Death and all His Friends

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Alone again.

The thought of the future filled me with a heavy uncertainty. I couldn’t hide from it any more. Everything Morgue has said was true. I was in danger and frankly, I didn’t know what to do.

I bit my lip and ignored the goosebumps forming on my arms with each breath I took. It would be okay. It had to be. The past few days had been so surreal and amazing. It couldn’t end like this. I wouldn’t let it.

So I pushed the dark thoughts to the back of my mind and focussed on more immediate things. I had to fix one thing at a time and what better place to start than with my sister.

With conviction, I walked downstairs, determined to apologize to Jess whether she liked it or not.

My footsteps were heavy and slow and with each step wished I could sink into the carpet and disappear forever. But of course my problems couldn’t be solved so easily. If only life could be simple.

I walked into the sitting area and saw Jess curled up on the couch eating a tub of ice cream and watching Gossip Girl.

“Hey.” I said as I came closer and sat down next to her.

Jess just glanced at me and then looked back at the TV.

Her silence was cold and icy. It gave me chills and left me feeling empty and desolate.

I swallowed nervously. She was really mad at me.

“You shouldn’t eat so much ice cream. Aren’t you always telling me that I’d get fat if I ate so many desserts?” I asked jokily with a feeble smile.

Jess ignored me and each second bit into me like little needles of ice.

“I’m really sorry about before. I know you were only looking out for me.” I said to the silence.

I got nothing and I didn’t know what else to say.

“I’ll try to be more careful next time. Can you forgive me?”

Jess suddenly switched off the TV, dumped the ice cream on the table and walked away.

I watched her go up the stairs and as soon as she was gone I felt the tears run free from my eyes.

There had often been times when I’ve fought with my sister but it was never this serious. I didn’t know what she wanted from me. I said I was sorry. What else could I do? She had no idea what I was going through. The least she could do was be there for me.

I picked up the tub of ice cream and ate a spoonful.

It tasted good but it didn’t make me feel any better.

Was I being selfish? Should I just let her cool down for a few days?

I just didn’t know what to do.

Trying to ignore that old feeling of loneliness that I thought I had left behind forever, I sat on the couch and watched some mindless TV until I heard the garage door open.

“Hi mum.” I called out when my mother walked through the back door.

“Hello Tegan. How are you?” My mother asked in a distracted tone, heading to the kitchen and pulling out some leftovers from the fridge.

“Fine.” I mumbled, watching this woman who was almost like a stranger to me.

In her crisp business suit, black pumps and hair pulled tightly into a bun, my mother had never looked so distant.

“How was work?” I asked, just to make things less awkward.

“Look Tegan, I’m really busy. I have a whole stack of paper work I need to get through tonight so I can’t talk.” She snapped.

My mother pulled her plate of spaghetti out of the microwave and picked up her brief case.

“Mum?” I said quickly before she could disappear into the study.

“What?” she asked, finally turning to actually look at me with her cold blue eyes.

I took a deep breath and let loose the words hanging from the tip of my tongue.

“I love you.”

There was a very long pause as I let the words sink in.

I watched as my mother’s face slowly contorted from an expression of annoyance and disinterest to a look of pure shock.

“I…um…I’m sorry. I’m really busy.” She said uncomfortably, though her voice cracked and sounded weak.

She stared at me for a long moment before turning away. For a second I thought I heard her sniff but it may have been my imagination.

I rubbed my eyes.

I didn’t know what I wanted from my mother. I didn’t even know why I put her on the spot like that. She finds it hard to look at me because I remind her of Megan so we never really talk.

I guess I hoped that one day my mother would look at me and not get that pained expression on her face.

I guess I hoped that one day my mother would see me as Tegan and not just a washed out version of my long dead sister.

I think I fell asleep on the couch that night.

I felt exhausted, both mentally and physically. I was cold but it was a weird kind of chill. It was as if the coldness was coming from inside of me, eating away at me from the inside out. It hurt and so I closed my eyes and willed it to go away. I curled up and thought of a happier time.

The next thing I remembered was the sound of birds tweeting and the front door slamming.

I woke up groggy and waited for my eyes to adjust to the light trickling in through the gap in the curtains. Everything slowly came back into focus and I made out the distorted images on the TV and the sticky pool of melted icecream on the coffee table.


I sat up and stretched, letting out a loud yawn that sounded more like the mating call of a killer whale. My whole body was stiff so I massaged my shoulders while my mind still struggled to get out of sleep land.

When I was feeling significantly more awake, I looked at the clock and immediately wanted to bash my head into the wall.

How is it already eight o’clock? Damnit why didn’t Jess wake me up?

Reluctantly switching off the television, which was playing my all-time favourite cartoon Sailor Moon, I ran upstairs and into my room.

As I ripped my school shirt off its hanger and put my socks on inside out, I realised that something about my room was different.

I stopped my hurried dressing and looked around.

Everything seemed to still be in its proper place amidst all the clothes and paper on the floor.

Then I realised that Raith’s big black bag was gone.

I suddenly sat down on the floor.

I hadn’t seen him at all last night after I heard Morgue’s warning. Maybe he had listened to her and left. But he would have said goodbye to me first, right?

There was a hairbrush lying under my bed and I picked it up and started running it through my hair.

Did something happen to him? Did they find him?

I yanked at a particularly large knot and ripped out a chunk of my hair. I winced in pain but the sensation knocked me out of my reverie.

“Right, I have to go to school.” I mumbled, standing up.

I wandered into the bathroom and started layering on foundation and concealer to cover my bruises.

Nevertheless, I still felt dazed and my thoughts always came back to Raith.

If something had happened to him, his bag would still be in my room so he definitely must have left by his own will.

I finished doing my makeup and cringed at my reflection in the mirror. I looked like a total cake face but it had to do. I didn’t have time to do my makeup any better or make it look more natural.

Perhaps Raith left a note.

I walked back into my bedroom and shifted all the stuff on my desk, trying to see if Raith had written anything on the scrap bits of paper that were lying everywhere.

There was nothing.

It was almost eight thirty so I gave up my search and swung my school bag over my shoulder.

Seriously, what happened to him?

I went back downstairs and grabbed a box of cereal to eat on the walk to school. The melted ice cream was still on the table and I had a 2 nanosecond debate whether or not to clean it up. Then I realised I was wasting time so I ran out the door, well aware that I was beyond late.

As I sprinted to school, munching and crunching my way through the box of Kellogs CrunchyNut, Raith would not get out of my head.

I didn’t believe that he would have just left. He’d definitely come back. He was probably just out and about sending souls to Purgatory or something.

But why did I even care so much? I should be glad he’s gone and not causing me any trouble. He’s nothing but a nuisance. And yet, if he did leave then why didn’t he say anything?

Raith occupied my thoughts all the way to Kensington High. Even when I got to school and walked in through those big double doors, I was still in my own little fantasy world. I was so distracted that I almost didn’t notice Lizzy running towards me until she was a meter away and flinging her arms around my neck.

“You came to school today!” she cried happily, hugging me and dragging me through the empty hallways towards my locker.

“Yeah.” I said with a small smile. “Why aren’t you in class?”

“Free period.” Lizzy said proudly, sitting on the ground next to me as I fiddled with my lock. “Your face looks so much better today!” she added.

I snorted.

“It’s the makeup.”

I couldn’t find my timetable so I assumed I had maths first. That thought was certainly sobering. Reluctantly, I pulled out my heavy calculator, a few pens and my notebook.

“But what actually happened?” Lizzy enquired, her big blue eyes peering at me curiously.

I knew the question would come but I was surprised no one had asked me earlier.

“Um…someone tried to rob me and I guess they got mad that I didn’t have any money.” I said quickly, using Raith’s lie.

“Oh my God!” Lizzy exclaimed, grabbing my arm in sympathy. “Did you report it?”

“No. I didn’t see what they look like and I don’t want to get into a complicated mess.”

It was a weak excuse but Lizzy bought it so that was one less thing to worry about.

Lizzy walked me to maths and I ignored the dark look the teacher gave me when I came in 20 minutes late.

She was old and I’m sure she’s seen worse in her lifetime so whatever.

Gina, who sat at the desk next to mine, gave me a curious look but I motioned that I’d talk to her later. I didn’t feel chatty today and decided that maybe I should actually try to get some work done.

Maths passed relatively quickly and then I had a free period so I went to the library to sleep on the bean bags.

Too bad Lizzy had a double free period that morning so she managed to find me and talk my ears off about every single thing I had missed yesterday.

“And the cafeteria served this weird casserole thing that I didn’t really want to eat but I ate it anyway and then I wanted to buy some milk but I didn’t have enough money so Gina bought it for me and I forgot to bring her the money today so now I feel really bad.”


“And then we went and sat outside because it was such a nice day and Gina just stared at Jason the whole time even though I’m pretty sure Jason hates us now because we’re friends with you and you said he drugged Sabrina.”


“And then we had a year 11 and 12 meeting about the teambuilding weekend thing which starts this Friday and goes until Sunday-”

“Whoa what?” I sat up suddenly. This was news to me. “The teambuilding thing starts on Friday?”

“Yeah! We all need to meet at that hotel Noir down on the harbourside. Isn’t it exciting? And don’t forget to bring your dress that you bought for the dance!”

Lizzy was positively beaming with excitement and I watched her blonde curls bounce up and down with each word she said.

“You’re regrowth is getting pretty bad.” I said to interrupt her verbal vomit.

“I know. I’m thinking of dying it back to brown.” Lizzy started playing with a strand of her hair and I let out a huff.

“You haven’t seen Cory lately, have you?” I asked. The text messages and phone calls had stopped and though a part of me was glad, another part was worried.

“He hasn’t been to school yet.” Lizzy said, sounding distracted as she took out her pocket mirror and started fixing her slightly smudged eyeliner. “But don’t worry about him.”

I wish it was as simple as that.

The last time I had seen Cory was at the mall when he threatened to kill himself. I really hoped he was okay.

After all, no news was good news right?

My day, however, seemed to get worse by the second.

I went to English and totally forgot that I was meant to be presenting the assignment with Buff Man today. Well it was meant to be yesterday but I wasn’t there so surprise, surprise, instead of doing it without me, Buff Man made Mr. Balls reschedule our presentation to today.

What a douche.

I didn’t even know what I was meant to do.

“Okay Tegan and Hershel. You two can present your analysis on Dracula today.” Mr. Balls said with a seedy smile as soon as I walked into the classroom. Yeesh he’s such an asshat.

“You can start.” Hershel said as we stood up and faced the 23 other students who were going to watch us fail.

“Nuh uh. You saw the presentations yesterday so you start. At least you have an idea on what we’re meant to talk about.” I hissed to him.

“I was sleeping through most of it.”

“Then that’s your fault isn’t it!”

“Will you two stop whispering to each other and start?” Mr. Balls said in an annoyed tone, scratching his beard with one scrawny hand.

Let me just say that the next ten minutes involved me bluffing my way through the whole speech and Buff Man adding very little to what I had to say. It really made me wonder what we had been doing in class these past few weeks since I swear I haven’t learnt a single thing. I’m just glad that I recently watched the Dracula movie because otherwise I’d be screwed. Though to be honest, I only really remember the scenes when Keanu Reeves is topless.

English was a double period so we suffered through more pointless presentations on random books from different genres before finally being allowed to eat lunch.

“Thank God.” I muttered as I pushed my way through the crowd of people and into the cafeteria.

I lined up and was so close to getting food when someone started tugging at my sleeve.

“What are you doing?” I demanded as I turned and saw one of Cory’s friends trying to drag me out of the cafeteria line.

We struggled for a bit but this guy seemed determined to rip me away from my beloved food.

“Alright! Alright! Just don’t rip my sleeve!” I cried, giving up and letting him pull me further and further away from the mouth-watering smell of buttery baked potatoes.

“Sorry Terry.” The guy said as we walked out of the cafeteria. I forgot his name but he was the mousy haired one who tried to be funny. Was it Phillip? Fred? Franics? Filmore?

We walked past the long line of students eagerly rushing past us to get lunch and I frowned bitterly. This better be damn important or I’ll actually eat this guy.

Out in the slowly emptying hallway, Filmore led me into a deserted history classroom and quickly shut the door behind us.

“Hurry up. I’m really hungry.” I said as my stomach growled. “And why do we have to hide in here?”

I looked around at the dusty, stingy room which smelt like old textbooks and moths.

“Well I can’t be seen talking to Kensington’s most notorious girl can I?” Filmore said with a wide, cheesy smile.

I gave him a flat look to show that I wasn’t amused and he quickly put on his serious face.

“I just want to warn you about Cory.” He said very solemnly.

My eyes widened in surprise and I slowly sat down on top of one of the desks.

“What about him?” I prompted, my curiosity reaching new and exciting heights.

“Well he’s been acting funny.” Filmore said uncertainly, unable to meet my eyes and staring at his sneakers instead.


Filmore seemed to get more uncomfortable by the second and I guess he might have felt like he was betraying his friend.

“Well he stopped shaving and eating…and he’s been having these mood swings. I haven’t seen him in a while but I think he’s getting worse.”

Filmore started playing with his fingers nervously and I felt a heavy weight settle in the pit of my stomach.

I already knew Cory was going downhill but I waited to see if this boy had anything else he wanted to say.

“All he does is talk about you. He says he hears voices in his head telling him that he can’t live without you. We all thought he was going crazy.” Filmore mumbled.

I swallowed nervously and bit my lip. He hears voices in his head?

“I know the other guys think he’s just taking this break up a bit hard but…I’m worried.” Filmore gave me a look that was filled with such raw emotion that I suddenly felt immense pity for him.

“Don’t worry about it.” I said, echoing Lizzy’s words. “He’ll get over it.”

“No I don’t think he will.” Filmore said loudly. I slid off the desk and moved closer to him with a frown on my face.

“What do you mean?” I asked, my eyes locked with his own.

“I think Cory is starting to believe the voices. I think he actually thinks he can’t live without you. I don’t know what he’s planning but he’ll do anything to get you back. I’m sorry.” Filmore suddenly turned and ran out of the room like a guilty school boy.

I was left standing there stunned.

What the flip was that about?

I wasn’t hungry anymore. Not after what Filmore had said.

Instead, I sat down and rested my head on an empty desk.

It was becoming too much. Why was everything spiralling out of control? Why wouldn’t this nightmare end?

As I felt my chest tighten and my breathing become strained, I sincerely prayed to God that Cory wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Jess was still ignoring me when I came home from school and Raith was nowhere in sight.

I was too exhausted to try to sort anything out so I just went to bed early.

I wasn’t afraid that night. I suppose I was too stressed and tired to feel any fear. My head was spinning with scrambled and disjointed thoughts that didn’t make any sense. Every time I tried to clear my mind, it felt like I was wading my way through thick, cold water that sucked the energy out of me with each passing second, leaving me more tangled and broken than before.

I found it hard to sleep but when I did, I didn’t dream. Instead, I woke up feeling refreshed and slightly rejuvenated.

I moved through the next day like I was on autopilot. I woke up, ate, dressed and went to school. I barely remembered anything that happened or anything that was said. It was all the same. The same familiar faces, the same people, the same things happening again and again like my life was on some mundane loop.

Cory was still MIA, everyone was still gossiping about me and Sabrina, and the cafeteria was still serving sucky food.

All in all, it was an ordinary day.

However, as I was walking home, it felt as if someone was watching me. I glanced around several times but couldn’t see anything but the sunshine and the trees and houses.

I kept walking but I felt the presence again, lurking just out of sight but definitely there. It felt similar to the night Morgue followed Raith and I home but this time Raith wasn’t here and I was pretty sure it wasn’t Morgue either.

Feeling shivers run down my spine, I picked up my pace and walked faster, almost running by the time I got to my house.

Getting my keys out with shaky hands, I unlocked the door and dived in, slamming it behind me and locking it twice.

As I sat on the floor breathing hard, I felt like an idiot.

There was probably nothing out there. After all, who would be following me in broad daylight?

I was just being paranoid as usual.

I packed my bags Friday morning, ready for a weekend of teambuilding hell.

We didn’t have to wear our uniforms but there were somewhat strict dress requirements like no crop tops or extremely short shorts or micro skirts.

I really wanted to see what Sabrina and her posse were going to wear now. But knowing them, they’d probably wear their skanky outfits anyway. Either that or some overpriced designer garments that look no different to the stuff you can buy at any generic clothes shop.

I almost forgot to bring my dress with me as I left the house and the only reason I went back to get it was the thought of how Lizzy would react if I showed up without it.

As I left my room with my suitcase feeling like it was at least a kilo heavier, I saw Jess come out of her room rubbing her eyes.

“Well I’ll be gone for the weekend.” I told her as I walked down the stairs.

Jess didn’t say anything and just looked at me with blank eyes.

I sighed.

How long could she keep up the silent treatment for?

I turned away and walked down the staircase without another word, hoping that by the end of this weekend, Jess would miss me enough to start talking to me again.

“Bye.” I called over my shoulder before I opened the door and stepped out into the chilly morning.

Lizzy was meeting me at the bus stop and we were going to catch the early morning bus down to the harbourside.

As I walked in the grey dawn, I felt a prickling sensation on the back of my neck.

I looked around but the street was deserted. Just a few birds perched in a tree singing their morning song.

I turned back and kept walking, ignoring the feeling of being watched. Soon enough I’ll be with Lizzy and the feeling would pass. I just had to put up with it for now.

The journey to the bus stop took way longer than I had anticipated, mostly because I couldn’t help but glance over my shoulder a few times along the way.

It didn’t matter though. There was always nothing there, nothing but petit little houses that looked so similar that is was like they were cookies cut with the same cookie cutter.

The morning was cold and fresh, chilling my cheeks and making my nose runny. My big duffle bag was getting heavy on my shoulder and every so often I had to stop and readjust it like an off-balanced turtle.

Eventually I saw the bus stop and Lizzy sitting on a nearby bench fixing her make up.

“Hey!” I called out, glad to have some company.

Lizzy looked up and smiled brightly, waving me over to sit next to her.

“You straightened your hair.” I said as I dumped my bag on the floor and took a seat.

“Yup. I felt like a change.” Lizzy suddenly giggled. “I’m so excited!” she cried.

Gina arrived a few minutes later, sitting down with a strained expression on her face.

“What’s up?” I asked her as she took out a muesli bar and started chewing on it.

“I hate mornings.” She said with a rusty voice.

Then the bus came and we all got on, feeling like it was a little too early to have a lengthy conversation.

The uneven jerking of the bus was soothing in a way and I think all three of us napped a little before we arrived at the harbourside roughly ten minutes later.

Then we were dragging our bags to the hotel Noir which was situated right next to the water.

“It’s really dead in the morning.” I said as I looked around at the deserted docks.

It looked so sad and empty with no people around, no street performers and no boats bobbing up and down on the water.

All the restaurants and shops were closed except for a few café’s that were serving coffee and breakfast muffins to passing strangers.

I felt an odd pang of sadness remembering the last time I had been here with Raith. We had been sitting right by the water watching the sun set.

I held a hand to my chest at the weird empty feeling that I suddenly felt. Stupid Raith. Why did I miss him so much? He’s such a jerk. He splashed dirty harbour water on me.

“I wonder how many people are going to be there.” Gina said, interrupting my thoughts.

I looked around and didn’t spot anyone who was around our age. Maybe we were insanely early or just really late.

“Come on. Let’s get to the hotel so I can put my suitcase down.” Lizzy said perkily. She had brought along a massive suitcase that looked like the type of thing you’d only take on international flights. I really wanted to know what she packed but I couldn’t be bothered to listen to her long lengthy explanations this early in the morning.

The three of us walked towards the left side of the harbour where a small cluster of tall buildings were located.

One of them was a towering thing of black granite with the gold embellished letters of ‘Noir’ scrawled across the glossy reflective windows.

“I guess that’s it.” I said in a flat voice. I really wasn’t looking forward to this weekend.

“Oh how pretty!” Lizzy exclaimed with a massive, toothy smile. “Let’s go!”

She happily strutted forward and led the way towards the extravagant foyer of the grand hotel.

We managed to drag our bags through the big glass doors and stood in the reception area, our mouths agape at the 5 star quality of the furnishings, the people and everything else in the room.

“Wow, classy.” Lizzy said as she stared at the massive chandelier hanging above our heads and the shiny marble floors.

The hotel seemed to be going for a theme of gold and black because I swear everything was painted in these two colours. It was a little trippy.

The chairs were all lined with gold, the tables were all made of a really black wood and even the tapestries were made of black with gold stitching. The floor consisted of alternate squares of black and gold while the walls were an extremely pale gold colour with thin black dividing lines at certain intervals.

The hotel staff also wore uniforms of black with gold trim which made them blend into the background like human chameleons. The women wore tight, knee-length black dresses with a ribbon of gold along their collars whilst the men wore black business pants and shirts with a gold lined pocket.

After taking it all in, I could only find one word to describe this place.


Once my eyes got over the initial onslaught of colour abuse, I noticed that there was a large group of teenagers just standing around and I realised that they were all either from Kensington High or Sheridan Prep.

“Wasn’t there meant to be another school here?” Lizzy asked as we joined the crowd.

“Yea. Dellacruse Academy or something like that.” Gina replied, still looking like she needed at least a few more hours of sleep.

We waited around a while longer before a bus pulled up in front of the hotel and about fifty boys got off.

“Oh my God.” Lizzy said in fear, grabbing my arm tightly.

Gina even let out a small whimper.

I could understand why.

The boys of Dellacruse Academy looked like they belonged in jail or some other high security place where they wouldn’t be able to get out.

They were scary.

Even through the windows I could see that they all wore baggy ripped jeans, daggy oversized t-shirts and dirty sneakers. Some had tattoos and piercings but every single one of them had a haggard, dark look on their face like they were going to kill the next thing that moved.

“Please don’t leave me alone with one of them.” Lizzy whispered in my ear, her face contorted into a mask of distaste and fear.

I frowned.

I couldn’t imagine Raith going to a place like Dellacruse with all these other boys. He looked so tame compared to some of these buffed up giants.

As the boys trickled in escorted by what looked like security guards, all the scattered groups of teenagers in the lobby kind of came together so that we were gathered in one big crowd. Safety in numbers I guess. There was no doubt everyone was scared shitless and wondering why our trusted education facilitators would leave us in this situation without any guns or weapons for protection.

We were so terrified that none us noticed the stocky blonde woman in a black business suit until she appeared in front of the reception desk and called for our attention.

“Attention students. My name is Ms Etherington.” She said in a pompous voice.

I cringed. She reminded me a little of my mother’s friend Coralline.

“Now I hope you all know why you are here.” Ms Etherington continued, her sharp dark eyes taking in every face in the crowd. “A few months ago, there was an incident of bullying reported between schools…”

I went red and Lizzy and Gina looked at me.

“Now the heads of both Kensington High School and Sheridan Preparatory have decided to hold this little team building weekend for year 11 and 12 students to promote mateship and cooperation between schools.”

“Then why are we here Miss?” One of the boys from Dellacruse shouted.

Ms Etherington sniffed distastefully and cleared her throat.

“You, young man, are here because we thought this little weekend might be a good opportunity for you Dellacruse boys to also do some socialising.”

“Yea ‘cause there’s nothing but dirt to play with out where you live.” Someone from Sheridan said with a snort.

The Dellacruse dude reacted instantly by punching the guy in the face, instigating a full blown fight as everyone joined in.

“Oh God.” Lizzy cried as we watched fists fly and people scream as all the boys beat each other senseless.

Ms Etherington was trying but failing to regain order and control and it was not until one of the security guards blew on a really loud whistle that everyone stopped.

“You punks all stand still and shut up!” the guy yelled, his face red with rage.

All the guys immediately froze and the other security guards pushed them roughly away from each other.

“Now I don’t want to see anyone starting anymore shit, you hear me?” the guy yelled again with a menacing tone.

Everyone nodded uneasily and slowly things calmed down again.

“Uhm yes, please settle children.” Ms Etherington said timidly, strands of grey hair sticking out of her bun. “This weekend is meant to strengthen ties between schools, not break them. Now everyone will be sharing a room with someone from their school so if you line up behind your respective teachers, you will each be assigned a room number and key.”

“Sharing a room?” Lizzy said with growing anticipation. “I wonder who I’ll be with!”

“I hope we’re together.” Gina mumbled, her eyes downcast.

“Me too.” I added, stepping into line behind a short Asian girl.

There were a lot of people so it took forever for everyone to get a key. Tensions were high between schools and I could tell it was only a matter of time before another fight broke out. Maybe then they’d cancel this whole stupid thing.

Eventually we made it to the front and a teacher I had never met before asked for my name and handed me a key along with the name of the person I’d be sharing a room with.

As I stood out of the way and read the slip of paper, I heard Lizzy yelling happily that she and Gina were roommates.

“Who do you have?” Gina asked me as my two friends high fived each other.

“Oh God.” I said, my eyes glued to the name written on my sheet.

“What? Who is it?” Lizzy demanded, ripping the piece of paper from my fingers. A second later, her face fell and she patted me awkwardly on the back.

Gina peered over her shoulder and made a face.

“Wow. You are so unlucky.” She said to me quite seriously.

“I know.” I replied darkly.

“Well who knows, it might not be that bad.” Gina said, attempting to sound positive.

“Gina, I have to share a room with Sabrina Saintly; the girl who thinks I’m her lovesick stalker! Good God what am I going to do?” I wailed.

My friends could only look at me with pity and I wanted to punch the wall.

This was going to be a long weekend.

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