Death and all His Friends

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Don't kiss when you've had too many drinks.






"What part of no don't you understand?"

"I don't want to watch blood and guts!"

"Well I don't want to watch some bullshit lovey dovey crap!"

Josh and I silently watched the siblings bicker in front of the snack bar at the cinema.

"Pretty entertaining, eh Josh?" I said to the silent boy next to me. He nodded, giving me a sweet smile. Josh was pretty much the quiet type, though get him liquored up and he was a party animal. At least that was what I've heard, both from Paul and the girls at my school. As long as he steered clear of the alcohol, he was a pretty decent guy. Not my type though.

"Why do you want to see some sappy romance anyway? Who you trying to get in the mood?" Paul shot an obvious look towards Josh and Lizzy turned purple. Wow…purple.

"N-no one! What are you talking about? You're such a jerk Paul!" she spluttered.

"Hey guys, how about Lizzy and I see a romance movie and Paul and Josh see a horror film. We don't have to go together." I contributed, getting sick of all the people staring at us. The smell of popcorn was also making me ravenous and I needed to buy some ASAP.

"Great idea Tegan." Lizzy said with a nod.

"Fine. I'll go get the tickets, and you guys get the food and drinks. And Lizzy, I don't want a diet coke so don't buy me that crap again. I'm not fat!"

"Yea right, you pig." Lizzy muttered, before lining up with a pout.

Josh and I stood there in an awkward silence, unsure what to do. Suddenly, I got a very good idea.

"Hey Josh, you go stand with Lizzy. I need to ask Paul something." I said quickly before skipping off.

"Paula!" I yelled, lightly shoving him playfully.

"No cutting." Someone behind us grumbled but I ignored them.

"Yea? And don't call me that."

"I just got the best idea."

"I'm listening..."

"I said don't get me a diet coke! Are you deaf woman?"

"Stop being such a jackass Paul. Suck it up."

Josh and I sighed. Now I remembered why I didn't hang out with Lizzy and Paul very often.

"Give us our tickets Paul."

As we approached the ticket collecting guy, Paul quickly handed out the tickets, catching my eye and grinning.

Paul approached the guy and handed him his ticket.

"Theatre one." The dude said in a bored voice, ripping the ticket and handing Paul half.

I gave him my ticket and again he glanced at it before saying, "Theatre one."

"Wait what?" Lizzy screeched. "I think you gave her the wrong ticket Paul."

Paul and I, on the other hand, sprinted off as fast as we could to theatre one, where we again showed a bored looking teenager our tickets.

As he let us in, we burst out laughing.

"You are a genius." Paul gasped as we fell into our seats.

"I'm not exactly a fan of romance movies. I think Lizzy forgot that." I chuckled and grabbed a handful of popcorn.

It might have been mean to ditch my friend but I think she and Josh really needed some one on one bonding time. It was for the greater good after all.

Two blood filled hours later, Paul and I were walking out of the cinema, blinking erratically in the bright lights.

"Absolute crap. You call that a movie?" Paul grumbled. I agreed. That movie was bad. So very bad.

"Tegan!" Lizzy grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of the boys.

"What's up?"

"Oh my God, how could you do that?"


"There was a…you know…a very intimate scene where they…you know…and Josh and I….ugh it was so awkward." she turned red again and I tried not to laugh. Tried and failed.

I glanced behind us and saw Josh looking equally red.

"Hey, once you get through something like that together, there's nothing stopping you." I exclaimed, while Lizzy death glared me.

"I do not know what you're talking about." She said, her nose in the air.

"So do we want to do anything else tonight?" I asked the group as we headed out to the parking lot.

"Actually, Josh and I are heading out to a party. You two want to come?"

My face fell. I didn't really like those kinds of house parties. They're all really boring unless you're drunk, have someone to make out with, or both.

Lizzy, on the other hand, was bursting with excitement.

"Please Tegan? Please? Oh God please, please, please?"

I knew that even if I said no, Lizzy would go anyway. And then the boys would disappear somewhere and Lizzy would be alone and vulnerable to some greasy haired creep chilling in the corner.

"Fine." I submitted.

"Uh…hey mum?"

"Yes Tegan dear?"

"Is it ok if I stay at-"

"What kind of shit is this?"

"It's my car so we listen to what I want to listen to!"

"Shut up you two!" I screamed from the back of Paul's car, a hand over the mouthpiece of my phone.

"Sorry." They both muttered, and Paul turned down the stereo.

"So can I stay at Lizzy's house?" I asked.

"Is she that nice girl who came over before?"

"Um…sure." That was Gina but who cared. Same thing.

"Ok. Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow?"

"I'll walk."

"Ok. Have fun."

I hung up with a sigh. I was glad my mother thought I was the responsible one out of me and my sister. A few years ago, it would have been a miracle for my mother to let me go out by myself or even walk home by myself. Ever since the incident five years ago, she had been very protective of my sister and I. However, my therapist convinced her that overprotecting us would not help us get over what happened; it would only make things worse. So now she lets us be independent, though she trusted me much more than Jess.

"Right, we're good to go."

"Finally." Lizzy said and jumped out of the car towards the house. I checked the time. Nine thirty.

"Are you coming?"

I nodded and let my friend pull me out from the backseat.

The house was not that big. It was not that small either. It was pretty ordinary; a generic suburban house with a white picket fence and fancy letterbox. There were cars parked everywhere and people standing around on the lawn. I stepped around a beer can and stayed close to Lizzy's side as she bounced up and down. She hadn't been to one of these parties since she was exiled from the popular crowd. Paul didn't usually let her tag along with him but since he crashed our movie get together, it was only polite of him to let us come.

I hadn't been to one of these parties since…well I couldn't remember. I went once a while ago with Jess and it was a fail. My lame sister ditched me the second we entered and I spent the night bored and trying to escape from the advances of many drunk individuals.

The door to the house was already open and from what I could see, there was chaos inside.

People were everywhere, beer cans and cups were everywhere, the smell of B.O. and sweat was everywhere. I swear I might puke. Why did people bother having these parties in the first place? It was so messy.

"Paul! Baby!" Lizzy flinched as a cute sandy haired girl threw herself at Paul, sucking his face off.

"Laters." He said to us, and disappeared with his girlfriend.

I looked around for Josh and saw that he'd also disappeared.

"Do you know anyone here?" I shouted at Lizzy over the music.

"Nope." She had a giddy smile on her face and I felt a bit of dread. The party girl side of Lizzy was coming out.

"Come on Tegan! Let's get a drink!"

The kitchen was even more crowded as we pushed our way through.

I saw Josh taking shots with some other dude and Lizzy quickly joined them. I stood back, feeling awkward.

I didn't feel like drinking tonight. In fact, I never really wanted to get drunk. People find themselves in such unflattering situations when they've been drinking.

I shrill laugh made me turn and, ugh, gross. Jess was here and not only was she wearing only a lacy bra and a super short skirt, but she was also grinding up against some up guy who was way too old for her.

This. Was. Sick. Excuse me while I poke my eyes out.

I turned back to Josh and Lizzy only to find that they were gone. So much for looking out for friends. Knowing I would never forgive myself if she got into trouble, I shoved people out of the way and explored the house.

Oh ew. I forgot how many people groped you at these places. I felt absolutely violated as I walked back and forth through the hell hole, yelling Lizzy's name.

I stumbled into the backyard and saw my friend at last…except she was pushed up against a tree making out with…Josh?

Oh damn. I think Paul might win this bet after all.

Leaving the two in peace, I explored the rest of the house. Apart from some nifty looking African artifacts, there wasn't anything interesting. I was hoping that maybe I'd find a starved midget living in the basement or something. I'd welcome anything to make this night more enjoyable.

I knew it was a mistake to come here. House parties were always boring to me.

I wondered whether or not I wanted to get drunk to make it more fun, but decided that I didn't want to face the headache I'd have in the morning, or the vomiting. Or the ugly red face. I had a very low alcohol tolerance. Instead, I climbed onto the roof and lay down, staring at the stars.

It was odd but I found myself thinking about Raith again. He was so attractive. I wonder if he's got a girlfriend. I wonder if he rocks up to parties like these.

Wait what? Oh man, I've got to stop thinking like that. He's insane.

If you touch me, you'll die.

Well, not exactly die but you'll be closer to death.

I kill people.

I sat upright when I heard a scream from down below.

"You bitch!"

The voice sounded like Lizzy.

I crawled down the roof and onto the balcony, leaning against the railing.

In the garden stood Lizzy, Josh and another girl named Sabrina. Sabrina used to be Lizzy's best friend until she accidentally pissed her off. Sabrina was also the one who turned the populars at Kensington against Lizzy.

"What are you talking about, you tramp?" Sabrina sneered. Like Lizzy, they were both slim, with brown hair and blue eyes.

"You're the tramp!"


I gasped as Lizzy fell to the ground, a hand over her cheek. Without a second thought, I was rushing out the back door and towards the three people.

"What the hell?" I yelled at Sabrina, pulling Lizzy to her feet.

"Who are you, bitch?" Sabrina hissed.

"If you're going to hit me, at least take off your ring, idiot!" Lizzy interrupted, rubbing her cheek as her eyes sparked with hatred.

I thought the universe was playing some cruel joke on me as I stared at Sabrina's manicured fingers. My stomach dropped. My eyes widened. She was wearing Raith's ring! How on earth did it end up with her? What was I going to do? I couldn't just rip it off her finger!

Sabrina was still blabbing about something so I ignored her, and instead turned to Josh who was giggling drunkenly and clinging to the tree to stay upright.

"Now if you'll excuse me." Sabrina said, swaying her hips and turning, before throwing herself at Josh.

Lizzy and I stared horrified as the two of them started kissing in the exact same place where I saw Lizzy and Josh kissing before.

"What happened?" I asked, quickly dragging my friend away before she jumped on Sabrina.

"Well…" she blushed. "We were kissing and it was good. Like, really, really good. And then he said he wanted another drink so I offered to get it for him but when I returned he was all over Sabrina!"

She looked like she's about to burst into tears, although I wasn't surprised. I led her through the kitchen, trying to avoid tripping on all the cups and cans on the floor.

"He was drunk…" I tried to defend.

"No!" she suddenly pulled herself away from me. "I heard him calling her my name! He thought she was me! And that skank let him believe it!"

Lizzy's pretty blue eyes filled with rage and I took a step back.

At that moment, some idiot chose to slap her on the butt. Lizzy's anger filled eyes widened, before she whipped around and grabbed the guy by the collar.

"Don't. Fucking. Mess. With. Me." She roared, slamming him into the wall.

Oh my God. This was scaring me.

"Let's go find Paul to take us home."

"Oh hell no! I'm going to beat the shit out of that bitch for stealing my man!"

I didn't bother to remind her that she and Josh weren't even going out.

"Listen Lizzy, we'll get back at her but not now."

"What do you mean?"

"We'll form a perfectly executed plan ok? It would be too stingy if you went and beat the crap out of her right now."

Lizzy's expression turned deadly.

"Fine. We'll bring that bitch down.

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