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Izzy, Her Dada, and a Demon Named Ned

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Gregory Wang’s road to Hell is certainly paved with good intentions. An opportunity to gift his extremely pregnant wife a bit of much-needed rest turns tumultuous when Greg’s two dogs run off into the woods after a tiny, fuzzy demon. To make matters more terrifying, the dogs are dragging a jogging stroller behind them with Greg’s toddler daughter, Izzy, strapped inside. Now the group is stuck in Hell and the only way out is for each member to face their worst fear and conquer it, one fear at a time. His fatherly instincts, tough stomach, and the questionable kindness of a dissident demon named Ned are Greg’s only hope in this madcap adventure that is, ultimately, fucking heartwarming. Hipster Satan. Melting clowns. The Baby Shit Hand of Doom™. Orlando fucking Florida. This crazy adventure has everything you never knew you wanted in a story. Drop in through the gates to Hell (located in Cleveland, Ohio, of course) and ride along with this strange and irreverent adventure that examines fatherhood through a lens no one knew existed.

Humor / Adventure
4.9 16 reviews
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Author's Note

Hello everyone! This is Rodent, your kind and irreverent author friend. I love, admire, and appreciate all of the reads and ratings this crazy little book has gotten over the years, and I want to thank you for all of that. Thanks in part to the support here on Inkitt, I did not let this little book die. In fact it is being (has been) published on April 1st, 2021. The book used to be called "An Adventure with Dada," but that seemed a little misleading considering the sometimes gross content and explicit language within these pages. So now it is called "Izzy, Her Dada, and a Demon Named Ned," and after April Fool's Day 2021 you can find the book, in digital format, at least, at your favorite retailer. Paperback sales are only through Amazon. I hate to put it only there, and hope to expand it soon, but damnit if they don't make print-on-demand easy and at no cost to us poverty-stricken artsy types. I will update here if anything changes, but for now, any and all of your support with a purchase would elevate my world. I am going to leave the mistake-laden first draft on here for all of your reading pleasure and as a thank you for the support, but if you find yourself enjoying the book, please consider buying an updated version from me, as that would be the cool thing to do.

In the meantime, please enjoy. Any and all reading of my work is appreciated and serves as a litmus test for whether or not we should be friends. If the contents of this book horrify or offend you, it's probably best if we stay in our own little pockets of this world. For the rest of you, come find me on Twitter and say hi: @RodentWriter

Hugs and Kisses,


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