Marney and Me, Best Sisters 4Ever

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Journal Topic # 21 I look up to-

Dear Journal,

I look up to my sister, Marney. She is a very good person. She cares for me a lot and has always been there for me. She has always been a friend to me, especially when I didn’t have any. She’s super strong and very brave.

She’s going to have to be even more brave because life is becoming a lot harder. I will, of course, do what I can to help.



I watched Marney struggle daily with her exercises, but she didn’t give up and hardly complained. I mean, I heard a lot of swear words, and I mean a lot. But, she still lifted each foot one after another and made those small steps. The small steps became larger and larger until one day, I came home from school and Marney was waiting for us in the living room with a huge smile on her face.

“What’s up, Sport?” Fred asked.

I threw my backpack into my room, ran over to Marney’s room and grabbed her ball off her desk. I ran back into the living room and tossed the ball at Marney. “Think fast!”

She caught it and tossed it back. I tossed it to her again and this time she set it down.

“Hold on,” she said as she started to push herself up off her wheelchair.

I looked at Fred who started to smile. Marney stood all on her own. “Cool, Marney!” I cried out.

“Wait!” she responded. And then she took steps! On her own! She struggled slightly with balance, but she did it. She then picked up the ball again and threw it to me. I threw it back to her. She caught it. Then she threw it to Fred. Fred caught it and threw it back to her.

I heard the front door open and shut. Jane had just come home. She carried groceries into the kitchen and started unpacking them. I giggled out loud as we continued to toss the ball back and forth between us three. Marney laughed and Fred laughed too.

Jane walked curiously into the hallway from the kitchen, caught a flying ball headed her way and cried out, “Oh!”

“Hi Mom,” Marney said.

Jane cried, “Oh my God,” handed Fred the ball and ran to hug Marney. “I’m so proud of you.”

Fred surrounded Marney and Jane and gave them both a big hug. I thought I should join the party, so I hugged them all, too. We became this big hugging ball of laughter. Then Marney said, “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you back,” Jane responded.

“I love you, Dad,” Marney said.

Fred said, “I love you too, Sport.”

Then Marney said to me, “I love you too,” and gave me a noogie.

“Oh geez, can we quit it with all the mushy stuff?” I said. Then Fred kissed my head and laughed out loud. “Yuck,” I said.

“Feel the love, Squirt,” Marney said and laughed, too.

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