Hectic Holiday

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Uncle Marty met us in the car park. Uncle Marty had wavy greying brown hair. He wore jeans and a t-shirt wherever he went and had a kind face, always smiling or grinning. We got onto his minibus and he started to drive. It was a tight squeeze and I was pretty sure Sam’s long legs were going to be permanently crooked from the way he was sitting. Katie and Felicity sat in the front row and had plenty of space, an injustice as the rest of us with longer legs were squished at the back.

“Can you move forward?” Luna asked Sam. Her long brown hair was trapped between his back and his seat.

“Wait,” he said as he tried to get his foot out from underneath both of mine. I lifted my feet, but I lifted them a bit too fast as my knees connected with Oscar’s chin. I heard a sickening crunch.


“Sam!” Luna shouted. Her head was being pulled back and forwards. Sam had managed to get one of his feet out from under mine only to get it stuck underneath Oscar’s knees which were up on the seat as he curled up screaming about his chin.

It took us a while, but we finally untangled each other’s legs and sat in our separate seats. Once I was settled I was looking out of the window as we left the car park when I got a strange feeling that we’d forgotten something. Nothing important, but, just in case, I still searched my pockets.

Lip balm, yep, tissues, yep, and that was all. I don’t like to have my pockets full, that’s when things get lost. I was still pretty sure that something was missing when I remembered. I was missing a chocolate bar. Before I could question the suspects sitting in the car with me, Oscar exclaimed,

“who the hell is that?!” He was pointing to a guy who was running after the car waving his arms like a madman.

They were wearing a black hoodie and knee length shorts. Their hair was brown and wavy, they were a good six-foot-tall and had a muscular build. I knew I’d definitely seen those grey trainers somewhere before.

“Hey! Hey! Oi, what the hell!” the stranger shouted.

That’s when it hit me. That voice sounded familiar. It was Adam.

“Looks a bit like Adam,” said Sam

“That’s because it is him, you fool!” screeched Luna, “Uncle Marty stop the car!”

I had to commend him for his determination. The car had travelled pretty far and if he ran the whole way, well, that was pretty impressive. If I’d been left behind at the airport, I’d have just stayed there, they’d definitely come back for me. I think.

We stopped, and he pulled the door open looking absolutely livid. We moved up in the back row but there still wasn’t enough space. Adam, who at that point didn’t care if we were squished and suffocating, squeezed himself into the tiny gap that was available and right on top of Oscar’s lap. He crossed his arms and looked straight ahead as the rest of us fought for space.

“Sam! you’re on my hair again!”

“Well its not my fault! Tia is on top of my leg again! Tia move!”

“Oscar get off my foot!” I complained

“I’m trying!”

“KIDS! SHUT UP!” Mum and Dad yelled.

When we were all settled again, Sam attempted to apologise to Adam,

“it’s not like we weren’t going to come back,” said Sam. He was clearly rubbish at apologies. Adam was silent. He was giving us the silent treatment. I’ve never been good at it, whenever I vow never to speak to someone again I remember a funny joke to tell them or I’m just so angry I have to scream and shout. Or I need something from them. Don’t act shocked you’ve probably done that. Especially if you have siblings.

The rest of the journey was pretty awkward especially when Oscar made a hopeless attempt to lighten the mood. I must say it was a valiant effort but even if his jokes were remotely funny we still wouldn’t have laughed.

They were bearable to start with,

“Why should you not write with a dull pencil? Because it’s pointless.”

But slowly, gradually, they got worse,

“Where does Frosty keep his cash?

In the snow banks!”

Until everyone just ignored him. But he didn’t take the hint,

“What’s black and red all over?
A zebra with a sunburn.!”

When nobody laughed, or even looked mildly interested, he repeated the joke but before he even got to the punchline Adam broke his silence and shouted.

“WILL YOU JUST STOP IT! SHUT UP! YOU’RE NOT FUNNY! everyone heard your joke, but nobody laughed because it wasn’t funny!”

Wow. Harsh, I thought.

“Fine then, i’ll shut up and leave you to mope in peace. You’re just upset because we left you behind!” yelled Oscar

“If I knew I’d be subjected to this torture I’d have let you leave.”

“Fine, then I’ll shut up!”

“Will the two of you shut up!” shouted Felicity.

“Who was talking to you?” Adam fired back

“Nobody, but you’re driving me nuts! First of all, Adam, yeah, we left you behind, but it was an accident. GET OVER IT!”

Oscar had a satisfied grin on his face that quickly disappeared when Felicity went on to say, “And you, Oscar, he was right! You are not funny so be quiet and let us get some rest.”

“Kids! Either you shut up or we come over there and make you!” Bellowed Mum and Dad from the front.

Everyone went quiet and that was the end of that. I stared out of the window, bored, my only entertainment was gone, and I had to result to staring at fields and fields of nothing. With the occasional cow. Yep, that was one miserable journey.

I sat there wondering what aunt Margaret’s house would look like. From the looks of the few houses I saw out of the window it was probably an old farmhouse. I just hoped they had Wi-Fi.

Aunt Margaret and uncle Marty had visited the UK a few times before and they’d brought their cat Darwin. Darwin is uncle Marty’s white Persian cat. It’s white, fluffy and frankly I cannot describe to you completely, how infuriating that beast is, not without saying some unprintable expletives. You’re probably wondering why I despise this cat, but I promise all will be clear soon enough.

After about an hour we arrived at a small town. So far, I saw a butcher, a school, a huge park and a white building whose name I couldn’t read. I hoped that we would stop at one of the houses in the town as they weren’t old farmhouses. But we just kept driving past the town and up a hill. Uncle Marty had mentioned that they lived next door to a farm and from the stench of horse manure that filled the car we knew we were almost there. Either that or Sam’s snores weren’t all that they seemed.

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