Death and all His Friends

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Choc chip muffins and princess Zefernini

I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling oddly light, like a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It had been a while since I had felt this positive and even though I had no idea why; I was determined to cling to this feeling for as long as possible.

I stifled a yawn and lazily sat up, stretching my arms high above my head. I was surprised that it actually wasn't cold either. Instead, the air had a crisp coolness about it that was almost refreshing. The rays of sunlight spilling across my bedspread made me smile even more. It seemed like the weather had decided to match my mood too…for now.

Slipping my feet into my fluffy HelloKitty slippers, I got out of bed and opened the door just as Jess was stomping past, already in her uniform with her face a contorted into a tired mask of anger.

"Why are you so happy?" she snapped when I wished her a cheery good morning.

"Can't I be happy to see my favourite sister?" I asked, ruffling her hair as we walked side by side down the staircase.

"Shut up. You're usually even worse than me in the mornings." Jess grumbled, using her slim fingers to comb through her hair.

I just rolled my eyes and shoved her a little.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs, Jess and I froze.

"Do you smell something?" I asked slowly, turning to the girl next to me.

"Yea…it smells like…cake?"

Both my sister and I raced towards the kitchen and stopped short when we saw our mother pulling a tray of chocolate chip muffins out of the oven.

"Good morning girls." She said when she saw us standing there with our mouths hanging open.

Jess and I remained frozen.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. What was my mum doing? Why was she in the kitchen? Why was she wearing an apron over her pristine blouse and business skirt? And most importantly, why was she baking?

"What are you doing here?" Jess asked bluntly, her face blank.

"Well my meeting this morning was cancelled so I thought I'd make some muffins for you girls to take to school."

She pulled two big plastic bowls out of the cupboard and put six cupcakes it each, acting like she did this kind of thing all the time.

"Now you two better hurry up and get ready before you're late for school. I need to get going." And without another word, our mother removed her apron and swept out of the kitchen without a backward glance.

Jess and I didn't move. We stood there in silence long after we heard the sound of the car leave, long after the smell of cupcakes had faded along with our mother's words.

"Did that really happen?" Jess asked me after a while, her voice shattering the silence like glass.

"Yea…I think it did." I replied.


"I don't know."

Our mother hadn't baked in years. She hadn't actually done anything for us in years. Why now?

"Should we try the muffins?" Jess said, walking forward on shaky legs and picking up one of the cakes.

I didn't say anything and just watched as she took a bite.

"How is it?" I said uncertainly.

"Like it used to be." Jess responded somewhat nostalgically, holding the muffin close to her chest.

I approached the cakes warily. I remembered the last time I had eaten these muffins. It had been on the worst day of my life: the day that had torn my family apart and destroyed a part of me that I'll never get back again.

"Aren't you going to have any?" Jess asked as I stared down at the bowl.

I shook my head.

"I think I'll just take some to give to Lizzy." I mumbled. I didn't want to taste the muffins and be reminded of everything that had changed. The lightweight feeling from this morning was slowly wearing off but I was going to hold onto every last remnant.

I left Jess in silence and went back to my room to get changed. I had lost my appetite and it was getting late anyway.

After I heard the front door slam, I went back to the kitchen and grabbed one of the bowls of muffins to take to Lizzy's house.

Then I packed my bag and walked out the door, into the blinding sunshine.

Herring Avenue had never seemed lonelier as I paced down the concrete sidewalk. The whole street was silent and empty. Not a single bird sang. Not even a leaf rustled as the wind blew through the trees. It felt almost eerie.

Luckily for me, the sun was still out and I stopped several times just to bask in the warm glowing rays. The golden light eased my torrent of emotions and made my skin tingle nicely. Maybe there was some hope for me out there somewhere.

I made it to Lizzy's house in almost no time, clutching the bowl of muffins in my arms.

Already feeling happier with the thought of seeing my best friend, I nudged the doorbell with my shoulder and waited.

I heard commotion almost instantly. There was shouting, the sound of something breaking and even…barking?

Then the door opened and I almost dropped the bowl of muffins.


I swallowed nervously, hoping to God that I wasn't as red as I felt.

Standing in front of me was an unbearably cute boy who was topless. Topless. Oh Lord, avert your eyes Tegan! Look away from that chiselled chest now!

"Are those for me?" Cute-half-naked-boy asked me, reaching out and trying to take one of the muffins.

"N-no!" I leapt back instinctively, moving the bowl out of his reach all the while trying to figure out where to look. I decided his face was a good option but the more I focused on his features, the more he seemed familiar.

Sandy spiked up hair? Green eyes? Where had I seen this boy before?

"Jesus Christ, put a shirt on Lucas!" the boy was suddenly shoved out of the way by Paul who looked like he hadn't slept in a week.

"Oh hey Tegan." He said when he saw me standing there awkwardly. "Don't mind Lucas." He added, gesturing to his friend. "He likes to act like a stripper."

"Um okay…" I managed to get out before the situation could get any more awkward. "Is Lizzy here?"

At his sister's name, Paul's expression darkened but before he could say anything, Lizzy appeared and hurled herself at me, trying to hug me around the bowl of muffins.

"Tegan!" she cried shrilly in my ear.

"Hey Lizzy." I replied happily. "These are for you."

"Muffins? My favourite!" Lizzy dragged me into her mansion bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"You're very happy today." I commented as I followed her up the marble staircase towards her room.

"That's because there's someone I'd like you to meet."

I thought about the topless boy and prayed that she wasn't talking about him.

"Um…Lizzy, what happened?" I asked as I saw what appeared to be a shattered vase outside her bedroom.

"That's all part of the surprise!" Lizzy replied, winking at me before turning around and opening the door to her room.

As soon as the door was open, something small and brown barrelled out and launched itself at me.

"What the flip is that?" I shrieked as the thing latched onto my foot and began tugging at my shoe, growling.

"Isn't she cute?" Lizzy beamed, taking the bowl of muffins away from me and walking into her room.

"Wait! Lizzy!" I started shaking my foot up and down trying to get the rabid thing off but it wouldn't budge and only salivated more all over my school shoes.

"Aw! She likes you!" Lizzy crooned happily, munching on one of my muffins as she lounged on her bed.

"Lizzy! Get. It. Off!" I screamed, getting hysterical.

"Oh fine. Here Princess Zefernini!" Lizzy picked up a muffin and threw it at the thing on my foot, which released my poor limb and attacked the muffin instead.

Temporarily free, I bolted away from it and leapt onto Lizzy's bed.

"It can't get up here, right?" I asked her as I stared down at the thing.

"No she's too small. So what do you think?"

Lizzy looked at me proudly and I tried to keep the distaste from showing on my face.

"Is it a dog?" I ventured uncertainly.

"Of course she's a dog!" Lizzy exclaimed.

"Are you sure?"

I looked at the beast which did not look related to any sort of dog I've ever seen in my life. It was just so ugly. It was tiny, the size of a large rat, and even looked like a rat too. It had disgusting, patchy brown hair, a long wrinkly nose, narrow eyes, pointy ragged ears and a mouth that was pulled back into a permanent snarl.

"Lizzy, where did you find it?" I asked as the thing finished the muffin and moved on to aggressively chew the leg of Lizzy's desk.

"She turned up on my doorstep and she didn't have a collar so I decided to adopt her! I love her so much!"

To my horror, Lizzy got off the bed and picked up the little monster which tried to bite her hand.

"You are so sweet!" she said as she hugged it.

"Okay…Lizzy I think we should go to school now." I said as I stared warily at the thing. It stared back at me and I swear it licked its lips hungrily.

"Oh yea! School! Okay Princess Zefernini. You be a good girl for mummy now." Lizzy put the thing down and gave it another muffin before following me out of her room and shutting the door.

As soon as I was sure the beast wouldn't escape, I turned to Lizzy and said, "You aren't seriously thinking of keeping it are you?"

"Why not? She's so cute!"

I stared sceptically at Lizzy as we walked down her massive marble staircase.

"What?" she asked innocently.

"Nothing." I replied, shaking my head in disbelief. Only Lizzy would be able to find beauty in that little piece of ugly currently tearing her room apart.

When we got to the bottom of the staircase, Lizzy went to get her school bag so I sat myself down on one of the large sofas just lying around her house.

A moment later, Paul walked out with his cute friend, both wearing their red and black Sheridan Prep uniforms.

"Did Lizzy show you the beast she adopted?" Paul asked with a glance upstairs.

"Yes. I've never feared more for my life. What does she see in that thing?"

"No idea. She spoils it like crazy which is the only reason the monster hasn't eaten her in her sleep. She doesn't even know how to take care of it. She goes out and leaves it in her room and then makes me clean up all the piss and shit."

I rolled my eyes. Typical Lizzy.

"It's noisy as hell too." Paul's friend added, his face scrunched up. "But she really loves that thing."

"Yea. She caught me laughing at it once when it fell down the stairs. I've never seen her more angry." Paul confirmed.

Lizzy returned after that and then the four of us left the house, Paul and his friend getting into his car and me and Lizzy walking down the path towards school.

"So who's Paul's friend?" I asked curiously as we strolled. It was still annoying me so much that I couldn't seem to remember where I'd seen him.

"He's the new hottie I told you about a while ago." Lizzy explained. "His name is Lucas. He works at one of the café's in the mall."

As soon as she said the word 'café' and 'mall' my brain seemed to click and suddenly I remembered him.

He was the waiter who served me, Cory, Sabrina and her friends when we went ice skating. He was the waiter who I had been staring at! The waiter who had given me free ice cream!

"Oh Lord." I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut. I hope he didn't remember me because out of all the awkward experiences that have happened in my life, that had been one of the worst.

"What's wrong?" Lizzy asked, concerned.

"Nothing." I mumbled. "I just can't believe what a small world it is."

We got to school late so I ended up walking into English about five minutes after the lesson had started. I didn't think it'd be that bad but as soon as I saw the new seating arrangement, I knew Mr. Balls was out to get me. I had never been more positive in my life.

Instead of the weird semi-circle formation that Mr. Balls had designed before, the desks were now all paired up.

"How nice of you to join us, Miss Michaels." Mr. Balls said as I stood in front of the class like an idiot, trying to figure out where I was meant to sit now.

"Um…" I said uncertainly, trying to avoid direct eye contact with all the people staring at me from their seats. When Mr. Balls still didn't offer any assistance, I realised that he was going to drag out my embarrassment for as long as possible.

"Is there a problem Tegan?" He finally asked when I had been standing there for a minute or two.

"Yea…Where do I sit?" I snapped.

"Oh yes, well if you had come on time then you wouldn't have this problem would you?" Mr Balls gave me a look of smug satisfaction and waited for an answer. When I didn't say anything, he just carried on. "Well the class is starting their assignments which you will do in pairs. I picked names out of a hat and your partner is…" Mr. Balls made a flamboyant gesture of flipping through his notebook and I wondered if he might enjoy cross-dressing in his spare time.

"Hershel Brunowski."


"Your partner is Hershel Brunowski."

Who the hell is Hershel Brunowski?

I turned away from Mr. Balls and ran my eyes down the class, looking for empty seats. To my horror, the only person without someone next to them was Buff Man, and from the look he gave me, I knew this wouldn't end well.

Reluctantly making my way towards him, I slammed my books down on the desk and fell into the chair.

"I didn't choose to sit here. I'm only sitting here because there are no other seats available and I have no idea who Hershel Brunowski is." I said stiffly, staring straight ahead.

"I'm Hershel Brunowski." Buff Man said in a low voice, slightly confused. "You didn't know my name?"


I turned to him in surprise. Buff Man, who was evidently the Butt Man, did not look like a Hershel.

"Now what are we meant to be doing?" I asked him. I had no idea what assignment Mr. Balls was talking about.

"No idea but that's not the important thing. The important thing is discussing what deal we're going to make."


"Yes." Buff Man said confidently.

And then I remembered that Buff Man knew my secret, and that for some twisted reason, the universe had decided we were going to be English partners. There was no escape.

"Crud." I muttered, letting my head fall onto my desk. "What do you want?"

I heard Buff Man clear his throat nervously and suddenly I was very curious.

"Well, I'd like you to get Jess to date me."

"What?" I screamed, sitting up straight and turning to Buff Man with a look of absolute dismay.

"Is there a problem?" Mr. Balls called over to me but I ignored him and focused all my attention on the boy next to me.

"You want to date my sister?" I asked in horror.

"Yea. She's hot."

"But…aren't you already friends?"

"Yea but…I don't know if she even thinks of me like that. If you put in a good word for me and get her to date me then I won't tell anyone about the picture."

As I stared into the serious and not very attractive face of Hershel Brunowski the Butt Man, I realised that I was royally screwed.

When I got home from school, my good mood was gone. Not a trace of it was left.

It was still sunny so I decided to lie on the grass in my garden and hope that nature will work its magic and pump some positive energy back into my spirit.

That was until I noticed the black figure lying under the large plum tree in my backyard.

"Great. Just great." I grumbled, throwing my bag onto the ground and kicking it a little.

Is he and idiot? What if Jess had come home earlier and seen him? Then what? Oh Lord just the thought of Raith stresses me out.

Ready to yell at the douche, I charged towards the garden only to slam face first into the glass sliding door.

"Oh man." I groaned as I held my face in my hands. Why did I think the door was open? That really hurt.

Opening the door and stumbling my way towards the soft grass and sunshine, I collapsed onto my back next to Raith, who was wearing sunglasses. Why was he wearing sunglasses?

The coolness of the grass seemed into my back almost instantaneously, and the scent of the earth seemed to work some sort of calming effect over my whole body. The quiet stillness of the atmosphere momentarily overpowered my anger.

"Raith, do you think I have issues?" I asked as I stared at the sky.

"What the hell woman? I'm not here to listen to your problems."

He rolled away from me and I stared at his back in shock.

"Someone's PMSing." I glowered.

"Shut up bitch. I'm not in the mood."

"Then why are you lying in my backyard?"

"Because until we fix the Babu situation, I have to spend every free moment of my time making sure you don't die."

I glared at him and turned back to the open sky.

"But you told me that he couldn't kill me." I said emotionlessly.

"Doesn't mean it couldn't happen by accident. You're pretty clumsy."

Raith still wasn't looking at me and I was once again filled with annoyance at the dark haired idiot.

"Why are you wearing sunglasses?"

"Can you just shut up? If I knew you talked this much I would have never come here in the first place."

"Well it's your problem isn't it?" I retorted. "If you hadn't pushed me into stealing that stupid ring then Babu wouldn't have seen me and freaked out. What's the deal with that ring anyway?"

"What's with these God damn questions?"

I sulked and gritted my teeth together. I'm the one who should be mad at him. Why is he in such a bad mood?

We were quiet for a while, but I just couldn't help myself.

"So seriously, what is so great about this ring? Couldn't you have just got a new one? Or is it some all powerful thing like in Lord of the Rings? A one ring to rule them all sort of deal?"

He didn't answer and I chewed my lip.

"And what did you mean about taking some of my 'being'? Being means to exist right? To be? Did you take away some of my existence? Can I fix it?" My voice softened as I thought back to my breakdown and everything else I had been feeling lately.

"I'm sorry."

Raith's quiet voice seemed sincere and I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye.

"I didn't mean to faint in front of you," He continued. "And…you can't reverse the effects. I suppose your 'being' is like you soul. It's a part of you that makes you who you are."

I cleared my throat and started running my fingers through the blades of grass.

"So you've…taking a part of me?" I whispered.

I shivered at the thought, once again realising that even though the initial shock had worn off, Raith was still dangerous.

"I've broken you just a little bit. If you've noticed something off about you then it's because of me."

What an odd way of putting it. He'd broken me.

"And so if I touch you again…" I started.

"You'll lose another part of yourself. It's hard to explain."

Raith's voice turned melancholy, and I wondered if it was lonely being a Reaper. Did he socialise with other Reapers? I was overwhelmed by the urge to comfort him but I didn't know how.

I shifted so that I was looking at his profile.


"Christ in heaven, you have a boyfriend don't you? Go annoy him with your questions."

And the cocky Raith was back, shattering any desire I had to console him.

"Speaking of Cory…you really don't have to go on that double date with us. I mean, you probably don't even have a girlfriend…" I said quickly, my face heating up.

"Excuse me?" he rolled back on his side so that he was facing me. I couldn't tell where his eyes were behind those black sunglasses, and it unnerved me.

"Huh?" I mumbled, confused.

"Why don't you think I have a girlfriend?"

"Um…well you…uh…" he had a girlfriend? No way. He travelled the world killing people and sending them to heaven and hell. Where would he get the time to date someone?

"Spit it out girl."

"Uhm…you just seem busy with…you know…death and stuff…"

Raith moved his arm so that he could lean on his elbow and rest his head on his palm.

"How many people are there in the world?" he asked.

"Um…a few billion?"

"And how many people out of the billion do you think actually do amazingly good things? Good enough to be considered saints?"

I pondered his words. I knew that the church didn't declare people saints that often at all. Maybe not many people get to become divine or damned.

"I suppose it's not often that someone is worthy enough to become an angel, or have sinned enough to become a demon." I said, cringing at how unreal and stupid that sentence even sounded. Words like 'angels' and 'demons' just don't sound right coming out of my mouth. Anyone overhearing our conversation would probably wheel me off the a mental asylum without a second thought.

Raith just nodded at my insane sentence and removed his arm so that he could lie flat on his back.

"There are other Reapers too so I do get free time." He added.

I looked away and tried to work out the ratio of the amount of people dying everyday to the amount of people who were visited by Raith or another perhaps equally attractive Reaper.

"So Reapers are neutral? Not good or equal?" I asked, playing with the dirt beneath my fingertips.

Raith nodded again and stretched his arms behind his head.

"I died with the perfect balance of good and evil deeds. It's rare but it happens."

At the mention of his death, a cool breeze swept across the grass and I shivered, wrapping my arms around myself.

"So you're not an angel but you're not a demon. You're in between?"

"I guess it's why I'm such a hot commodity and all." Raith flashed me a heartbreaking smile and I rolled my eyes. How can he talk about this so flippantly?

"Pfft, don't have a girlfriend my ass." I heard him mutter to himself. "Tegan baby, I could get any girl I wanted. Hell, I could snap my fingers and even you'd be all over me."

"As if." Alright, so I was slightly attracted to this douche but I wasn't obsessed.

"So when does your golden boy want to hang out?" Raith asked with fake enthusiasm.

"I think he wants to go out some time next week. I'll ask him what day. But, um…you have to make sure you bring a girl…" Cory would be so hurt if he found out I lied to him. Our relationship was just beginning and I didn't want it to end over something as small as a little lie.

"Chill. I'll find someone." Raith mumbled.

"But you can't touch humans…"

"Who said she'll be human?" He licked his lips and I squirmed.

"Don't do anything stupid, you jerk. Oh, and make sure she's brunette, tall and pretty."

"No problem."

"Oh and one more thing."


"No more appearing randomly in my room at night. Rule number two remember?"

Raith snorted.

"I never said I'd follow rule number two. It was a maybe."

"This isn't up for negotiation." I sat up and pointed aggressively in his direction. "If you don't follow at least this rule then…then…" What could I do? I couldn't physically hit him.

"Then you'll what?" Raith challenged, also sitting up and probably glaring at me from behind those dark glasses.

"Then...then…then I'll start crying!" I shouted.

Raith clenched his jaw and leaned closer towards me.

"I don't have time for your stupid ultimatums." He hissed, his words grating on my ears as a chill seeped into my fingers and toes.

I felt a change in the atmosphere.

The air became thicker and harder to breathe, and my head started pounding uncontrollably. I could hear the beat of my heart drumming, the rhythm of my pulse in my veins. I felt something wet run down my lips and I raised a finger to my nose. It came away red with blood and I choked, bile rising up into the back of my throat and burning my oesophagus in the process.

I tried to speak but my tongue felt swollen and fat, and my mouth wouldn't open. Blood was pouring out of my nose now, a red gushing river that fell into the grass and painted the ground a canopy of maroon and crimson.

I couldn't move. I couldn't blink. My eyes watered and a scream threatened to burst from my frozen lungs.

Raith suddenly smirked, the expression inspiring fear right down to my very core.

Then he was gone and I collapsed onto the grass, breathing hard and wishing that I had never met a monster like him.

The weekend rolled by alarmingly fast, but not without any mishaps.

Jess was still gloating about winning the lame showcase, so she was out every night celebrating and doing who knew what. Pole dancing probably.

Because I was such a good sister, I had to keep lying to my mum to save her sorry ass and my excuses were getting more and more outrageous. They ranged from something like, 'She's doing homework at a friends house.' to 'she's helping tutor the new Japanese exchange student Popo, who can't speak English.'

I suppose it didn't matter since my mother didn't even listen to my excuses. I don't know why she had decided to bake us muffins that Tuesday morning but since then she's returned to her usual distant self. My dad was also far, far away on some business trip. At least that's the excuse he's been using. He's been gone for so long that I don't even know if he's ever coming back.

Then, seeing as we were almost three quarters through the term, tests and assignments were starting so I ended up cramming and crying and freaking out almost every night. School always had a habit of catching up on me. I'd think I'd have everything under control and then bam there's a test tomorrow and I've left half my books at school.

Gina and Lizzy were still not talking. Gina really needed to hurry up and forgive the poor girl. Life just wasn't the same without their friendly bickering all the time. It made lunch time really quiet and not right.

Cory kept trying to get me to sit with him and his friends at lunch. I didn't really know why I kept declining. I suppose I was nervous and really didn't feel like dealing with new people. I would have to make a good impression and get along with them while at the same time try not to seem like a suck up or a try hard. It was just too much effort.

Thus, like usual, I was jubilant when Friday night came along.

"Don't forget you're baby sitting tomorrow night." my mum told me when she got home from work and saw me washing the dishes.

Babysitting? Oh crud. I forgot all about that.

"Do I know them?" I asked.

"No but they're very important clients so you must do a good job."

"Oh ok. How old are the children?"

"One is five, and another is eight."

Oh dear. I really hoped they weren't the out of control type of kids that you saw on those nanny TV shows.

"You must do a good job." She repeated before walking away and leaving me alone with a sink full of soapy dishes.

I let out a sigh and squeezed my eyes shut.

Sometimes I really wish she cared. Only sometimes.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Sarah, the five year old bundle of joy (sarcasm) asked me as she and her eight year old brother tortured me at the dinner table.


"What does he look like?"

"Tall…blonde…blue eyes…"

"How old is he?"

"Um…" Good question, annoying little girl. How old is he? I thought he was a year older than me, but I wasn't too sure. "He's eighteen." I hoped. This was a bad sign that I didn't even know the age of my boyfriend.

"Have you kissed him?"

"Can you shut up?"

"Brian! Don't talk to your sister like that." I scolded. But thank you, young boy, because I had been thinking exactly the same thing.

"What are you going to do about it bitch?"

"Don't use that word Brian." This boy was seven! Or eight. Whatever. Where did he learn these words?

"I repeat. What are you going to do about it bitch?"

I hated children. Well not all children, just little smart asses like this brat.

I sighed, standing up and collecting the plates. Brian had been throwing peas in my hair the whole time, and Sarah had been singing some annoying pop song at the top of her lungs. I was never doing this again. I wasn't even being paid for it.

"Why don't you kids go watch TV?" I told them as I rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

"We're not allowed to watch TV after seven." Sarah whined, playing with her dirty blonde pig tails.

"You're such a goody goody. Shut up." And with that, Brian walked into the living room and turned on the TV.

Sarah looked at me in confusion but when I smiled and nodded, she followed her brother.

I stacked the dishwasher, glad for the peace and quiet until I heard screaming from the next room.

"Give it to me!"


"Give. It. To. Me."

"I said no!"

"You whore!"


Oh man. Putting down a cracked mug, I ran into the room just in time to see Brian pulling Sarah's hair and Sarah hitting him with the remote.

"Stop it you two!" I screamed, grabbing their shirt collars and separating them.

"Don't touch me!" Brian hissed, slapping my hand away and kicking Sarah. She burst into tears and let go of the remote, which he aptly picked up and started flipping through the channels.

"Brian! Apologize to your sister!" I demanded, reaching out and patting Sarah on the back. She just wailed louder and ran away somewhere.

"Nope. And move bitch."


He spat at me and I gave up.

"Right, I don't care anymore."

Fed up, I went back into the kitchen and sat there for a while, looking at all the happy pictures hanging on the walls.

I jumped when I heard my phone ring.


All I heard was barking.

"Hello?" I repeated a bit louder.

"The plan is back on!" Someone shouted over the noise.

"Lizzy?" That was surprising. Lizzy didn't call people often. It was only recently that she had been ringing me. She must be determined to carry out Operation Cupcake.

"Yea. Gina has forgiven me, so now we're back to business. How do you suggest we work on the weakest link?"


I stopped talking as I heard screaming from the next room. Jesus Christ not again.

"What's going on?"Lizzy asked as I rushed into the living room again.

"Brian! Stop hitting Sarah!"

"But she's trying to take the remote, the skank."

"Are you baby sitting?" Lizzy gasped, as both the kids screamed at each other.

"Yea. It's terrible."

"Want me to come over and help you out?" Lizzy was amazing with kids and I kicked myself for not thinking of this earlier.

"If you don't mind…"

"Yea it's cool. I'll get Paul to give me a ride."

I gave her the address and ten long, scream filled minutes later, I heard Paul's car in the driveway.

"Lizzy! Thank God you're here!" I cried once I opened the door and saw her smiling face.

I waved at Paul, who waved back before driving away.

"Wow. How did you manage to convince him to drive you here?" I asked.



"Alright, where are these little ones?"

Fifteen minutes later, and Lizzy had the children sound asleep in their rooms.

"Oh my God, you're amazing." I told her as we sat on the couch and watched TV.

"Yea don't worry about it. Oh but Tegan!"


"The plan is back on!"

"I know. You told me over the phone."

"But what I didn't tell you is that Gina and I have come up with the perfect situation to break the weakest link."


"The teambuilding weekend thing!"


"Well we'll all be stuck in that hotel together..."


"And," she gave me an annoyed look, "it is the perfect opportunity for us to bond with the weakest link and also get her away from Sabrina! Now here's what we were thinking…"

I zoned out as Lizzy began her spiel but I didn't argue. Partially because I was half watching some reality TV show and not really paying attention, but also because, as usual, I had nothing better to do.


Oh my golly gosh it's been a while hasn't it? I know what you're all thinking and I'M SORRY!!!! I will try harder to update more often but it just takes so much time!

Now I can guarantee that the next chapter will be up in about a week (since most of it is already written) but after that I'm not sure when I'll be able to update because I'm going away for two weeks without internet access :S But we'll see how we go.


DomoKun Rainbokinz
2011-06-18 . chapter 15

Oh my god I stayed up till like 12 reading this, this is insanely good! and i'm really starting to wonder who the hell Smile is, and what happened to her. I'm thinking maybe the smile guy tried to kill her? or maybe killed the megan girl? Can't wait!

now some critiquing *dun dun dun* there's a few spelling mistakes, and some grammar too, but that's kind of it. but good luck on your story!

also, i'll be posting a story sometime soon, maybe next week, it'll be great if you check it out! i still haven't gotten a title, but search up my username (DomoKun Rainbokinz). i'd really, super appreciate it if you could give a review, and i will love you forever 3 and i'm no creeper lol :P

Lorelei Ravencroft
2011-05-28 . chapter 15

Haha I love how she says 'what the flip' and I love Raith even more ;) Can they kiss without things going all weird and what not? Those two NEED to get together! NOW! please! Update soon!

Lorelei Ravencroft
2011-05-28 . chapter 14

I find it funny that Raith never knew her name until now... Kind of sad though, isn't it? Lol

Lorelei Ravencroft
2011-05-28 . chapter 13

Nope. Still don't like Cory. TEAM RAITH ALL THE WAY BABY!

Jenna Lovett
2011-05-24 . chapter 15

heyy sorry i havent reviewed in a while! fp was being so weird and not letting me. anywayyy! of course i loved the past two chapters! it shows in your writing that you know exactly what you want to say/write...or maybe you have a good way of hiding that youre just winging it. soo i kinda sorta want to know more about raith. i hope he shows up more...a lot more :) great job and i hope you update pronto!

2011-05-19 . chapter 15

One of the best chapters yet! And stress relieving, my whole week has been insane; English project, Science outline, ECAs in Algebra, and a Choir concert next week! Anyways, enough of me rambling... UPDATE! ;)

2011-05-15 . chapter 15

this was a good chap. i cant wait for the next one

2011-05-15 . chapter 15

Love this story! Very funny and well written cant wait to read more. If u can check out my book. Its my first on fictionpress. Its a little rough but its good. = )

2011-05-15 . chapter 15

Oh myyyy...^.^ Raith is amazing...Hehe. Im glad Gina and Lizy sorta worked out their problems...:D Haha. So, whatever Tegan's problem is, it has something to do with being a ballerina, right? Yes? No? Hmmm...I dunno. Cant wait for more!

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