Hectic Holiday

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I won every game and almost got caught when I was trying to kill Felicity. She was in the kitchen and I hid in the hallway watching, as she headed towards me. I stepped out from my hiding place and tripped. On a furry body. Darwin sat next to me, looking innocent as ever. But I knew that he had planned to make me fall, I saw the twinkle in his eye. Felicity came to the kitchen door and peeked through trying to see what had made the loud noise.

“hey! Get back! It’s Luna! I saw her kill Oscar. She’s in the living room.” I whispered looking agitated. I really was an excellent actress.

We rushed inside the kitchen, Darwin following closely behind, suspiciously silent. He was probably planning his next attack.

Felicity tiptoed in front of me. I stepped up to her.

“What are you...?” I smiled, and watched as the realisation dawned in her eyes, “oh no.”

“You’re dead.”

As the rules of the game stated, I had three seconds to run before the victim was allowed to scream. After I killed Felicity, I did have three seconds, in fact, I had more than three. This was because, instead of screaming, Felicity was busy watching Darwin pounce at me. And as usual, when Darwin pounced at me it was to either make another attempt at ripping my face off, or just for fun.

He clung to my back and dug his claws into my back. i bit my lip to stop the scream. I was so close to winning. I only had to kill Luna. That was the only thing that gave me the motivation to keep running. Darwin must’ve lost grip and I heard a dull thud behind me as ran inside the coat cupboard.

Felicity screamed.

With Felicity dead, that left interrogation time. Both Luna and I stood on two sides of the living room before Adam and everyone else sat quietly and watched.

She started, “I’m innocent. Trust me!”

“Yeah, yeah, they all say that.” Replied Adam.

“But I am! You have to believe me!”

“Where were you during Katie’s murder?”

“In the cupboard!”

“The cupboard next to the body?”

“Well, yes, but...”

“I’ve heard enough!” he cut her off.


“‘it is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one.’- Voltaire” I recited. Quoting famous people always made you look cleverer.

“Hey, she just admitted it!” cried Luna.

“Luna be quiet!” snapped Adam, “I think it’s fair to say that those were words of wisdom.”



I turned to the Adam and pointed at Luna, “you’re obviously very intelligent and I’m sure you can notice desperation when you see it.”

He nodded his head in agreement. And Luna was found guilty of murder.

Adam was elated with his ‘victory’ until we broke the news to him, and he stormed up the stairs and went to bed.

I also headed to bed, it was too much excitement for one day. I got to my room and slid into bed but ended up staring into the dark unable to fall asleep. I closed my eyes and shivered. I was actually quite cold, maybe that was it. I pulled the covers closer to me.

I heard a sound from under my bed, it was probably Darwin I thought but a part of me felt like it wasn’t. the little girl in the movie had heard a noise under her bed before she was dragged. I thought about looking under the bed, but it was so warm inside, and I was too tired. I was just about to fall asleep when a cold hand closed around my ankle. I stilled. Can you physically feel hallucinations? I thought. The hand was tugging on my foot, but I realised that I was dreaming. That was the only explanation. I pinched my hand really hard knowing that it wouldn’t hurt but it did, quite a lot actually. It was too late to run when I realised, and I was dragged off the bed screaming. I jumped up and something dark crawled out from under the bed and blocked my exit.

I moved backwards and bumped into the cupboard when I remembered. Almost knowing what was going to happen next, I watched another dark shape swoop down from the top of the cupboard. It was coming for me. I closed my eyes, still screaming and waited… and waited… but the dark shape didn’t attack me. it thudded to the floor with an “ouch!” I stopped. That was a pretty rubbish ghost if it couldn’t even fly. I pulled at the black material and revealed Adam, under the other cloth was Sam. He was the one under the bed. Adam clutched at his knee with tears in his eyes. Served him right.

“What’s going on!” Everyone had heard my ear-splitting scream and came running.

“Nothing!” Sam yelped, and Adam just whimpered, looking at his knee forlornly. Him and Sam got up and left, heads bowed in shame. Dumb and dumber.

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