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I Saw Him First

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Prompt: “Will you please stop flirting with the hot married guy. I saw him first.” So a friend and I came up with this idea to get the story ideas flowing. We picked random prompts off Pinterest and wrote a story for it in a few minutes. This gives no time for editing, no time for real thinking, just write before time is up~ So with one prompt this is what I came up with.

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One Shot/Short Story

Lunch was rolling around and I needed another dose of caffeine. Today was one of those days were even my coffee needed a coffee. I sighed heavily. Jessica, a co-worker, poked her head into my office.

“There’s someone at the front desk for you.”

“Thanks Jess.” Leaving my office I went to greet a client.

Gone were those thoughts once I set my sights on the utterly gorgeous man standing at the front desk. I glanced only briefly at Tracy sitting at the desk, her eyes flirty. “Well, good morning sir,” I smiled cheekily, “What can I help you with today?”

He instantly smirked. “I was hoping to speak to my wife, actually.”

“Oh, I saw her just a moment ago and she said she was in dire need of another coffee.” My tummy tingled with excitement.

“Well I’m sure I can do something about that.” He replied, “I’ll be back.”

I sighed dreamily and admired his confident stride.

“Will you stop flirting with the hot married guy? I saw him first.” Tracey suddenly spoke.

I almost laughed in her face at how funny that sentence was, but decided that might be unkind. “Sorry, I didn’t realize I was flirting.”

The good looking man walked back into the office with two coffees and I smiled once again. I took the coffee greatfully. “Let’s get out of her, hot stuff.” I winked at him.

Tracey, confused asked, “What about his wife?”

“Honey, just who do you think I am?”

I left with my husband and grinned happily. Yes, this sexy man, was mine.

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