt down and picked the spider up and asked me if I wanted to have a hold, since it was a harmless spider. I held out my hand and she dropped him into my palm, whilst explaining to me that this particular spider was a magical spider, called a Money Spider.

“If you let him walk across your hand, then put him in a glass overnight, he will lay money for you.” Obviously this particular friend of my mum’s had no children of her own.

She showed me how to get the spider to walk across my palm, by gently touching its back legs to make it move, then we placed the spider on a piece of paper and placed a glass over the top. I kept it on the bedside table and tried to stay up to watch it lay the money for me, but I ended up falling asleep. By the morning the spider was gone, but in its place was a dollar coin.

I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever heard of and couldn’t wait to tell mum all about it. As it turned out, we had an extremely fun filled day and by the time mum came to pick me up, I was so full of stories to tell her, that I forgot to mention the magical Money Spider.

The next morning, back at home. I got up early and went in search of another Money Spider. I finally found one and proceeded to make it walk across the palm of my hand. A little while later, mum woke and obviously noticing the silence throughout the house, was concerned as to what trouble I was causing.

“Kylie, what are you doing?” She called out to me and I raced to her bedroom to say good morning.

“I’m waiting for my money.” I explained, quite proud of myself. Mum was still groggy with sleep and nodded okay, before rolling over and huddling into the blankets. I moved to sneak out the room and mum turned back over to face me.

“What money?” She squinted her eyes as the light from the hall shone through the open doorway to her room.

“The money from the spider.”

“Uh huh” Mum once again huddled into the blankets, obviously thinking for a moment that it was innocent child’s play, but she knew me better than that. She snapped her head around. “What spider?”

“The Money Spider. I found one this morning.”

“Where is this spider?”

“It’s in my room, in a cup. I put it in there while I wait for it to lay my money.”

“Bring it here.”

I nodded enthusiastically and raced to my room. I carefully picked up the glass, making sure to keep the paper underneath, so the spider didn’t get away and made my way back to mum’s room.

I showed her the spider and her face went pale.

It turned out I had managed to find myself a lovely female Red Back. Mum asked me what I had done and how I had managed to get the spider to walk across my hand, to which I proceeded to explain to her. She then asked me where I had gotten the idea from and I told her that her friend had told me.

She bounded out of bed and raced to the phone. She was only on the phone for a short while, but she was yelling most of the time about how stupid her friend was and that she could have gotten me hurt.

Unfortunately, despite how well behaved I had been, I was not allowed to go back to stay there and shortly after my mum and her lost contact, though I don’t think that had anything to do with me, but who knows.

That was definitely a one of a kind spider though, because I have never managed to get another money laying spider. If it were true though, I doubt so many people would be so petrified of them and they would be the most popular pet on the planet.

Kylie Logic:

I didn’t understand how one spider could be so different from another. The fact that the Red Back was much darker that the small brown money spider I had been shown, was totally irrelevant to me. A little the same as racial differences, this spider was merely darker than the other one – it didn’t make it any less a nice spider than the other one was.

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