Hectic Holiday

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The rain from the day before had continued through the morning. Luckily for Felicity, Oscar and I it stopped it stopped by noon and we were able to go out. Since we were in a small town in the middle of nowhere, we had to limit our exploration to just the surrounding town so that we didn’t get lost. We were walking on the path leading to the farm. Felicity stopped to tie her shoelaces when Oscar said,

“What’s through there?” He stood in a small gap in the trees. He was pointing to a large iron gate, it was old and rusty. Of course, as we didn’t actually know where it led, and we could easily get lost it would’ve been a terribly bad idea to go through that gate. After all, curiosity killed the cat. I didn’t get to voice my concerns as they had both already gone through without me.

Beyond the gate was a playground. Dear reader, don’t be fooled when I say, ‘a playground’ like it was just any playground. It was any child’s (or adult’s) dream. There was a huge sandpit and in its centre stood a castle. Yes, a castle. Well, it was actually a climbing frame made to look like a castle. It had towers and even a moat, although I think that was just puddles of the rain the night before. There was also an outpost tower on the other side of the playground. Whilst the castle may have looked pretty cool, the one thing that caught my attention was the zip line. The rope was attached from one of the towers on the castle and went all the way across the playground to the wooden outpost tower. The seat was round, and you had to put your legs around it and hold on. There was a moment of silence when we all looked at each other and then sprang into action and ran to the castle.

Oscar, being the fastest with his long legs, got there first. He tried to fit into a small door in the botton that was probably made for the little kids but when he realised that it wasn’t such a good idea, he began to scale that wall with hand and footholds for climbing.

Oscar may have been the fastest, but he certainly wasn’t the most intelligent as he completely ignored the large door on the side of the castle. I slipped through the door and was met with a rope ladder leading up to the top. I pulled myself up the ladder but halfway I felt a hand grab my leg. I almost let go and crashed to the floor. I looked down and saw Felicity on one of the first few rungs.

“if I can’t win, neither can you!”

In a moment of desperation i kicked her on the head with my free foot and continued. Once I reached the top I threw myself onto the balcony. The zipline was right in front of me and I could hear a scuffling from behind me. I ran forward and jumped on the zipline and off of the castle.

If you’ve ever been on a zipline in a playground there are three things you must remember:

·Wrap your arms around tightly

·Wrap your feet around tightly

·Wear appropriate clothing

I had only done one of those things. Arms wrapped around tightly, my feet dangled in the air and wouldn’t go around the seat as my dress was too long. My whole life flashed before my eyes as I held on for dear life. I was wondering what would be written on my grave stone, something like:

The dress may have been pretty, but her death certainly wasn’t.

Do you remember how I told you about the rain yesterday? There was a giant ditch in the sand, filled with murky rainwater just below the outpost. I slipped and slid lower and lower I just knew there was no way I was going to make it inside the outpost and if I tried I would probably crash into the wood. I was going to have to let go. I made a last attempt to climb in but my body bounced off the outpost and fell.


Cold muddy water soaked my tights and made my dress wrap round my legs restricting all movement. The splash had reached my neck and the only part of me that was still dry was my hair I checked myself for bruises, the fall had hurt, especially when I hit the outpost. I tried to move but my dress wouldn’t allow me. I was just trying to unwrap it when I heard a screeching sound behind me and it was getting louder and louder until-


I forgot that the zipline’s seat always flew back to the start and had to find out the hard way as I was thrown into the water. My dress had come unwound when I fell, and I was able to get up and climb out of the hole. I squelched back to the others just in time to see Oscar jumping off. The fool decided to try standing on the seat and when he got to the outpost, well try and take a guess at what happened.


The seat narrowly missed his head as it flew back up. By the time he got back it was felicity’s turn, she just sat on the seat wrapped her feet and arms around and had fun during her ride. You see, her screams were screams of joy, ours were screams of terror.

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