Hectic Holiday

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What on earth! I thought as I headed over to the window to see what was going on. It was raining heavily, it looked like a storm. Thunder, lightning, wind, hail, the works. Thankful that I was warm and dry indoors, I sat down to watch some tv. A short while later I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door, and the wind almost pulled it off its hinges. Felicity, Adam, Katie and Luna pushed past me and ran inside, Sam limped in after them. I turned to look at them they looked wretched, soaked from head to toe. The image reminded me of something Bob Marley said,

“some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”

They all rushed off to their rooms to get changed. I closed the door and went back to my seat.

That night, Mum said that her, Dad, Uncle Marty and Aunt Margaret were going out to dinner.

“Did you leave the food in the oven?” asked Sam.

“You’re going to have to cook for yourselves I’m afraid,” mum said.

Unfortunately, they didn’t take the cat. Darwin would find someway to ruin the night, I was sure.

We all looked at Luna when she said that. She was the only one of us that could actually cook.

“hahaha! You want me to cook food?” she laughed, “for you?” I wasn’t sure I she was being sarcastic or not.

“I’m not cooking anything; how many times have I had to cook for you lot. Find a recipe and cook it, it isn’t that hard!” she said before heading up the stairs. Probably to go to sleep.” Ok, she was being sarcastic.

That left us to cook for ourselves, I just knew that it was going to ended in disaster, I mean come on we were probably going to set another fire.

“I’m trusting you all, we had better not come back to a burnt down house.” She warned and left closing the door behind her. We were home alone.

Felicity took charge and assigned us all positions.

“Tia, find a recipe.”

“Oscar, what do we have in the fridge?”

“Adam, you can…”

“Taste the food?” he suggested.

“No, you can clean up. I’ll be cooking and Tia, Oscar and Sam, you’ll be helping me.”

“What can I do?” asked Katie.

Felicity grimaced, “Katie, how about you watch tv?”

“But I want to help!” she wailed.

“Fine, you can help us cook,” Felicity compromised.

Katie excitedly got and ran to the kitchen to help Oscar take an inventory. Five minutes later they came back with a list, it looked a bit like this:




·a whole chicken


I wish I could say that I came up with a recipe straight away but the first thing that came to my mind was, 'can this person even spell?’ their list was so useless that I had to do my own inventory and I had an idea, we could make lasagne.

We only had one apron and when Katie and I were in a tug of war for it, felicity took it away from us saying “I’m the oldest,” as if we cared, she could’ve been the Queen, but I still wasn’t going to let her have the apron that I took first. I snatched it out of her hand,

“I had it first,”

“but I’m cooking it, you’re only helping,” she pointed out as she snatched it back.

“get your own!”

“there are none left!”

“then tough luck!”

“if you don’t give it to me, you’re not getting any food.”

“if I’m not getting any food, I’m not helping!” I threatened.

That seemed to do it. she looked at her other two helpers, Katie and Oscar. She needed me, and she knew it.

“fine! Take it!” she stomped away.

Katie had to read out the recipe and she wasn’t doing a very good job of it, at all.

“grate cheese?” she sounded puzzled, “what do they want us to do with it, I know cheese is great but how do we put it in the lasagne!”

I closed my eyes, I couldn’t bear it, how were her and Oscar so incompetent. So far, Oscar and Katie had broken a plate, added lemon to the milk for the sauce, and we had lost the pasta as Katie forgot where she put it. it took us an hour longer than it should’ve, but we finally finished making it, all we had to do was put it into the oven. Felicity put it into the oven and we all went to watch a movie in the living room. We couldn’t decide what to watch, as was the case every time we wanted to watch a movie. Katie wanted to watch a movie about an ice princess and snowmen but twenty minutes into the movie Adam turned it off,

“She keeps singing, for goodness sake, I can’t deal with it anymore!”

Adam was usually the pickiest when it came to movies, but I had to agree, there was singing every few minutes and it would drive anyone crazy.

“I wanted to watch that!” Katie protested but unfortunately for her nobody else could stand her movie choices and we let Luna pick a movie.

I don’t know what possessed us to let Luna pick the film. She picked a horror film, even though she was the one that usually screamed the most during them. It was about a doll who was haunting a family. They were trying to get rid of it but why they even brought a doll that creepy i’ll never know. It wore a white dress with dyed bloodstains. It’s had dark red lips curled upwards into a cruel smirk. Blonde straw-like hair sprouted from its head and its nails were filthy. Rimmed with dirt that wouldn’t budge no matter how much you cleaned it.

If they were stupid enough to buy a doll like that, they deserved to be haunted.

There was one scene where two little girls were sleeping and one of their legs was pulled from the foot of the bed, but no one was there. When the girls went to investigate, a dark shape jumped off of the top of their cupboard and attacked them. I screamed and hid under the covers for the rest of the movie. At the end, I really needed the toilet but was so scared that I decided to hold it in. We were halfway through the movie, and it was time to check on our lasagne. I had a bad feeling that it was burnt but we couldn’t smell anything and the smoke alarm hadn’t gone off , so I assumed that it was perfectly fine. Katie Oscar and I stood around Felicity as she got out her oven gloves and pulled open the door.

“oh no,” she muttered and put the dish on the countertop. I was expecting a golden-brown lasagne, tomato sauce bubbling at the sides with it’s beautiful smell drifting up to my nose. But when I looked at that lasagne in the place of a golden-brown cheese sauce, the cheese sauce was white, and the tomato sauce hadn’t even started to bubble. The beautiful smell, yeah, there was no smell. I’m sure, reader you’re thinking that we’re all absent-minded idiots but I’m sure you’ve forgotten to turn the oven on when you were baking, it’s a simple mistake to make.
felicity put it back into the oven and turned it on. we all went back to the room to continue the movie.

The little girl was standing in the hallway limping slowly. Her breathing was laboured as she clutched the gaping wound on her stomach. She got closer and closer. I screamed, something had touched my foot, something wet. I looked at the floor near my feet but as I leaned over something jumped right at my face. dear reader when you’re watching a horror movie it’s the little things that scare you the most, like the ticking of the clock, movement in a mirror (that is probably just you moving whilst adjusting the pillows behind you), or even the pile of clothes in the corner of the room that are shaped like a person sitting. So, when a white furry creature jumped at me and I let out a deafening screech I was perfectly justified when I thought that it was something out of the movie that had jumped through the screen and not the obvious, like that deranged cat.

“shut up!” whispered Oscar, “nothing has happened yet. God, you’d get scared of your own shadow.”

I threw Darwin off my face and he went scampering into the hallway, his murder attempt had failed. I sat back and tried to calm my racing heart, of course it didn’t help matters when I continued watching the movie and the suspenseful music made me expect something to jump out every second.

The girl was at the end of the corridor and she stopped, she started humming. Who the hell made that film? They must’ve been seriously disturbed. The girl had a bloody wound and she was humming! It seemed ridiculous, but I was terrified. The girl stopped humming and the music got louder and louder until… until… nothing happened. And then all of a sudden, the girl’s eyes became red and her teeth were suddenly black and sharp. She jumped up and ran towards the screen.

“@#&$%!!!” I shrilled. I’m not one for foul language but that was just @$%. I almost expected her to jump out of the screen, but it went black. I was immensely thankful that the movie was over, I couldn’t handle any more scares, or I might’ve just fainted.

After we recovered from our near heart attacks felicity suggested that we play a game. I was fine with it until she gave us the name. Murder in the dark. What was she thinking! We had just watched a terrifying movie and I still hadn’t recovered. I was outvoted when I suggested that we play a fun board game instead. We turned all of the lights off and left the living room light on, where Felicity explained the rules.

“So, we turn off all of the lights and close the curtains. Everyone picks a piece of paper out of this hat,” she held up one of uncle Marty’s hats filled with little slips of folded paper. “It will either, say detective, murderer or it will be blank. The blanks are civilians and they have to hide. The murderer will be hiding amongst them. Nobody knows who the murderer is, and they have to pick a victim and whisper that they’re dead in their ear. They then have only seconds to run away before the victim screams.”

I really didn’t like the sound of that game.

“The detective has to come running and investigate. Then, we all gather around the body and the detective will interrogate everyone. If the murderer gets away, then they have to kill everyone until the last round where the last two have to plead their innocence to the detective. If the detective catches the murderer before the last round, then they win. Those are the rules, now let’s play!” she paused, “oh and civilians, you have a murderer hiding with you, so you can’t trust anyone.”

I picked out of the hat reluctantly. I really didn’t want to play, I would just have to get myself murdered quickly. I looked down at the little slip of paper. MURDERER. Oh no! I thought.

Adam was the detective and when he shouted, “go!” we all ran. Katie and I went to our room. I hid under my bed and she hid under the hers.

“Hey!” she whispered.


“Are you the murderer?” She was either naïve or just plain stupid. If I was the murderer I wouldn’t tell her.

“what!? No!”

“Phew, okay. I think its Oscar. We need to keep an eye out for him.”

I felt something brush my feet. Oh, no. Not now, Darwin, please. I thought. It was almost as if he heard my thoughts, and a second later I felt his claws dig into my shins. A pained yelp escaped my lips and jumped, banging my head on the top of the bed. He was still attached to my leg when I rolled out from under the bed.

“Stupid cat!” I whispered as I tried to shake him off.

He retracted his claws and hopped to the floor. He then, sauntered off as if he didn’t just pierce my flesh with his sharp claws. He went under the bed that Katie was under, he was probably going to find his next victim. Which was what I needed to be doing, I remembered. Before I left, however I thought I ought to warn Katie that the vile beast was coming her way. I stepped up the bed and moved the sheet aside. I was sickened to see that Katie, my sister, my flesh and blood was cuddling Darwin to her chest. Fraternising with the enemy.

Disgusted, I left the room and went into the hallway. Sam limped in front of me making so much noise that he didn’t hear me following him.

When he got to the top of the corridor I walked up close behind him.

“You’re dead,” I whispered.

I slipped into Aunt Margaret’s room and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that it was empty. Three, two, one, I counted and heard a scream.

We all stood over Sam’s body as Adam shouted,

“Today! Someone was murdered in cold blood. I am disturbed and distraught. We are not safe!” He was interrupted by Sam who started coughing. Adam kicked him in the ribs.

“Oi! shut up you’re supposed to be dead”

Sam went still again.

“As I was saying, someone was murdered today! And I will find the murderer!” He was becoming quite invested in his role, maybe a bit too much, but I didn’t dare mention it.

He stopped and examined us all carefully. A minute later he decided that he knew who the murderer was.

“The murderer is!” he paused, “Katie.” there was a moment of silence when everyone looked at Katie to see her response.

“No, I’m not! you Idiot!”

“Told you-what! You’re not?”


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