Hectic Holiday

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Later that day Katie, who wasn’t speaking to me, and I took Sam, Felicity, Adam, Oscar and Luna to see the farm. Thankfully the chickens were in their coup. Right next to the coup was a bright blue shed. It looked old and the paint was chipped in places. Adam tried to open it but it just wouldn’t budge. A more curious person would’ve tried to get a peek inside somehow, and we were curious, but our laziness got the better of us and we headed over to the sandpit. There were two baby swings and two normal swings. Me and Katie both ran for the normal swing and Oscar was left with the baby swing. He had to climb up just to get into the seat and when he sat inside his legs got stuck. At first, he was quiet about his predicament, but when we were about to leave for supper he called out,

“guys? Can you help me out here please?”



We all pretended to have not heard him and headed toward the gate.

“Are we forgetting something?” asked Felicity

“I don’t think so,” said Luna, smirking.

“GUYS!” cried Oscar.

We all turned around and burst out laughing. He had tried to escape but had only managed to get his legs stick in an awkward position. We all shook with laughter as Adam pulled him out of the swing.

“That thing!” he said, “should not be for children. It’s a bloody torture device!”

And that got us all laughing again.

“Look at that one!” Katie was pointing to a giant swing behind the peacocks’ pen. It was a huge basket that could fit more than one person and had chains going up from all corners. Katie and I jumped in, but we had to ask Sam to push us as it was so big we couldn’t push ourselves.

“don’t push too hard!” said Katie

“of course, not.” He assured.

A minute of pushing had made me start to feel sick. When the swing was at it’s highest point my face was parallel with the ground. if the swing didn’t move as fast as it did I would fall at that point.

“Sam, stop pushing the swing,”

He grinned. “No.” And he ran away giggling to himself. Leaving me stuck with Katie.

Katie looked like she was about to vomit, and she was facing me.

“Katie turn away. NOW!” I screamed but it was too late.

I felt it in my ear and my hair, it was wet, and I looked to the side and saw my hair wet with some sticky white gloop and it was topped with chunks of vegetables. When I turned to the side I was almost knocked out from the smell. The rancid smell. The swing was starting to slow down but as it was going so fast in the first place, it wasn’t very slow. I heard a snigger from behind a bush.

“HEY! SAM ! COME BACK HERE!” I yelled, my voice hoarse as I wanted to choke from the smell.

Luna came running,

“what’s going on?!”

“Eugh! That’s disgusting!” She exclaimed when she saw the vomit all over us. She came over and tugged at the ropes and stopped the swing. I was ready to throw myself off the side and as soon as it stopped I jumped out and unzipped my dirty jacket. I ran towards Sam’s hiding place and threw it at his face. the patch that was wet with vomit landed on his face. he choked and spluttered. I ran before he could get revenge and my wet hair flicked forward and hit my face with a smack. I was going to get revenge on Sam, I just had to think about what to do to him but first, I needed to go back to the house and wash the vomit out before I vomited myself.

That night, dinner wasn’t crazy, at least not as crazy as it was the day before. We ate a chicken curry and the only thing crazy about it was the amount chilli. My tears flowed freely onto my plate. Dear reader, if you ever have a spicy curry. DO NOT have it with water. Trust me it looks cool and refreshing but it only makes it worse. After dinner we started playing monopoly, Luna and Katie didn’t want to play but Katie paired up with me as my ‘consultant’. Apparently, I needed her ‘expert’ skills.

“Buy that property,” she advised

“But it’s not even worth anything!” I argued

“Trust me.”

My decision to give her the benefit of the doubt almost made me bankrupt.

“Im not listening to you anymore!” I declared.

“Fine, your loss!” she huffed

Dad landed on one of my properties and I almost missed it when I was firing my useless consultant. Almost. He tried to get Sam to take his turn and avoid paying. The cheek!

“Dad. You owe me rent.”

He avoided eye contact.

“No, I don’t, its Sam’s turn.”

“Not yet it isn’t,” I held my hand out, “30 dollars please.”

“No!” He refused.

“Mum! Tell him he has to give me my money!”

“Im afraid he is actually right,” She apologised and twirled her blonde hair on her finger. Classic sign that she was lying.

“Ahh, so you’re in cohorts,” I accused.

That explained why dad was winning. He never won monopoly even when he cheated. This time he had an accomplice.

“we need an investigation!” I ordered.

“Here, here!” agreed Felicity who was also losing, and desperate.

Mum and dad sat on the sofa looking guilty as we searched the pillows. After a thorough search we proved that both Mr and Mrs Brooks were guilty of money laundering.

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