Hectic Holiday

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During breakfast, the next morning aunt Margaret announced that we were going to go to the seaside.

" We must go to the seaside today, it’s the perfect weather.”

“Yes!” exclaimed Luna and Felicity and they raced up the stairs, probably to go and get ready early. You give them extra time to get ready and they’ll still be ready last. I wondered what I was going to wear, I didn’t pack anything to wear to the seaside. Actually, I only packed my most comfortable clothes and those were old hand-me-downs from my older siblings and pretty much all of them had belonged to my brothers. But I was still excited, we were finally going to get away from that dreaded farm. I finished my breakfast in a hurry and went upstairs to get changed.

I settled on some denim shorts (one of the very few items of clothing that I actually owned) paired with my red trainers and Oscar’s old blue Chelsea football shirt.

Sam, Dad and I went to the supermarket down the road to get food for lunch.

“Shall I go and ask uncle Marty for directions?” I asked but dad said,

“Don’t bother your uncle, I’m pretty sure I remember the way.” Trusting that he wouldn’t get us lost, we followed him all the way until he stopped outside of a large white building. It was one of the ones I saw on the way back from the airport. It didn’t look like a supermarket but as we were trusting dad to get us there I didn’t question him.

“Here we are,” he smiled, “I knew I could find it!”

Sam started to enter the building but luckily, one of us (me) had just an ounce of intelligence and read the sign at the top of the doorway. It read:


I’m not going to claim that I’m a genius, but I do know a few useful things and whilst we stood outside of that building I knew one thing for sure:

That building was definitely not a shop, and if it was, it must’ve been a bookshop.

“Dad,” I started but he and Sam were at the door. They had their noses stuck to the glass as they peered inside.

“It’s closed,” said Dad

“Why are there only books in there, Dad I think it’s a bookshop!”

“This is a library, guys, not a shop,” I stated.

“Ooh,” they said in realisation.

I turned to Dad,” do you know any more ‘shops’.”

“How about we walk further up the road, there could be some shops there.” proposed Sam.

“Good idea!” knowing that I could blame it on dad if we got lost, I followed along. The narrow street was paved with cobbles and on one side were trees. On the side with the buildings there were all sorts of shops. But not one of them sold food. There was a boutique that had some beautiful dresses; I was going to have to come back with Luna and felicity, they would love them. There was a barber, a chemist, a hardware shop, there was even a bookshop although I didn’t think they got much business as they were two doors down from a library.

“Where’s the bloody supermarket, don’t these people eat!” he threw his hands up in frustration. I was going to have to step in.

“Let’s ask someone how to get there.”

The chemist, which was right behind us was open and we went inside. As soon as we stepped in I started to think that it wasn’t such a good idea. The dim lighting in the shop meant that most of the light came from the sun outside and with the trees on the other side of the road there was barely any sunlight anyway. The floor, dusty and unpolished had boxes cluttered against the wall. Shelves ran along the wall, but I couldn’t see what was on them from the doorway. It also didn’t help that they were behind glass doors covered in filth but from what I had seen so far, I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what was on those shelves. There was a counter with a cash register, a bell and what looked like an abandoned cup of coffee. I half expected a creepy old man to jump out of the dark doorway behind the counter.

“let’s get out of here,” muttered dad

In silent agreement me and Sam turned around and were about to leave when a hand curled around my shoulder. Its skin was nearly transparent, and I could clearly see the veins bulging out. Its slender fingers, if they could even be called fingers, were so skinny I wondered how they were even fit for use. Its nails were horrific absolutely terrifying. I have never been one for manicures and I’ve never cared about how my nails looked until I saw those. They were blue and brown. No! Not with nail polish! They looked like they had gotten trapped in a door, no, a few doors. They were crusted with something brown that looked suspiciously like blood. I turned around shaking like a leaf.

“Can I help you?”

Creepy didn’t even cover it, it didn’t even come close to covering it. The old man had a long face with lips so dry they weren’t visible, above those lips was a pointed nose and his eyes were sunken into his skull. He was smiling, usually when I meet people and they smile I immediately like them, but that man’s smile wasn’t really a smile but a sneer, it was unsettling. His teeth weren’t yellow, they were orange with streaks of brown and when he smiled his lips were finally visible but only as they were so dry they were bleeding in areas.

Dad, the only one of us capable of speech at that moment replied,

“could you point us in the direction of the nearest supermarket?”

Honestly, I thought that he should’ve just politely declined his offer of help and we should’ve gone to the barber.

In his raspy voice the man answered,

“Sure, come over here,” I hadn’t noticed it earlier, but he had two handprints on the bottom. They were brown, brown like dried blood. He went over to the counter and reached under it. I looked at the door, three steps, I thought, or two if I ran. He came back up with a map covered in, guess what? that’s right, dust. He opened it out onto the table and pointed at the road we were on.

“We’re here, but you want to be over here,” he croaked. We looked at where he was pointing, it looked like it was just a five-minute walk from where we were.

“ok, let’s go!” chirped Sam enthusiastically, I was sure he wanted to leave immediately.

“its not too far from here I could walk you there,” the old man said. Hell no! I thought.

“NO!” we all said at once, startling him.

“We’ll just get going,” smiled dad and we got out of there as fast as we possibly could without sprinting.

Once we were outside we took a deep sigh of relief. I knew I shouldn’t have judged a book by it’s cover but that man just looked disturbing. we walked down the road until we came to the alleyway from the map. The alleyway had doors to the apartments above the shops. We strolled down it unhurriedly, the old man wasn’t around but just as I was thinking that, one of the doors opened. He had come back to finish us off I thought. Sam’s face lost all colour and dad froze on the spot. We braced ourselves. And out stepped…

A little boy. We got scared for no reason. He wore blue corduroy dungarees and a red t-shirt. In his hand he clutched a leash, he was just a harmless little boy taking his dog for a walk. At least that was what we thought until the dog came out with him. he might’ve been a harmless little boy; his dog definitely wasn’t. The moment it saw us, it started barking madly. We picked up the pace and were almost at the top of the alleyway when we heard the boy shout,

“Timothy! Come back here!”

I paid no attention to what he said but when I thought about it, if timothy had to ‘come back’ then he was no longer with the boy. Dad and Sam had also come to the same conclusions as me and we looked back. Our suspicions were confirmed, Timothy was indeed running at us, at full speed, with murder in his eyes.

I looked at the list, it seemed simple enough. We got a trolley and headed over to the fruit and veg aisle.

“Broccoli, bananas, strawberries, carrots, potatoes, and oranges. Oh, and lettuce.” Dad and Sam filled up the trolley and we moved on to the next aisle.

“This was quite easy,” I commented as we went to the checkout. Everything looked the same as it did in the UK, but I guessed that I had just thought that they’d look different as we were in a different country.

I paid, or in other words just shoved all of my money at the cashier and hoped she gave me the correct change. We packed the bags and walked out of the door like all was fine, what were we thinking?!


For the second time that day, Dad roared, “RUN!” we ran back down the alleyway. When we got to the door the little boy came out from, we heard a scream.

The old man was holding the little boy over his shoulders and running. He had a disgusting grin on his face and whilst I couldn’t see the little boy’s face, I imagined that he was terrified.

“Dad! Do something!” shrieked Sam.

Dad took a deep breath before running and diving at the old man’s legs knocking him to the ground. the little boy was shouting in Danish and we couldn’t understand but he looked ever so scared.

“stay away!” warned dad as the old man started walking towards us. the old man looked furious and he came up to the little boy who dad was holding by the hand. The little boy was crying and screaming at the old man. Poor boy I thought.

“Alex!” the old man barked, and the little boy stomped on dad’s foot and ran. Right into the old man’s arms. I had a feeling that the boy knew the old man and he wasn’t scared, he was probably happy.

“Stay away from my grandson.” He said coldly. Grandson, yep he definitely knew him.

Dad tried to apologise but we had to run. I’m sure you can guess why.


When we lost the dog we all walked back to the house. We didn’t know that it was too late to go to the seaside anyway. We didn’t know that everyone else was angry at us for being late and I definitely didn’t know that Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber had left the bags on the floor in the alleyway and that was why the dog left us alone.

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