Marney and Me, Best Sisters 4Ever

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Jane and Fred, my mom and dad, pulled up to the school to pick me up on the last day of school. I got into the car and asked, “Where’s Marney?”

“We’re going to go get her, now,” my mom responded.

Fred smiled at me.

“What’s the big mystery?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise,” Fred stated.

“I realize that, Dad.” I answered.

“Wow, I don’t know how I’m going to get used to this,” he replied.

“Used to what?” I asked.

“Used to you calling me Dad,” he replied. “It’s like some miracle. Either that or some aliens came down and switched you out. Which one is it?”

“Dad!” I laughed. “I am me.”

Dad laughed, too.

The car started slowing down as we neared our destination. Mom was eagerly looking about. Dad parked the car and we all got out.

“Fred, there she is!” Mom stated enthusiastically. She pointed to a basketball court where Marney was standing at the free throw line and shooting basket after basket.

Mom started running, so I started running and Dad did, too. We ran all the way to the basketball court and were out of breath by the time we reached Marney.

“You guys are out of shape!” she said loudly and threw another two-point shot.

The ball bounced towards Dad and he dribbled and tossed to Marney. Marney made the shot, it rebounded and she caught it and threw it to me. I ran up to the basket and threw it underhanded. It landed on top of the rim and I could hear everyone eagerly shouting, “Go in, go in!” as it rounded the rim and finally plop, it went in. “Yay!” they all cheered for me.

We played a long time that night, all together, as a family-Mom, Dad, Marney and me. I told Mom and Dad all about what Ms. Harper said and about the book I’m going to write. “It’ll help pay the bills,” I said, “and if there’s any money left over, then when Marney goes to school, I can go visit her.”

Marney made a 3-point shot and walked toward me. “I’d really like that, Squirt.”

She gave me a huge hug. Mom and Dad joined in and Dad said, “We’re so proud of you Girls.”

Our family hugs last forever-geez! “Dad, I can’t breathe,” I said as everyone laughed.

The End.

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