Death and all His Friends

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It’s not my fault I like flirting with statues

Red flashing lights and sirens were telling me to get the flip out of there. Pronto. And he said he wasn't a psychopath?

I stared at the handsome boy in front of me, who just stared back with equal intensity. Those eyes sure were intense. Wait what did he say?

"You kill…"

"Ok that came out wrong."

"So you admit that you're some whacked up murderer?"

"No. Can we please talk about this somewhere else?"

"What's wrong with here at the side of the road?"

"I'd just prefer somewhere more private."

"I've said it before and I'll say it again; you are never coming inside my house, no matter how attractive you are." Oh nuts. That last part came out wrong. But he kills people? Oh God. Oh Jesus. Oh Buddha! What have I got myself into?

Raith gave me a frustrated look but before he could speak, I turned around and ran.

I ran faster than I had ever run before, the overwhelming feeling of panic and helplessness strangling me. There was a huge neon sign in my head with the words GET OUT OF THERE! NOW!

The last time we were in a situation like this, a dude on a bicycle saved me from this stalker. I just prayed that Raith wouldn't follow me this time.

Once I was outside my house, I stopped, hunched over and huffing and puffing. After a coughing fit, I looked around, relieved to find myself alone.

I couldn't bear to think about all the implications of a murderer following me home from school. What if he watched me from my window at night while I slept? What if he was planning how to break into my house and decapitate me as I speak? What if…What if…Oh Lord, I needed a break. I needed to get out of here. Once I got the door open, I grabbed the phone and called Lizzy.


"Um, hey Lizzy."

"Who's this? Because if you're that chick from the other night then I'm sorry but he kissed me first and-"

"Nah it's me, Tegan."

"Oh…hey Tee. Want to continue our Cory conversation eh?" she giggled and I rolled my eyes.

"No. I'm bored. Want to go see a movie?"

"Yea sure. Meet me at my place in an hour?"

"Sounds good. See you then."

Lizzy lived on Dory Crescent in a massive mansion about ten minutes walk from my house. Usually I would have got my mum or dad to drop me off but they weren't home so I ended up walking.

Although it was good exercise, I couldn't help but jump at every sound along the way, my right hand tight around the handle of the steak knife I shoved in my bag. I could almost image Raith popping up and strangling me. Or disembowelling me. Or bashing my head on the street lamp. Seriously, that boy has problems.

I arrived at Lizzy's around four thirty and rang the doorbell. As I waited, I glanced around the front garden, the greenery fresh and alive. It smelt wonderful, the array of flowers beautiful and vibrant. Then I imagined Raith lurking behind the rose bush and decided that maybe the garden wasn't that great.

"Hey Tegan!" An extremely happy voice yelled and I smiled when I saw Paul, Lizzy's older brother standing at the door.

"It's been a while hasn't it Paul." I responded.

He nodded and stepped aside, allowing me to enter the house. Once again I found myself marvelling at the size of the place. I mean, wow. I had forgotten how big and classy it was.

The interior of the house was massive, the atmosphere elegant and cool. The floors were chequered black and white marble, the walls were filled with huge antique paintings and in the centre of the entrance room is a massive statue of some random Ancient Greek guy.

"Richie's missed you." Paul snorted, pointing to the statue as we walked up the winding staircase that ran up the side of the room.

"Oh my God, I totally missed him too! Has Paul been taking good care of you sweetie pie?" I said with false affection to the marble Greek statue.

"Pshh of course I have. But Richie's been a little lonely without you. Maybe you should spend some one on one time with him. You know, give him a little lovin'."

"Hell yea."

"Are you guys still flirting with that ugly statue?" Lizzy shouted from her room.

Paul and I looked at each other.

"Maybe." We said in unison.

"Hey is it ok if me and Josh come with you two to the movies?" Paul asked as we reached Lizzy's door. The hallway was huge, with an almost infinite number of rooms lining the walls.

I squished my feet against the soft, red carpet, enjoying the feel of the plushy-ness.


"Hmm? What?"

"Can me and Josh come?"

I shrugged.

"It's really up to Lizzy but I'm sure it'll be more than fine. You can drive us so we don't have to catch the bus."

I almost burst into laughter at the knowing look Paul gave me.

Lizzy and Paul's best friend Josh were absolutely infatuated with one another. I could tell from the way they looked at each other. It was just so cute. At first Paul was against the match but after a while he realised that Josh was a good guy for Lizzy. They were just perfect for each other.

Paul and Josh were only a year older than Lizzy and I but they didn't go to our school so I hardly ever saw them. Paul and I were good friends though. We also made a bet a while ago. He reckoned that by the time the Senior Dance came along, which was the second week of the last term, Lizzy and Josh would be an item. I said that they wouldn't get together till the last week of school when Paul and Josh graduated, because they were stubborn.

"Tegan! How long have you been standing outside my door? Come in! Come in! How do I look?"

I wasn't surprised to see Lizzy all dressed up in a short dress that gave a good view of her cleavage, heels, and a fair amount of make up.

"You look really good." I said enthusiastically, with a smile.


"Yea definitely. Hot stuff Lizzy Connifer."

"Aww thanks Tegan. You're such a babe."

"Ready to go girls?" Paul asked, knocking before looking in. His eyes widened when he saw Lizzy.

"Oh God. Don't look at me like that Paul." Lizzy snapped.

"Well then stop dressing like a slut Lizzy. It makes me sick to look at you."

"Shut up retard!"

Lizzy stormed past her brother, who pretended to gag on her perfume, and walked right into Josh.

"Eeek! Sorry J-Josh." Lizzy turned a bright red and looked at her feet. Josh just stared at her.

"Wow you…you look really pretty." He managed to gasp.

"Ahh really?" She turned an even darker red, if that was even possible, and the two of them walked down the stairs together while Paul sniggered.

"Oh those two." I said dramatically.

"Well come, Miss Michaels. We can't keep that happy couple waiting."

Paul held out his arm and I linked my arm through his.

He shook his head as we followed Lizzy and Josh.

"Why can't she dress more like you?" he muttered, staring at my skinny jeans, converse and t-shirt.

"Because she's needs to strut her stuff for a certain stud." I automatically responded.

Contrary to what most people thought when watching our interaction, Paul and I were nothing but friends and that's all we'd ever be. The only thing we had in common was teasing Lizzy. And besides, the boy next to me had a very attractive girlfriend who he'd been steadily dating for about three years.

We got to Paul's car, seeing Lizzy sitting shotgun and Josh in the back. They both looked really flustered and Lizzy was a strange shade of scarlet.

Yep, I was definitely going to win this bet.

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