Hectic Holiday

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After dessert, we all went to our rooms to unpack. When I had neatly folded all of my clothes into the dresser I realised that I’d forgotten my money box. I was just going to have to borrow from someone. I got into my bed, it was in the middle of Katie and Luna’s beds. The room was painted lavender on three walls and white on the fourth. It was quite bare, but it was still nice.

Luna, whilst she was packing, said,

" You know, if it weren’t for you, none of that would’ve happened,”

“Hey! It wasn’t just my fault!” I replied, and it was true, everyone had a part in what happened.

“Weren’t you the one threatening Adam with a fork in the kitchen,” Katie pointed out to Luna.

“And threatening to poke him in the stomach,” I added.


“Alright, fine I get it!” she said and with that, she went under the covers and went to sleep. Soon after Katie and I followed. About an hour later I woke up. My stomach was rumbling. What! I thought. I’d just eaten. I started to weigh up the pros and cons of going to get a snack:


·My stomach would be at peace


·The floor was cold

·I could get caught

·What if I couldn’t find anything to eat?


But I soon solved the problems. Firstly, I had slippers, secondly, Aunt Margaret had mentioned leftover dessert. And thirdly, if I did get caught, then I would explain with my intelligent reasoning. You see, I was thinking, if midnight snacks are so bad, why do fridges have lights. The lights are pretty much made for midnight snacks. Nobody could blame me for making use of what was meant for me to use. My only remaining problem was that maddening cat but as I couldn’t really predict what it was going to do next, I just had to go with it.

I was prepared. I got up, lowered my feet to the floor and they met icy wooden boards. Well, that failed, I thought. I got to the door and I pulled it open, the old thing let out a weary groan, I winced. I raced across the hallway and down the stairs in seconds. A faint light glowed from under the living room door. Uncle Marty must’ve left the tv on. I’d have turned it off but that would make unnecessary noise and I’d increase my chances of getting caught. Instead, I continued on to the kitchen.

Darwin’s basket was on the floor and I had to tiptoe gently around it as I tried to get to the fridge. I opened it and the light lit up the kitchen and right before me, on a beautiful plate, was some leftover pudding. I grabbed a spoon and shovelled it in my mouth as quickly as humanly possible.

Darwin shifted in his sleep making me freeze. When he stopped moving I was good to go on. Dessert finished, I could flee the scene without him waking up. I fumbled up the stairs in the dark. The light from the tv was gone, I guessed that someone has put a timer on it. I was stood on the stairs when I heard sound of a scuffle downstairs. There was someone there. I could hear them move behind me and the hairs on the back of my neck rose. I began to turn slowly...

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