Death and all His Friends

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Friends are nice.

It was dark and green and slimy and cold. It was so very cold. The cold was like a shock to my nervous system that made my muscles cramp and freeze like stone. I slammed my eyes shut and prayed that the toxic chemicals wouldn’t make me go blind.

Something brushed my foot and I wanted to scream because there were rumours of giant mutant fish dwelling in the dark murky depths. I couldn’t scream though. If I opened my mouth then the toxic water would enter my body and turn me into some grotesque monster like the Hulk.

I struggled to reach the surface, each movement leaving me weak and disoriented. I was close though. I saw light from behind my closed eyelids and stretched out my arms as far as I could.

Finally I broke the surface of the water and screamed in relief.

My hair was in a tangled mess on my face so I swept the damp strands back and choked on the disgusting taste of the water in my mouth. It tasted like chemicals or something; a strong soapy detergent taste mixed with something revolting.

As I treaded water, I saw that my fellow Group 12 members were trying to throw me the tug of war rope so I could pull myself up. However, they were having a hard time because they were all laughing too much.

I felt disgusting. It was like my skin was crawling with invisible bugs.

My face was so slimy and wet but every time I tried to wipe it with my hands, it just made it slimier.

Sudden sprays of water made me choke again, my eyes stinging and my taste buds ready to protest and go on strike.

“Grab the rope!” Someone yelled and I splashed around trying to find it in the green.

After unsuccessfully yanking at weeds and, to my horror, what looked like the remains of a body bag, I found the heavy rope and, with Group 12 working together, they pulled me to safety.

“Are you okay?” Thomas asked as, with one last heave, the group pulled me out of the water and unto the wooden docks.

I used my nails to cling to the edge of the planks of wood and crawled myself up onto dry ground. Once I was sure I was as far away from the sludge of toxic water as I could get in my tired state, I collapsed onto my face, the cold air making my lungs ache. I couldn’t stop shivering as I started spluttering and vomiting out grey-green water all over the wood planks. Then I lay there on my stomach, breathing hard and taking gasping breaths as I went into several coughing fits.

“Ew.” I heard Sabrina mutter.

I looked up, ready to spit toxic liquid at her but went red when I realised that I had gathered quite an audience. There had to be at least four other groups, if not more, standing around me watching me with various degrees of amusement.

“Maybe you should go back to your room and take the rest of today off.” Mr. Balls said awkwardly when my shivering seemed to reach epic proportions.

Maybe? Maybe? There was no way in hell that I was going to continue with these awful exercises in stinky, wet clothes.

Without looking at anyone, I shakily stood up and dragged my heavy body away from everyone’s attention, hoping that word wouldn’t spread that I almost drowned in the toxic, polluted lake.

I spat a couple of times, hopelessly trying to get the muddy taste out of my mouth to no prevail. I really needed to have a long hot shower before this stench makes me throw up again.

The hotel still seemed miles away as I walked but I was glad that I had left most of the crowd behind. Whenever I took a step, my shoes would make a squeaky noise and water would come out.


I swallowed and persevered on my journey, trying to hang on to my dignity as I finally made it through the spinning hotel doors and left muddy footprints on the floor as I walked up the stairs to level one. I was not going to take the elevator just in case the enclosed space amplified the stink of my muddy clothes.

As I walked, I felt my pockets and for a second I thought I had dropped the key somewhere in the lake. Then I felt the sharp cold metal and sighed with relief.

I made it to room 109 and jammed the key into the keyhole so hard that I missed and ended up chipping a chunk of wood off the door. I got it on my second attempt and headed straight to the bathroom, ignoring my reflection in the mirror and turning on the hot water in the shower.

When it was the right temperature, I jumped in fully clothed and tried my best to scrub away the rank smell that would probably haunt me in my nightmares for the rest of my life.

I stayed in the shower for half an hour until I was sure I was cleansed and not going to become a man eating zombie.

Then I got out, wrapped a towel around myself and brushed my teeth for another ten minutes to get rid of that stale taste in my mouth that was driving me crazy.

Once comfortable with my hygiene again, I changed into my pyjamas because they were the softest clothes I had brought with me and put on one of those bathrobes the hotel supplied.

Then, feeling incredibly fatigued, I collapsed into my bed and picked up the remote for the television.

The complimentary bathrobe felt really fluffy and nice as I lay there and flipped through channels on TV.

I nestled my head further into the pillow and let out a wide yawn.

This was the life.

All that was missing was a big bucket of fried chicken. Maybe room service could take care of that.

I turned the volume down on my favourite episode of South Park and searched the room to find a room service menu.

After a few minutes of half-hearted looking, I found the little pamphlet in the drawer next to the bed but as soon as I opened it and read about the scrumptious menu, I was overcome with drowsiness.

Two yawns later and I was asleep.

I was running again, my feet thundering across the leafy ground as the wind rushed past my face and dried the tears falling from my eyes.

The stumbling footsteps behind me never seemed to cease, following me like a shadow with every step I took.

I lifted my arms to protect myself from the thin spindly branches that assaulted me left, right and centre like dark skeletal arms reaching out to trap me in a deathly embrace.

There was someone up ahead, standing in the middle of the darkness and shadows that crept in from every direction.

“Smile!” I screamed and this time my voice echoed out across the landscape, bouncing off the leaves and trees to surround me in a vortex of sound that thudded against my ears.

I threw my hands over my ears but picked up my pace, my eyes glued to the ethereal figure of the child in front of me.

I was almost there and something told me that as long as I reached Smile, everything would be alright; that somehow this small boy with the daggy clown costume and sad face would save me from my past, that somehow he would stop the monster behind me.

Then my pace suddenly slowed and my eyes widened as I made a sudden realisation. I couldn’t hear the footsteps behind me anymore.

A chill seemed to seep into the forest from all around me, sinking deep through my skin and into my very bones.

“Smile?” I whispered, quivering and putting my arms around myself.

There was something wrong.

The shadows seemed to grow and twist as if they were alive and hungry for blood. The already dim blue light darkened and the wind picked up.

Smile gave me one of this trademark smiles full of sorrow and tragedy before his face started to twist and distort, the milky flesh yellowing and flaking off. His lips shrunk back to reveal dirty cracked teeth and bleeding black gums.

He began to grow larger, his clothes ripping and tearing as his limbs lengthened and thinned to become almost like bones.

His hair grew and became straggly and greasy and his eyes sank until they were hollow and bloodshot.

I put my hands over my nose and mouth as the wind carried a foul stench of rotting meat. It became almost like a miasma, building up and strengthening until I thought I would throw up.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Smile, who looked like he was wasting away. I knew what was happening. I knew where the footsteps had gone.

It killed me though. It killed me as I watched Smile transform into the corpse of my sister.

I woke with a gasp, my chest heaving and my breathing erratic.

I could still smell it, that rotting odour closing in and threatening to suffocate me with every breath I took.

“Seriously, what is wrong with you?” someone said and in that instant it all disappeared and I was left staring at the plain white ceiling.

“What do you mean?” I asked, sitting up and glaring at Sabrina who was perched on her bed reading a magazine.

“It sounded like you were having an asthma attack.” She said in disinterest as she turned the page of the latest issue of Vogue.

“And you just left me there?” I demanded, crossing my arms grumpily.

Sabrina suddenly threw the magazine down and glared at me. I cowered a little under the full force of her stare. I swear those blue eyes were like lasers.

“Listen Terry, what is your problem with me?” she asked straight out. “Are you cut because I’m not in love with you like you are with me?”

My left eye twitched.

“My name is Tegan and I am not in love with you!” I shouted.

“Then why are you such a bitch to me?” Sabrina yelled back, also crossing her arms stubbornly.

“Because you’re a bitch to me!” I screamed, feeling my face heat up in anger.

Sabrina let out an almost hysterical laugh.

“Excuse me but you were the one who started acting like shit to me first.” She said with a scoff.

My mouth fell open in shock.

“Think about it.” Sabrina said seriously. “I never did anything to you but you’re the one acting like I killed your puppy or something. If you’re nice to me then I’ll be nice to you. Otherwise why would I bother associating with people that don’t like me? If you’re a bitch to me then I’ll be a bitch back to you. Simple as that.”

My face was still frozen in shock.


“No way.” I said firmly. “I never started this.”

Sabrina just rolled her eyes.

“The first time we ever spoke was at Jason’s party and you threw your drink at me-”

“That was an accident.”

“-and then Stephanie told me that you and that airhead Eliza were talking shit about me behind my back.”

Oh yea, that.

“Then I found out you had been stalking me in the holidays but I thought, oh she must like me, that explains a lot. But now you say you don’t so now I have no idea what your problem with me is.”

I was ready to leap at Sabrina and break her skinny little neck. How dare she believe that she’s the better one out of the two of us.

“Well first of all, the drink thing was an accident. I actually thought Jason was trying to drug you.” I defended, unable to look into Sabrina’s accusing eyes. “And you wrote nasty things on my locker for that anyway.”

“I did not. I can’t stop what other people do.” Sabrina said somewhat rationally.

I cleared my throat and continued my tirade.

“Second of all, the only reason I was talking to Lizzy about you like that at the fete was because of what you did to her.”

Sabrina’s eyes widened in confusion.

“Excuse me?” she said with a deathly quiet hiss. “What I did to Eliza?”

I could not believe this girl. Was she so stupid that she didn’t know what I was talking about?

We both had a stare off and after a while I realised that Sabrina actually had no idea what I was talking about.

“You know, stealing Josh from her?” I prompted with a frown.

“Josh?” Sabrina said with a shrill laugh. “Are you kidding me? She’s mad about that?”

“Yes!” I shouted. “What kind of slut takes advantage of a drunk guy who thinks he’s with another girl?”

Sabrina’s lip curled into a thin smile.

“You really have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?” she asked simply.

“What? On the night of…uh…someone’s party, Josh and Lizzy were together but when Lizzy went to get more drinks, you went and stole Josh from her and he was so far gone that he thought you were her. And he was too nice to break it off with you when you two started going out.” I said quickly, running out of breath on the last sentence.

Sabrina burst out laughing so hard she fell sideways and landed on her pillow with a poof.

“Is that what Eliza told you?” she said as she straightened herself out and brushed strands of brown hair out of her face.

I was getting more confused by the second.


“Well that’s not what happened at all.” Sabrina said proudly. “Josh never really liked Eliza. That night he approached her because he thought she was me. I suppose some people think we look similar but I don’t see it.” Sabrina scrunched up her face in revulsion but continued along with her story. “Anyways, so he approached her from behind and put his hands on her hips and started whispering in her ear. Then she turned around and he was embarrassed because he got wrong girl but because Eliza gets carried away, she threw herself at the poor boy and he didn’t want to hurt her feelings.”

Sabrina looked absolutely serious as she spoke, which made me even more confused.

“So then Eliza brought him out into the garden and proceeded to make out with him but he felt guilty using her like that so he told her to go get him another drink and when she was gone, he texted me to come and rescue him.”

Sabrina waved around her white iPhone as if challenging me to believe her.

“So I came out to him and he told me what had happened, which I found hilarious. He was really upset though, because he was best friends with Eliza’s brother so it would be awkward if he broke her heart. That’s when I said that if he pretends he’s drunk then he could just make out with me and Eliza would realise that he didn’t actually like her in that way. He was still worried about how she would react so I told him he could call me her name so that she would think he thought I was her. That way she’d get mad at me and not him. I didn’t think she’d be mad for long though. I’ve known Eliza for a long time and when we were friends, I remember she was quite fickle and often got new boyfriends after she was bored of the old ones. I didn’t know she’d turn her whole friendship group against me just because of Josh.”

The brunette girl fell silent and watched me with sharp eyes.

My mouth was still open.

“No. Way.” I said slowly. “But you dated Josh afterwards.”

Sabrina shrugged.

“He liked me so we went out for a bit but we weren’t very compatible so we broke up and I started liking Jason.”

Oh. My. God.

This was so weird. Was Lizzy wrong about the whole situation? But Paul and I both thought that Lizzy and Josh both like each other; that it was a mutual thing.

Maybe Josh was a bit of a player.

“Are you satisfied now?” Sabrina demanded once I had been silent for a while.

“Yea, I suppose.” I said in a disheartened voice.

“You know you could have just asked me what happened in the first place.” Sabrina added, picking up her discarded magazine and ruffling through the pages to find where she had been up to.

“One more question though. Why aren’t you friends with Lizzy anymore?” I asked.

Sabrina looked up from her reading and put on a thoughtful expression.

“She broke the one cardinal rule of friendship. She betrayed me and I don’t ever forget a betrayal.”

Sabrina narrowed her eyes and I swallowed nervously. She sure looked like the type of girl to hold a grudge.

I didn’t bother asking what the betrayal was. It was none of my business and Sabrina probably wouldn’t tell me anyway. It felt funny though, knowing that Sabrina wasn’t the super bitch Lizzy made her out to be.

She went to church, helped out at a homeless shelter, got perfect grades, was in a billion school committees, exercised every morning and only made friends with people that genuinely liked her. Not to mention she was gorgeous.

Maybe Sabrina was destined for great things after all.

Apparently I had slept right through dinner but I ordered some room service and soon enough I was getting a steak and chips delivered to my door.

While I ate, I actually talked a little to Sabrina.

As it turned out, we both had very similar tastes in music. Like me, Sabrina was a fan of Mayday Parade and Fall Out Boy but also enjoyed more mainstream artists like Calvin Harris and Katy Perry.

She wasn’t that chatty at first but once she realised that I wasn’t giving her dirty looks or planning to stab her in her sleep, she opened up a fair bit.

She talked a lot about the future and her dreams and ambitions. She also talked a lot about how she was sick of the way her reputation was blown out of proportion.

“I’m not a virgin but I’m not a slut either.” She said firmly. “What I do is my own business and it’s annoying when I do something or something happens to me and the whole school starts a stupid rumour about it.”

I was beginning to understand why everyone was drawn to Sabrina. She had a charisma about her that was infectious. At every word she said, you were drawn into a new world of exciting possibilities. She was confident and didn’t give a damn about what anyone thought about her. It was rare to find people like that.

We would never be friends.

As she said before, Sabrina never forgot anything anyone had ever done to her and that meant that she would probably hold a grudge against me for the rest of our lives.

It was nice that we were being civil to each other though.

I didn’t dream that night, much to my relief, and woke up the next morning feeling fresh and ready to take on the world.

Like the day before, Sabrina wasn’t in her bed but I assumed she was out for another morning run so I got changed in peace and quiet.

As I was applying my concealer, I remembered that the dance was tonight.

Maybe I could go over to Lizzy and Gina’s room and get Lizzy to do my makeup for me.

I guess it didn’t really matter that much anyway. It wasn’t as if I was trying to impress anyone. I don’t even think there’s anyone worth impressing to be honest.

Similar to yesterday, the hallway was deathly quiet as I walked to the elevator.

I felt a sense of déjà vu as I waited for the metal doors to open. I was early again but punctuality had never been my strong point so I should be proud of myself. Maybe this teambuilding weekend has made me a better person, no thanks to Mr Balls.

The elevator arrived and I smiled at Sabrina who walked out, sweaty from her jog. She gave me a small smile back and we parted ways without a word.

There was someone else in the elevator today and I was feeling so confident that I decided to try to make another new friend.

“I’m so hungry.” I said with a smile at the small Asian girl with orange hair.

“Same. The only good part of this stupid weekend is the free food.” She said bitterly.

We then proceeded to complain about all the horrible activities and games we had to play and when I revealed that I was the girl who fell into the harbour, my new friend laughed so hard she started crying

“But isn’t that like, toxic?” she asked as she wiped her eyes and tried to subdue her giggles.

“Yea. I thought I was going to grow an extra arm on my head or something. And it tasted rank.” I replied with disgust.

The girl just snorted.

“You Kensington girls crack me up. I guess you’re not all stuck up hoes.” She said fondly.

We made it to the lobby and entered the dining hall together before the Sheridan girl went to join her friends.

I never found out her name but I didn’t mind. The experience was enough and I was actually surprised to discover that people can be quite nice.

Fancy that.

There were a few more people here than yesterday but it still wasn’t very crowded. I was very much pleased to see that there was plenty of food waiting for me at the buffet table and, just like yesterday, I filled my plate with everything.

I even found pancakes!

I couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I sat down and tucked into my large breakfast. It tasted amazing and I felt as if today was going to be a really, really good day.

Gina and Lizzy arrived together a few minutes later and sat next to me, one on either side.

“Where’s your crew Lizzy?” I asked jokingly as I crammed scrambled eggs in my mouth.

“I thought I hadn’t spoken to you one on one in a while.” Lizzy said warmly, throwing an arm about my shoulders.

“That and her crew snuck in some alcohol last night and they’re all still hungover in our room.” Gina said tensely on my left.

I look a closer look at Lizzy and saw that her eyes were still a little red and she stunk like vodka.

“Oh, she’s still drunk.” I said to Gina as Lizzy started swaying back and forth with her arm still tightly around my neck.

“Yea. Honestly Tegan, if it wasn’t for Sabrina, I’d have just stayed in your room the whole night.”

“Actually…Sabrina isn’t that bad.” I said softy, cutting up my bacon into more manageable pieces.

That brought Lizzy out of her temporary stupor.

“What? Tegan have you been smoking weed or something?” Lizzy demanded, pushing me so I was facing her.

“Well…I had a talk with her and-”

“And what? Are you two now best friends or something?” Lizzy cried, her face so close to mine that all I could see where her crystal clear blue eyes. “What about Operation Cupcake?” She bellowed.

“Eliza, calm down.” I heard Gina say as she stood up and tried to get Lizzy to stop making a scene.

“Don’t touch me, Gina.” Lizzy snapped, though she backed away slightly and allowed me to have some personal space.

“Lizzy, just relax.” I said, starting to panic at the lunacy I saw in her eyes. I made a mental note not to ever argue with her once she’s been drinking.

“No!” She screamed and I cringed as the whole hall went quiet as everyone turned to look at us. “What did she tell you? Huh? I bet she turned you against me like she did with everyone else! I thought you were my friend Tegan!”

Lizzy burst into tears and ran from the room, her sneakers making squealing noise as she sprinted across the floor.

Gina sighed.

“Seriously Tegan, you shouldn’t have said that.” She muttered.

“I didn’t know she’d be that touchy about it.” I said as I glared at everyone and waited for them to stop staring at me.

And here I thought today would actually be a good day.

“Do you know what happened between Sabrina and Lizzy before Lizzy was kicked out of her group?” I asked Gina seriously. I wasn’t hungry anymore so I just picked at my food, feeling sick.

“Kind of. I’m pretty sure it was Lizzy’s fault too. She may be good natured but Lizzy has an attention complex. That’s why she’s friends with us. When she’s with us, she’s the prettiest, the loudest and the most outgoing because we don’t care. When she was with Sabrina, she was always the underdog.”

I sat back and pondered my friend’s words. I suppose she was right but it hurt me to think of Lizzy other than the pure, spirited girl I had had so much fun with before.

“Is it true you fell in the harbour?” Gina suddenly changed the topic.

I smiled at her and told her all about my gruesome tale.

We both laughed about how disgusting the harbour was and how embarrassed I felt when I had to walk back to the hotel alone and soaking wet.

Then breakfast was over and we all had to get back into our groups in the ballroom.

I felt more comfortable being around my fellow Group 12 members. Mr Balls started out the morning by praising everyone about the amazing show of teamwork they displayed pulling me out of the harbour.

I ignored the fact that that meant he was praising everyone except me and just held on to my airy lightweight feeling.

Then he told us that we were just doing one exercise today and it was solo meditation for three hours. I was so happy I almost burst into song.

Everyone else seemed just as pleased about this too because I had never seen so many people share the same look of joy that I had on my face.

“You look happy.” Thomas commented when he saw me.

“I am happy. Is that so strange?” I replied, raising my eyebrows.

Thomas just shrugged and we all followed Mr Balls down the stairs and out the back door of the hotel which led to a really nice garden area.

“Now there are some rules.” Mr. Balls said as we all lifted our faces to bask in the sweet sunshine and fresh air.

I don’t think anyone was actually listening but he continued speaking as if it were a life or death situation.

“There will be no talking and no sitting near anyone else. This time is for solo meditation only.”

No talking? Good God I must be dreaming! Is this paradise?

“And you will all be required to take a note book and write down any thoughts you have in this time.”

Mr. Balls finished his little speech and stood, stoically holding a big, brown cardboard box.

Everyone reluctantly came up to him and took a notebook and pen. Nevertheless, even his ugly green shorts didn’t dampen my mood.

“Thank you.” I said, smiling at him so brightly that it threw him off and for a second he just stared at me wide eyed.

Then I walked away and sat on the cushiony grass under the shade of a really large palm tree. Don’t ask me why there was a palm tree in the middle of the hotel garden area. It was just there and I was determined to make the most of it.

The grass was nice and soft under my posterior and the trunk of the tree was a perfect sturdy surface to lean against. I was actually smart today and even brought a pair of sunglasses and my iPod with me in my bag. I couldn’t believe my luck. Things were finally turning around.

With a massive smile on my face, I put my sunglasses on and had some ‘solo meditation time’. In other words, a nice, long nap with my earphones plugged in.

It surprised me that I could sleep even though I had practically done nothing today but I suppose I’d been pretty sleep deprived lately and my body was taking every chance it could to get some rest.

It felt so good too. Lying outside in the open was different to lying in a bed in a small room.

Out here I could feel the air on my face and smell the flowers and grass and even something that I couldn’t describe but reminded me of long summer nights out under the stars.

It brought me peace and quiet and I wouldn’t mind if I stayed like this forever. Things didn’t feel nearly as complicated as they seemed and I wondered why I was always so stressed all the time.

Not much ran through my head in those three hours.

I guess I wasn’t exactly in a deep sleep but instead settled into a dozy state where I drifted in and out of slumber all to the bass of the songs playing on my iPod.

I didn’t even notice the snoring coming from the buffed up Dellacruse boy.

It all blended together and took me to a place far above the clouds where nothing could hurt me and all I could see was blue and white. I was flying free without a care in the world, leaving every damn thing behind.

My peace was tragically cut short when Mr Balls blew some horrendously loud whistle and woke everyone within a five mile radius.

“Okay everyone. That’s the end of it.” he said with what even sounded like regret.

I lifted my sunglasses up and gave him an ‘are you serious?’ look.

“I hope you’ve all learnt to come together over these two days. I don’t expect you all to be best friends but I hope you’ve put aside some of your differences and it’s been great meeting you all.”

Everyone said a half-hearted thank you and we walked back into the dining hall for lunch since it was now noon and my stomach was demanding food.

As I stood in the buffet line, I kept my eyes out for Lizzy and Gina but only found the latter sitting alone at one of the large tables.

Taking a large slice of lasagne and filling my cup with Coke, I sat down next to her and started to cut up my meal.

“So where’s Lizzy?” I asked nervously as I scanned the large hall full of people.

“With her new friends.” Gina said bitterly.

I glanced at her and saw that her plate was completely empty. I don’t think she even bothered to get food.

“Don’t worry Gina. The weekend is almost over and before you know it, we’ll be back at Kensington living our old lives again.” I tried to comfort, slicing my lasagne in half and putting one portion on her plate.

Gina gave me a small smile and started picking at the cheesy goodness.

I, on the other hand, full on attacked my plate.

“What do we do after this?” I said once I had demolished my lunch to an appropriate extent.

“We have a debrief in the ballroom and then I think another movie. Then we’ve got two hours to get ready for the dance.”

Ha, the dance. It seemed like so much effort after my perfectly lazy morning.

Just like Gina predicted, we eventually had to go to the ballroom where Ms Etherington did the usual stuff and thanked us all for our corporation. She went on and one about how mature we all were by not getting into any more fights and blah blah blah.

Then she took like an hour individually thanking all the teachers that came along and went on a spiel about how all three of our schools would be closer thanks to this lovely weekend.

Following this close to two hour ‘debrief’, we were forced to sit on the floor and watch one final movie to sum up everything. It was the usual generic teenage crap about a group of teenagers who go through all these trials and ordeals only to come out best friends by the end of it.

I think I started daydreaming halfway through it because it got to the end and I did not recognize any of the main characters anymore.

Thankfully, it truly was over and we were allowed to have roughly two hours free time before the dance, which I suppose was meant to be a way to treat us for our good behaviour.

I got a glimpse of Lizzy and her group of new friends rushing off giggling hysterically and I felt a little left out.

I knew I hadn’t known Lizzy for that long but I still considered her as one of my closest friends. I guess I just had to believe in what I told Gina and that everything would go back to normal once we left this place.

For now I just had to make do with Gina.

Deciding to follow the crowd, Gina and I stood up to stretch our legs and walk back to our respective rooms.

As I left, I said goodbye to Thomas who I had been sitting with because he didn’t talk much and I liked that.

Like usual, he seemed out of it but he acknowledged me briefly. Then Gina and I went on our merry ways.

“I’ll see you at seven.” Gina said when I got out of the elevator at level one. We were lucky enough to squeeze in with all the people packed into that tight space like sardines in a tin.

“Okay.” I replied. I wanted to invite Gina to chill in my room with me but I knew she’d say no. Regardless of what I said, Gina still hated Sabrina for bullying her a few years ago. Sabrina admitted that she had done some stupid things when she was younger but she had grown up a lot since then. Either way, I didn’t want to fuel any fires so I left it and walked back to my room alone.

Despite the minor setbacks that happened today, I still felt happier then I had been all week.

Who knows, maybe I might even have fun at the dance tonight.

At this rate, anything was possible.

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