Chuck: A Ghost's Story

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For the record, Heaven is one hell of a party! At least, my Heaven is. It’s a little different for everyone. Rodge visits quite a bit, but his paradise is vastly different (and infinitely less fun) than mine, so I rarely travel his way. I rarely travel anywhere, to be honest. Why would I, when anything I could possibly want is right at my fingertips? Well, almost anything. So when I do travel, it’s generally a quick jaunt to earth to check up on the “love of my afterlife.” Not that she needs it.

I am pleased to report that my Gracie is currently living the life of her dreams! Shortly after Marcus Crowley’s death, she enrolled in college and got her teaching degree. No more pervert massage clients for my girl! Surrounded by kindergartners at work all day, Gracie comes home at night to play mother to her own little one…the baby that dip-shit doctors once said he could never have. Shows what they know! That kid is the light of her life, and though his father’s name is Joshua (yes, she married the persistent, little guy), Gracie named her boy Chuck. Isn’t life grand?

I don’t know whether Gracie is capable of hearing my voice these days. I am always careful not to speak or touch anything in her presence, just in case my new genuine angelic status came with any renewed abilities. No need to disrupt her perfectly pleasant little life, after all! It amuses me greatly, however, that “little Chuck” can see me clear as day. I like to pop in when his mother is out of the room to goof off or make faces that send him into giggle/gurgle fits that confuse the hell out of his father.

“What are you laughing at, Chuckie?” Joshua always asks, craning his neck to follow his son’s gaze…only to see nothing.

I then raise my finger to my lips, in silent conspiracy with the child, and he belly-laughs in response. This has become a sort of ritual between us, when I come to visit. I’ll miss it when the kid outgrows his ability to see me, which everyone on the other side swears that he will. But who knows? He is Chuck, after all! And no one tells Chuck what he can and can’t do.

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