Marney and Me, Best Sisters 4Ever

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Chapter 11 FIRED

Marney came home early today. Yay!

But she wasn’t happy. She was really mad. I heard her shouting. I know she wasn’t shouting at Jane and Fred, but I was very surprised. I’d never heard her shouting before except when she played basketball and she was fervently trying to win. But that wasn’t anger anyway, that was determinism at its best. No, she was mad. Something happened.

I heard Jane and Fred trying to soothe her and calm her down. I peeked out of my room to see what was happening. I heard little tidbits.

“‘Watch what you say, Marney, they told me.’” She repeated.

I think she was having the same dilemma that I was having earlier today.

“‘She’s our best customer.’”

I was trying to work out the bits and pieces. A girl came into the shop and Marney had to treat her nicely, but she’s on a rival team. Not really a rival team anymore. But, I can understand why Marney would be upset. It was the friend of the teammate who caused Marney’s injury. I didn’t think she cared much about that girl. I figured she knew it was an accident.

I walked into the kitchen and everyone went silent. I wasn’t having that so I shouted, “What’s happening?!!”

“Young Lady,” Fred said, “why are you shouting?”

I looked at Fred. “I wanted to be part of the action. Everyone else is shouting.”

It seemed logical enough to me. I think it seemed logical enough to Fred too because he kind of smiled and nodded his head. Jane was not amused. She never is. I thought she’d send me to my room again but that didn’t happen. Instead Marney spoke up.

“Amy Chesterton, from Blackwood School, she came in today...”

I looked at her.

“She was with friends. I heard her tell them who I was.”

I walked closer to Marney.

“Then she said, my accident was the best thing that happened to Blackwood because without me, my old team doesn’t stand a chance.”

My eyes started to tear. Marney’s were already damp. I put my hand on her leg.

“I told her to shut the f---- up!”

Marney threw my hand off her leg.

“Don’t touch me!” She wheeled herself around and headed toward her room. “Don’t anyone touch me!”

I looked at Fred and Jane. Jane had her hands covering her mouth. Her eyes were wet too.

Fred looked at me, put his hand on my shoulder and said softly, “It’s okay, Sam. She’s just upset. She’ll come around.”

I was crying pretty hard now. Fred grabbed me and hugged me.

“Don’t touch me, Fred.” I wriggled out of his hug, cried and ran back to my room.

“Did she call me Dad?”

“No, she still called you Fred, Fred.” Jane threw a kitchen towel at Fred and cried then walked out of the kitchen.

It’s not his fault. Everyone seemed to be out of sorts today. That damned Amy. How dare she? I should write a letter!

I knocked on Marney’s door. “Marney? It’s me...Squirt.” I knocked again, this time louder, in case she had headphones on.

“Ok, Squirt, you can come in. But, close the door behind you.”

I was right. She was on the computer watching old videos. Why does she torture herself that way? I don’t understand it. I try to, but I don’t.

I hugged her. This time she didn’t push me away. She hugged me harder. I missed this. This moment was really needed for both of us.

“What else happened, Marney?”

She looked at me and moved the hair out of my eyes, “They fired me.”

Had I caused this? Did I make her get fired because I didn’t want her to work? I told Jane I didn’t want her to work. I wrote it in my journal. I hugged her harder.

“I’m sorry Marney. It’s all my fault. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.”

She laughed. “All your fault?” She looked at me and smiled. “It’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything. Just because you were miserable and didn’t want me to work, doesn’t mean you did anything wrong.”

“You knew about that?” I asked her.

“I would’ve been a fool not to know it.” She rubbed my head. “We’re best sisters, aren’t we?”

She put her little pinky out and I put my little pinky out and we did the pinky shake.

“Come on, Squirt.” Marney started to wheel toward her door.

“Where are we going, Marney?”

“Outside to shoot some hoops. Where else?”

This letter writing thing really works!

We went outside and started to play. Marney tossed the ball to me.

“Hey Marney, watch this!” I stood stiff as a board and threw the ball in the basket underhanded. It went in and I jumped for joy.

“Good job, Squirt.” She put her hand up and we high-fived.

Journal Topic #18 I always feel good when-

Dear Journal,

I always feel good when Marney and I are getting along. Yay! We shot hoops till really late last night and the best part about it was, Fred and Jane didn’t even come out to tell us to go to bed. They just let us play as long as we wanted.

I tried my best and threw the ball many times. It didn’t matter to Marney how many times I threw it or that I hardly made a shot. She just kept coaching me and telling me to try again. She showed me how to put my arms and hands just right and even how to jump. I liked it. It was fun.



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