Hectic Holiday

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We came to a stop at a cottage. It was painted white and in pots on the windows were flowers of all different colours. There was a grinning gnome next to the doorstep whose eyes, that were filled with mirth, seemed to follow you. There was neatly trimmed grass and in the corner stood a mighty old oak tree. Aunt Margaret’s house really did look like something out of a fairy-tale.

I got out of the car in a hurry my bottom feeling permanently flat from the journey and headed over to the house. Before we could knock, the door flew open aunt Margaret stood in the doorway beaming at us,

Aunt Margaret had golden honey coloured hair. It curtained her round face, and cascaded over her shoulders. she always wore the brightest colours and that day she wore a cherry red skirt with a top that was a vibrant green. Aunt Margaret always looked stunning.

“You’re here!” she screamed. Notice how I say screamed, this because even whispering, aunt Margaret’s voice could wake the dead.

Upon entering I did a quick scan of the hallway. No Darwin, he was probably sleeping, or at the vets, I really hoped he was at the vets. That cat was a menace to society.

“Come along now, let’s get you children fed.” We followed her into the dining room to find a large bowl of steaming pasta on the table. There was an enormous bowl of salad beside it. My croissant hadn’t been very filling earlier and with my reserve chocolate bar stolen, I was starving. The boys had already discarded their luggage near the door and they were a tangle of elbows and fists as they ran to the table.

They acted like they were starved when I was pretty sure they had eaten two tuna melts each at the airport and one of them, or two partners in crime had stolen my chocolate. Bloody animals. The rest of us put our luggage in our rooms and came down to find the boys already eating. They wouldn’t learn manners if it hit them on the face.

I filled my bowl with pasta, and I must say the food was delicious, absolutely sublime. I ate until I could eat no more. But then, aunt Margaret walked in with extra dessert. Suddenly my stomach didn’t feel as full, I was pretty sure there was just enough space for some more dessert.

“Who wants more dessert?”

" ME!” Everyone shouted!

Yes, by everyone I do include Mum and Dad. In fact, they had shouted the loudest. Everyone was howling, screaming and I’m pretty sure i heard a growl. Of course, being the genius that I am, I took advantage of the chaos and slowly started to crawl under the table the tablecloth would hide me. All I had to do was get close enough to steal the dessert and then leg it. It was a struggle to crawl under the table without getting kicked in the face. a hand tugged on my trouser leg.

“I know what you’re doing. I won’t tell if you split it 50/50,” Dad whispered as he leant down on his chair pretending to tie his shoelaces.

“80/20,” I wasn’t a fool.

“50/50!” He insisted.


“Fine then!” he started to get out from under the table, probably to expose my plans. I had to act fast.

I kept crawling until I saw something furry on the floor in front of me. Something furry and white.

Darwin. But he was asleep thank heavens, I liked him best when he was asleep. Actually, what am I on about? I don’t like him at all. I looked for an exit, abort! Darwin was going to compromise the mission. I needed to back out, find another way forward. I was surrounded by chairs blocking my exit and there was no way out except forward.

Maybe Darwin wouldn’t remember me, maybe he forgot me. i picked him up by the middle and lifted him out of the way. His blue eyes popped open and any hope that he’d forgotten me was lost. He remembered me alright and he bid me his usual greeting, a hi-five on the face, claws out. I’d have felt bad for throwing him if he hadn’t landed gracefully and launched his furry body at me screeching so loudly that everyone stopped arguing above us. The table cloth lifted, it was then or never.

I jumped out from under the table, snatched the bowl from aunt Margaret’s hands and ran. I didn’t get far. I didn’t even get out of the room. I tripped, and the bowl flew... right into Adam’s hands. I looked at my feet only to find my laces tied in a knot. My eyes scanned the room. Dad sat at the table grinning. Smug. I made a silent vow to get revenge, he would rue the day he came between me and my dessert. I untied the laces and jumped up. I WOULD get that dessert. Nothing was going to stop me. I ran out of the room and followed the shouting. Halfway down the hallway I heard a ‘Meow!’ Darwin must’ve followed me. I ran faster knowing that the obnoxious creature was trying to ruin my chances of getting dessert. I ran through the kitchen door and shut it behind me trapping Darwin in the hallway.

Adam looked panicked as he clutched the bowl in his hands, his back was pressed up against the cupboards. He had a wooden spoon in his hand and was using it to ward everyone else off.

“GET BACK!” he yelled, his eyes frantically darting around the room, looking for an escape route.

“Hand over the bowl, and no one gets hurt.” Luna warned as she waved a fork in his face.

Now if we had just stopped arguing and threatening each other with kitchen utensils I think at least one of us might’ve noticed the tray of bowls on the table. Bowls of dessert. I definitely didn’t notice and screamed,


He slid the bowl on top of the counter I grabbed it and ran. The foolish boy probably thought we were going to share. Bloody idiot. I raced toward the door and was just about to open it when I remembered leaving Darwin there. I was just going to have to hope that he went back under the table and back to sleep, the others were catching up with me. I pushed the door open and Darwin darted in like a bullet almost tripping me over he ran past me and crashed into a cupboard with a yowl. I was going to run up the stairs to my room it had a lock and I could hide in there and eat peacefully when a cloaked figure darted out from behind the coats and stopped me in my tracks. They made a swipe for the bowl. When that didn’t work, they stuck their foot out and I tripped for the second time that day. I wasn’t going down alone so I grabbed their arm and we both came crashing down. The last thing I saw was everybody crowded in the hallway looking outraged before my attacker fell and sat on me. Their hood had fallen off revealing their identity. The assailant was none other than my own mother.

I must say, it wasn’t my finest moment. The dessert had ended up splattered all over my shirt and hair. But, the worst part wasn’t the mess, or even when I fell over twice, it was when we found Aunt Margaret, who didn’t have a clue about the battle of the desserts, sat at the table next to Dad with a tray of bowls. Bowls of extra dessert.

“Oh, there you are!” she exclaimed,” come on then, eat up, I’m afraid I went a bit overboard with dessert, oh well we can save some for tomorrow.” She probably thought that we were all savage animals. Dad laughed quietly to himself, he must have realised that aunt Margaret never made just enough of anything. She always had leftovers.

We were all quiet as we took our seats. Dad burst out laughing and spat out his dessert all over the table. mum hit him on the shoulder,

“stop it!” she shouted

“Tia!” he roared with laughter as he pointed at me.

Yep, that definitely wasn’t my finest moment at all.

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