Hectic Holiday

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I began to turn slowly but then…

I bet you’re expecting me to turn around and see whatever it was that was behind me. And then, to go down and investigate. Well, I have watched enough horror movies and read enough Stephen king to know that the one who investigates always gets killed. So, no, I didn’t turn around to see what was watching me.

Well actually, I did begin to turn slowly but then I thought better of it and ran up the stairs.

Now dear reader, you’ve probably made your assumptions about what might’ve been following me, but in my defence, it was only when I heard them following me did I realise that it was quite obviously my dear old dad.

It was the unmistakeable sound of a creaking door and his curse when the door must’ve stubbed his toe that gave him away. And the fact that there wasn’t nearly as much dessert left as there was when aunt Margaret put it away (although how he finished that much dessert, leaving only one plate, I’ll never know, there was enough to last us two days)

Of course, with the adrenaline pumping and my nerves on edge this didn’t occur to me until I got to the top of the stairs.

“@#~$!” it came from the kitchen and confirmed my suspicions. An angry meow followed the curse. Looked like Darwin had got to him. I chuckled to myself but then I realised that if Darwin was awake, he was probably going to come looking for me. I tiptoed slowly to my room when I bumped into someone at the top of the stairs. In the darkness I couldn’t make out their face, but it was clear from the girly scream that it was Sam.


When he realised that it was me and not an axe wielding murderer he stopped screaming and cleared his throat.

“What are you doing awake?” We both asked.


He was holding something behind his back. I grabbed his hand and pulled it forward to reveal a bowl. A bowl full of dessert.


“Shush!” He whispered, “get back to bed!” He started to walk away but then paused and turned back saying, “oh, and you might want to dispose of that top, its covered in chocolate.”

I took off the top with the incriminating evidence and threw it in the corner of the room. I was walking to my bed when I saw that the door was open, just wide enough for Darwin to come through. I trudged over to it and a second before I could close it Darwin came through. He dashed under my bed out of reach. I was too tired to care that he was within attacking distance and I got into bed. I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The next morning, woken up by Katie. I was still exhausted; my midnight adventures had resulted in only 3 hours of sleep. Darwin hadn’t attacked me that night which was weird as he had the perfect opportunity to.

“Hey! Hey! Wake up! Aunt Margaret said we can go and see the farm,” whispered Katie.

It was only when we left the house that it occurred to me that we didn’t know the way.

“Do you even know the way?”

“Uncle Marty said it was just up that path and to the right.”

When someone uses the word ‘just’ to describe a distance, you would think that it would only be a short distance. But as we walked down the muddy path I couldn’t help but think that we were going the wrong way.

“I think were lost.”

“No were not,” defended Katie, “he said ’follow the path and turn right. that’s what we’re doing!”

I held my hands up in surrender,

“alright, but if we get lost I’m holding you personally responsible.”

The worn trail was littered with fallen leaves and twigs that snapped under our feet. The trees, dressed in cracked bark stood in line with the ones on opposite sides leaning forward to touch the others. Rays of sunlight reached through the gaps in the leaves and warmed our skin. Although as we walked all I could think about was how my feet ached. I just wanted to sit down, I’d have even sat down on the muddy floor. Yeah, the path may have been beautiful but it sure was long.

When I was finally ready to collapse and wave the white flag we stopped walking. The road was forked, and we went down the right one it was a relief after thinking we were lost the whole time. It was when we came to a second forked road Katie declared that she didn’t have a clue of where to go.

“We should just go back” I suggested beyond exhausted and just wanting to go back to bed.

“But we haven’t found the farm!” She wailed.

“We never will at this rate lets go home and live to try again some other day,” I snapped.

“Ok fine then…” she paused, “what was that!”


She started running down the left side of the fork.

“Hey! Wait! Goodness me!” I shouted after her, exasperated.

When I finally caught up I realised why she was running. There was a large iron gate and as i ran up to it I heard the sound of chickens clucking. Through the gate we could see a huge barn surrounded by animals. There were chickens causing pandemonium, cows innocently eating grass, sheep wandering around looking lost and a horse tied to a post. There were bright blue sheds of some sort in a row behind the cows. Uncle Marty had said the farm was open to the public, so we went through the gate and headed down to see the animals.

An old man stepped out of the barn. He wore a faded blue shirt and muddy jeans. His black rubber boots were stained brown and covered in hay. He looked a bit like what I would’ve expected Old McDonald to look like. He started speaking in Danish but when he saw the looks of confusion on our faces he switched to English,

“Hello, you must be new around here. I’m Roger, I take care of this farm.” Well, that was a relief, Y’know stranger danger and all.

“We’re actually on holiday from London, do you know our uncle Marty?” asked Katie.

“Ohhhhh, you’re Marty’s nieces, well it’s a pleasure to meet you, I’d love to stick around but I’m really busy I’ll just be in my office if you need anything.” He walked into the barn.

We went to see the rabbits first. They were adorable and fluffy, I fed one whose nametag said Nigel, he had light brown hair and was very plump and cuddly we fed them carrots, but Katie said,

“Can we get out of here?”

“why?” I asked, confused.

“It’s that rabbit, it’s looking at me funny, it has been for a while now.” She was carefully watching a black rabbit whose name tag said, Charlie.

“Aren’t black rabbits meant to be unlucky?” she asked

“Black cats, not rabbits”

“Well I want to go anyway, rabbits are boring,”

We left the rabbits and came to a small play area with a sandpit. We decided that we didn’t want sand in our shoes and made a note to come back with better footwear. Next to the sandpit were the peacocks. This time I kept my distance. Everyone says that peacocks are beautiful elegant creatures but to be honest, they look quite sinister to me, wolves draped in cashmere jumpers.

Instead, I went to see the chickens at least I knew that they wouldn’t be planning world domination anytime soon. The coups were empty, turned out, farmer Roger let his chickens run free. Whilst chickens may have been innocent, they were dreadfully boring, and I went to find Katie so that we could go and grab some flip flops for the sandpits. I heard a quiet pitter, patter behind me. I turned around and found a chicken following me. I took a few more steps. Pitter, patter. Pitter, patter. I started to walk really fast and it started running its little feet moving fast, he squawked at me whilst he ran. I’m not going to lie, I was quite terrified. I found Katie and by then I had lost him. We decided to go but first we said goodbye to farmer Roger and as we walked to the gate we came from he called us back,

“where are you going? I thought you wanted to go to Marty’s house.” He asked.

“Is there an easier way?”

He pointed to a trail behind the chickens next to a small gate.

“Just go through there and you’ll be home in less than a minute.”

We started walking up to the small gate when Katie said,

“what the hell is that chicken doing?” The chicken was running full speed toward us.

“RUN!” I shouted. And we ran. Katie tripped over a tree root and fell on the floor. I kept going whilst shouting over my shoulder,

“I’m sorry, it’s better one of us going down than two!”

“You traitor!” she yelled. A few seconds later, I heard a shriek. The chicken had struck.

Farmer roger had been true to his word and I got home within seconds. When I stopped to look at it I realised that we had taken the long way around, Katie got her left and right wrong.

I went inside the house and she arrived 10 minutes later, she had a large brown stain on her foot and a murderous scowl on her face. The chicken had definitely struck, right on Katie’s foot.

Luna who slept through lunch had to make her own food. Whilst all of us would destroy the kitchen if we tried to cook, Luna was, and I’ll grudgingly admit this, the best cook out of all of us. She went into the kitchen that afternoon and cooked up what had to be the best-looking plate of waffles I had ever seen. They were golden and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Maple syrup drizzled all over them in a beautiful zigzag and the chocolate. Ooh that chocolate, it filled the gaps looking glossy as ever. Scattered across the top were marshmallows half melted where they sat on the warm chocolate. She walked out of the kitchen with the plate and a cup of streaming tea in her hand looking pleased with herself and had a huge grin plastered on her face.

If I could have warned her that Katie’s discarded Lego was in the way I would’ve, but I couldn’t really see them from where I was sitting. All I could see were two waffles covered in chocolate flying toward my face and shortly after, Luna on the floor her mug broken and the tea staining the wall. The plate clattered to the floor at my feet. I stood up and walked over to find her splayed out on the floor unmoving.


She let out a pained groan.

“what’s going on!” Felicity came running She saw the mess and froze in the doorway. I turned back to Luna to help her up but was startled by felicity who burst into laughter

“HAHAHAHA!” Felicity was weak with laughter as she leaned on the doorway.

“OH.MY.GOD! Oh, dear lord this is… Guys come and take a look at this!”

I shot her an irritated look, but it was lost on her as she already had her phone out, trying to get a good image of the damage. Luna could have had concussion. She could’ve had amnesia and Felicity, instead of helping, was taking pictures. I looked at Luna’s unmoving body and winced, I didn’t see her hit her head on the coffee table, but I definitely heard it and it sounded painful.

“Oi! Are you alright?!” I shouted I her ear.

Luna sat up and the imprint of the coffee table’s corner was red on her forehead. This time I couldn’t hold back my smile and when Adam came into the room roaring with laughter I just had to join in.

I tried to help her up, but she shrugged me off and jumped to her feet. Lunch forgotten she trudged up the stairs to her room and slammed the door shut behind her.

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