You're Out of This World, Vivian!

By Tristan Blake Lotz All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Scifi

Chapter 10

Suddenly Vivian was shaken away by a loud banging sound and a lot of yelling on Köflõяtæț's part. "Huh…?" exclaimed Vivian, confused and disoriented.

"Dgggghhhh!" fumed Köflõяtæț. "Come on! We're at the edge of the frickin' Sol System! Why are you going so frickin' slow?!"

"What's going on?" asked Vivian, stepping forward to the cockpit where Köflõяtæț was.

"It's some stupid spaceship ahead of us; he's going waaaay to slow! Probably some old geezer or something; who else would pilot a craft that primitive?"

"I recognize that spaceship!" said Vivian suddenly, upon seeing the craft for herself. "I learned about that in science class: that's Voyager 1!"

"He belongs to your people?" asked Köflõяtæț.

"Yeah," said Vivian, the United States launched on a mission to take pictures of Jupiter and Saturn.

"Figures," spat Köflõяtæț, "Terrans are notoriously slow pilots. COME ON, space-hog! We just passed the Termination Shock, this is open space! At least do the freakin' lightspeed limit!"

Suddenly, Voyager 1 stopped (forcing Köflõяtæț to slam on his braking thrusters), spun around, and activated its camera.

"Now it's stopping to take pictures?!" exclaimed Köflõяtæț, FyreFist technology activating.

"It is an awfully pretty view…" said Vivian dreamily as she gazed out the windshield at the star field spread before her.

"That does it," yelled Köflõяtæț, "I'm just gonna blow the stupid thing up!" He pulled an ominous-looking plunger out of the dashboard, activating a deadly-sounding high-pitched tone. Just then, in the opposite lane, a spacecraft labeled Pan-Galactic Highway Patrol shot past. Köflõяtæț calmed himself, and deactivated the death ray. "No," he said, "the last thing I need is to get pulled over for blowing up another space probe. After this, Köflõяtæț calmed down and continued behind the Voyager probe until he had an opportunity to, then passed the craft, and took off, doing well over the lightspeed limit.

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