Marney and Me, Best Sisters 4Ever

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Soon after her hospital stay was over, she went back to school. She even played basketball in her wheelchair again. She still had to fit the physical therapy into her schedule, though.

Doctor Mackey lined up nurses to come over once in the morning before school, once in the afternoon and once at night, all for Marney. I thought that was pretty cool.

But Marney struggled to keep it together. “You can’t imagine what it’s like to sit in that chair all day and then go to basketball practice using only my arms, and then come home to a nurse who pushes me to stand and take steps,” she opened up to us over dinner.

“You don’t have to continue, if you don’t want to Marney,” Jane said.

“I do have to,” Marney corrected her. “But, it is really confusing. It’s like I’m handicapped but any time I want, I can, not be. It almost feels like I’m cheating.”

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